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20/20 Man

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It was Monday, September 21, 2020. After school, Steve was in his bedroom watching Netflix. Justin appeared behind Steve.

“Steve.“, Justin said. “Ah!“, Steve said as he quickly turned around. “Dude, you don’t know how to knock?“, Steve asked.

“You scared the vision out of me.“, Steve said. “What is it?“, Steve asked. “I was busy using my special 20/20 vision to watch some Netflix.“, Steve said.

“Looks like we’ve got trouble with another supervillain again.“, Justin said. “Well, I’m always up for a challenge. Besides, we’ve defeated two supervillains already. The third time is gonna be a charm.“, Steve said. “Who is our supervillain this time?“, Steve asked.

“Anger. His name is anger.“, Justin said. “And let me guess.“, Steve said. “He was given that name because he has an angry personality?“, Steve asked.

“Correct. He’s currently trying to take over the world by any means necessary. He needs to be stopped.“, Justin said. “Please tell me one of those means doesn’t involve starting a second wave of Coronavirus and infecting the whole globe.“, Steve said. “Fortunately, that’s not one of his means. However, we all don’t want to give him that idea. Also, he could come up with that idea at any moment now. That’s why he needs to be dealt with in a timely manner.“, Justin said.

“I’ll go get my 20/20 Man costume out of my bedroom closet.“, Steve said. Steve got up and went inside his bedroom closet to get his superhero costume. As he started putting on his costume, Amy walked into Steve’s bedroom.

“Hey, Justin.“, Amy said. “What brings you here?“, Amy asked. “We’ve got an angry supervillain on the loose trying to take over the world.“, Justin said.

“Another supervillain?“, Amy asked. “Sounds like fun. I’ll go get my costume.“, Amy said. Amy left Steve’s bedroom to go get her costume out of her own bedroom.

Steve finished putting on his costume. “Okay, I’m ready.“, Steve said. “Okay, great. Now, we just have to wait for your sister who is still in the process of putting on her costume.“, Justin said.

“Okay, I’m as ready as a talking sponge on a children’s TV channel.“, Amy said after walking into Steve’s bedroom with her costume on. “Alright, let’s do this.“, Steve said. “Steve, what is she talking about?“, Justin asked.

“What is she talking about? Really? Dude, have you been living under a rock for the past 21 years.“, Steve asked. “Spongebob Squarepants was like one of our most favorite childhood TV shows growing up. I and my brother used to watch that show a lot. We still do today.“, Amy said. “Well, I apologize. I’m always so busy up in heaven that I don’t have the time to become familiar with any of the things you humans are into.“, Justin said.

“It sounds like you’re too busy up there.“, Steve said. “You’ve totally read my mind, Steve.“, Amy said. “Well, let’s rock and roll. You can send us to our first location now.“, Steve said. Justin closed his eyes and put both of his hands out. A bright glow appeared and the teenagers along with Justin vanished.


Steve and Amy arrived in a location outside the United States. “Where in the world are we?“, Amy asked. Steve looked around.

“We’re not in the states anymore. We’re in Paris, France.“, Steve said. “Hey, I’ve always wanted to take a trip to Paris, France. And now, I’m getting my wish today.“, Amy said. “Justin sent us here for a reason. That must mean Anger should be somewhere here in Paris. He shouldn’t be too far away, so let’s look around.“, Steve said. “Great idea.“, Amy said.

Steve and Amy were searching for Anger in Paris, France. “You see any abandoned buildings or houses around here?“, Amy asked. “Supervillains seem to love those locations.“, Amy said.

“Yeah, over there. Follow me.“, Steve said. Steve started walking toward the location he spotted. Soon after, Amy started following Steve.

Steve and Amy stopped walking. They were both standing in front of an abandoned building. “Now, he may not be in there, but we should look around just to be sure.“, Steve said.

Steve and Amy walked toward the building and went inside. Steve and Amy started searching the abandoned location to find Anger. “Hey, I’m starting to hear something.“, Amy said.

“What is it? What do you hear?“, Steve asked. “I hear footsteps.“, Amy said. A strong burst of energy hit Steve and Amy. Steve and Amy fell down to the ground.

Anger walked toward Steve and Amy who were still on the ground. He was wearing a red supervillain costume with orange lettering and yellow trim. The letters on the front of Anger’s costume read “Anger”.

Anger was standing over Steve and Amy. “So, you two must be 20/20 Man and Radio Woman. The rogue angel told me a whole lot about you two. In fact, he said you were going to come around and ruin my plans for world domination. Well, I’ve got news for you kids. That ain’t gonna happen.“, Anger said. “And why do you want to dominate the entire globe?“, Amy asked.

“I want to make the whole world suffer. Duh.“, Anger said. “And why do you want to make seven and a half billion people suffer? What has the world ever done to you to make you feel this way?“, Steve asked. “Because the world deserves it. That’s why.“, Anger said.

Amy got up off the ground. “That still doesn’t completely answer our question.“, Amy said. “Yes, it does.“, Anger said.

Steve got up off the ground. “Well, if you want to take over the world, you’re gonna have to go through us first.“, Steve said. “Go through you?“, Anger asked. “Believe me, you wouldn’t want that.“, Anger said.

“You wouldn’t want to try going through us.“, Amy said. Anger used one of his superpowers to try and attack Amy. Steve quickly moved Amy and himself out of the way.

Anger quickly fled outside the abandoned building. Steve and Amy quickly went after Anger and Steve was about to battle him outside.

The battle started. Shortly after the battle started, the public (who was wearing masks and social distancing) immediately took notice of the fight. Steve was using a variety of lasers and many other of his superpowers to try and defeat Anger. Anger was using a variety of his superpowers as well.

As the people were watching those two battle it out, some people took photos of the fight on their smartphones. Other people recorded the fight on their smartphones before uploading it to social media. It wasn’t long until the story ended up on the news throughout the entire globe.

The fight still showed no signs of stopping. Steve’s eyes glowed bright red. Just before Steve produced intensely bright lasers from his eyes, Anger quickly fled from the scene.

After Anger flew away, Steve looked down. What Steve saw was people staring at him, taking photos and videos, and a few news trucks. Radio Woman flew close to Steve.

“Looks like we’re both about to become famous on an international level.“, Amy said. “Yeah, but Anger is still on the loose. I almost had him.“, Steve said. “Don’t worry Steve, we’ll stop him sooner or later.“, Amy said.

“So, what now?“, Steve asked. “Well, I guess we stick around and let them take more photos and videos of us.“, Amy said. “And then what?“, Steve asked.

“Then we try and come up with another clever method of trying to take down Anger.“, Amy said. “Well, I guess we can stick around and give the world something to talk about.“, Steve said. Steve and Amy stuck around and let the public continue taking photos and videos of them as Steve and Amy were floating in the air.


“This just in, 20/20 Man and Radio Woman just became famous internationally.“, the male news anchor said. “The two superheroes were spotted in Paris, France fighting a man who appeared to be a supervillain dressed in a supervillain costume. After the fight, the so-called supervillain quickly fled from the scene. The two superheroes let the people in Paris, France capture additional photos and videos of them on their smartphones. One of our sideline reporters is live in Paris, France right now with the full story.“, the male news reporter. “And here she is now.“, the male news reporter said.



It was evening and Amy turned off the TV after watching the national news back home with Steve in Steve’s bedroom. “When we first became superheroes, our fame immediately became national. Now, we’re internationally famous.“, Amy said. “I consider this a good thing. Now, the whole world knows who we are.“, Steve said.

“The public also saw the supervillain we were fighting earlier today.“, Amy said. “Yeah, I know. Now, the public is aware that we fight both criminals and supervillains.“, Steve said. “Now, we need to come up with a good strategy to defeat Anger. Taking care of him is more important than becoming more famous right now.“, Amy said.

“So, how do we take him down?“, Steve asked. “I don’t know. I’m trying to think of something. You should too.“, Amy said. Steve started trying to think of a way to defeat Anger.

Justin appeared in Steve’s bedroom. “What is it this time Justin?“, Amy asked. “Yeah, we’re kind of busy thinking here. This better be good.“, Steve said.

“Earlier, I told you that Anger is trying to take over the world by any means necessary. However, I don’t think I told you why he wants to take over the world.“, Justin said. “Alright, why does he want to take over the world?“, Steve asked. “He wants to make the whole world suffer. And that includes every human, animal, insect, and plant.“, Justin said.

“Why does he want the world to suffer?“, Amy asked. “What has Earth ever done to him to make him feel that way?“, Amy asked. “Anger had a very rough childhood. It’s kind of a long story.“, Justin said.

“Well, we’re all ears. And she’s more than all ears. Let’s hear the long story.“, Steve said. “I’ll go get us some popcorn.“, Amy said. “Um, I don’t think that’ll be necessary Amy.“, Steve said. “Well, the rough times started back in the early nineties.“, Justin said.

***1992 FLASHBACK***

It was Tuesday, September 8, 1992. Young Anger, who was eight years old at the time, was getting on the school bus before the first day of the new school year started. Once he got on the school bus, he found a seat and sat down. The school bus drove off from young Anger’s home.


Later on that day, young Anger was using the restroom during one of his classes. After he got out of the restroom, he got surrounded by three other boys who were about the same age as him. “Hey, give us your lunch money loser.“, one of the boys said.

“No.“, young Anger said. “Now, could you please get out of my way so I can head back to class?“, young Anger asked. Young Anger tried getting back to class, but the boys weren’t letting him leave.

“You’re not leaving until we get our lunch money.“, one of the boys said. “Or what?“, young Anger asked. “Or you’ll be sorry. That’s what.“, one of the boys said.

“Now, if you’re smart, you’ll give us the money.“, one of the boys said. “No.“, young Anger said. “Now, get out of my way.“, young Anger said.

Young Anger tried getting out of the way but was unsuccessful. “No.“, one of the boys said. “This is your last chance. Give us your lunch money or else.“, one of the boys said. “What’s it gonna be?“, one of the boys said.

“My answer is still no! And that’s my final answer! Now, get out of my way!“, young Anger said angrily. Young Anger tried getting back to class but was unsuccessful. The boys pushed young Anger around as he was trying to get back to class.

One of the boys threw a punch at young Anger. The three boys started putting a beating on young Anger. Young Anger was no match against the three boys while he was being triple-teamed.

After the boys put a beating on young Anger, one of the boys went into one of his pants pockets and stole young Anger’s lunch money. After that, the three boys ran away. Young Anger was left lying on the ground.

***1992 FLASHBACK***

“Shortly after that, the bullying continued on. Even in his high school years, he kept getting bullied.“, Justin said. “So, all that bullying back in Anger’s childhood made him angry at the world as soon as he became an adult.“, Amy said. “That’s why he wants to take over the world. And make every single thing that has a pulse in the world suffer.“, Steve said.

“That’s correct. After all the bullying back in his childhood, Anger felt like all of humanity and all life in this world has the same kind of personality as the many bullies he encountered.“, Justin said. “But we all know that’s far from true. I and my sister wouldn’t hurt a living soul.“, Steve said. “We also wouldn’t steal from anyone either. That’s just not in our nature and not how we were raised by our parents growing up.“, Amy said.

“But this dude has got it in his head that that’s how everybody is. Those kids must’ve bullied him hard.“, Steve said. “He also must’ve taken some real hard shots to the head if you know what I mean.“, Amy said. “Instead of trying to take over the world, why didn’t he just try and fight back when he was a kid?“, Steve asked.

“That’s what I would’ve done.“, Steve said. “Well, it was a childhood I wouldn’t want any innocent human to experience. Now, as a result, our main focus has to be figuring out how to stop him.“, Justin said. “We could try and talk to him. We could convince him that not every single living thing in this world is a bully.“, Amy said.

“Try talking to him?“, Steve asked. “I’d rather attack first, and talk later. You don’t know what tricks this dude has up his sleeve if we tried just talking to him.“, Steve said. “No, we should try talking to him first. And if he doesn’t listen to a single thing we have to say and/or is not convinced by what we have to say, then we attack.“, Amy said.

“What do you think Justin?“, Steve asked. “Do we attack first and talk later?“, Steve asked. “Or do we talk first and attack later?“, Amy asked.

“That’s a tough call for me to make. I’d say that decision is up to you two.“, Justin said. “We’ll flip a coin and decide.“, Amy said. “No, we’ll decide by playing Rock, Paper, Scissors.“, Steve said.

Amy sighed. “Fine, we’ll decide with Rock, Paper, Scissors.“, Amy said. “Alright. Ready, set, go.“, Steve said.

Steve and Amy decided with Rock, Paper, Scissors. Amy won after she drew paper and Steve drew rock. “Paper covers rock. I win. Well, looks like we’re talking to him first.“, Amy said.

“No way. Rock is way heavier than paper and could easily cover rock if the rock was big enough.“, Steve said. “Well, your rock wasn’t big enough. I win.“, Amy said. “No way, we’re attacking him.“, Steve said.

“Steve, your sister won fair and square. We’ll all have to go with her decision.“, Justin said. “Thank you, Justin.“, Amy said. “Alright, but how are you aware of Rock, Paper, Scissors, and not aware of Spongebob Squarepants?“, Steve asked.

“Is that really important right now?“, Amy asked Steve. “Okay, you’re right. Never mind. Let’s head out.“, Steve said. Steve and Amy were about to leave.

“Good luck talking to him. With everything he’s been through in his childhood, you’re gonna need it.“, Justin said. “We’re also gonna need good luck attacking if we have to.“, Steve said. Justin produced a bright glow and transferred Steve and Amy to a different location.


Steve and Amy ended up in front of the same abandoned building where they met Anger for the first time. “Alright, looks like this is where Justin wanted us to be. Again. Let’s head inside.“, Steve said. Steve and Amy went inside the building for the second time.

When they went inside, they saw Anger. “Well, what brings you two here again?“, Anger asked. “We’re not here to fight you this time Anger.“, Steve said.

“So, you came here to surrender?“, Anger asked. “Is that why you kids came here?“, Anger asked. “We definitely didn’t come here to surrender either.“, Steve said.

“Well, why are you here?“, Anger asked. “It was my sister’s idea to talk to you instead of attacking first. I thought it was a stupid idea.“, Steve said. “Justin told us all about your difficult childhood.“, Amy said.

“No, he didn’t tell you everything about my childhood. You two don’t even know the half of all the torture, pain, and suffering I had to go through when I was growing up.“, Anger said. “That’s no good reason to be mad at the world and try and take it over so seven and a half billion people will suffer.“, Steve said. “That is a good reason. And if you two went through what I went through, you probably would’ve done the same exact thing.“, Anger said.

“No, we wouldn’t. No matter how much bad stuff I and my brother went through over the years, it’s never worth making innocent people suffer.“, Amy said. “Sometimes, you have to go through the bad to experience the good.“, Steve said. “You don’t have to stick with the supervillain life forever. You could quit being a supervillain right now and start living a normal and happy life from now on.“, Amy said. “So, what do you say?“, Steve asked. “Are you ready to quit the supervillain life and start living a normal and happy life from this point forward?“, Steve asked.

“Okay, give me a second to think about it.“, Anger said. One literal second passed by. “Alright, that’s one second. My answer is no. I’m staying a supervillain and still taking over the world. Good talk.“, Anger said.

“You’ve got one more chance to choose not to be a supervillain. If you don’t choose the normal and happy life, you’re gonna have to be attacked instead of talked to.“, Steve said. “Last chance Anger.“, Amy said. “Last chance?“, Anger asked.

“Okay, no.“, Anger said. Steve quickly produced red lasers from his eyes that were headed straight for Anger. Anger quickly got out of the way.

“Straight to action. I like it. Bring it on big boy.“, Anger said. Steve quickly produced additional red lasers from his eyes trying to take down and trap Anger. Anger quickly avoided the lasers every time.

Steve changed the color of his lasers to blue. He quickly started shooting blue lasers from his eyes trying to defeat Anger. Anger still kept avoiding the lasers successfully.

Steve changed the color of his lasers to a variety of colors as he was shooting lasers from his eyes trying to beat Anger. Anger was still successfully avoiding the lasers. “Is shooting lasers from your eyes your only superpower?“, Anger asked.

“No, he has many other superpowers he can perform with his eyes.“, Amy asked. “And what about you little girl?“, Anger asked. “First off, I’m not a little girl.“, Amy said. “Second, what about me?“, Amy asked.

“You can’t use any of your hearing superpowers to attack criminals and supervillains. All you’re good for is listening out for danger and bad guys. And you know I’m right.“, Anger said. “Well, I guess you’re right. However, once I find a listening superpower that can attack bad guys, I won’t be afraid to use it.“, Amy said. “I could find that one superpower any minute. So, you should be very scared of me as well as Steve.“, Amy said.

“Trust me, you’re not finding that superpower tonight.“, Anger said. Anger used one of his superpowers to push Amy to the ground without physical contact. Anger flew closer to Amy who was still lying on the ground.

“Leave me alone you jerk!“, Amy said. “Leave you alone?“, Anger asked. “No, that’s not happening. You wouldn’t leave me alone.“, Anger said. “Therefore, why should I leave you alone?“, Anger asked.

Anger got struck down to the ground by Steve’s red lasers. Steve quickly trapped Anger in a red laser cage. “Hey, a laser cage that matches your feelings and emotions.“, Steve said.

Amy got up off the ground. “It also matches the color of his ugly looking supervillain costume.“, Amy said. “Hey, I’m not deaf inside here!“, Anger said.

“I’m pretty aware of that. Loser. I’ll give you some of my superpowers if you want to get the message a bit more clearly.“, Amy said. “Well, we’ve finally got him. Now it’s time for us to take him to Justin.“, Steve said. Steve and Amy took Anger to Justin after Steve and Amy defeated Anger.


It was Tuesday, September 22, 2020. It was the afternoon after school. Steve and Amy were hanging out at a random playground close to where they lived.

A glow appeared while nobody else was at the playground at the time. After the glow disappeared, Justin appeared with Anger. Anger was in handcuffs and completely powerless.

“Hey, Justin.“, Steve said. “Hey, you two.“, Justin said. “Can somebody please tell me why I’m here?“, Anger asked. “I’ve already had all of my superpowers completely removed. I have absolutely no idea why I have to see these two again.“, Anger said.

“We’ve got a few people we’d like you to meet. You’ve met them before. It’s been so long that you may or may not recognize them.“, Amy said. “You can come out now guys.“, Steve said. Three men came out from behind a bush and we’re wearing face masks.

“Hey, Anger.“, one of the men said. “Do you remember us?“, one of the men asked. “Let me guess. You’re those same three guys that put a beating on me, stole my lunch money, and left me on the ground in intense pain 28 years ago.“, Anger said.

“We were all just kids back then.“, one of the men said. “Yeah, but most kids would’ve just let me keep living my life. After what you guys did, I became the laughing stock of the whole school. Then more and more kids started bullying me because of you guys. Then I got bullied all the way until the end of high school. And you three are to blame for all the bullying since you were the ones who started it in the first place.“, Anger said. “Yeah, and these two kids along with their angel buddy bought us here to apologize for everything we’re responsible for putting you through throughout the remainder of your childhood after the start of third grade.“, one of the men said.

“Wait, you two revealed your true identities to them?“, Anger asked Steve and Amy. “I thought you both were keeping your superhero identities secret from everybody else.“, Anger said. “They told us everything Anger.“, one of the men said.

“We all just wanted to say that we’re sorry for beating you up, stealing your lunch money, and everything else bad that took place after that.“, one of the men said. “Can you please forgive us?“, one of the men asked. “Um, no.“, Anger said. “Okay, can we go now?“, Anger asked Justin.

“Come on Anger. They said they were sorry.“, Amy said. “I heard what they had to say. Listening superpowers not included. What they did all those years ago is unforgivable in so many ways. Therefore, apology not accepted.“, Anger said. Justin sighed. “Okay, looks like this was a complete fail and waste of time. See you later Steve and Amy.“, Justin said. Justin snapped his fingers and Justin and Anger quickly disappeared.

“Well, sorry for wasting your time guys.“, Amy said to the three men. “Oh, we all don’t mind.“, one of the three men. “Hey, do you mind if we all tell the whole world that you two are the real 20/20 Man and Radio Woman?“, one of the men asked.

“Um, yes. We do mind.“, Steve said. Justin quickly appeared. Justin snapped his fingers. Justin snapped his fingers again and quickly disappeared.

“Woah, where the heck are we?“, one of the men asked. “Who in the world are you two?“, one of the men asked. “And how in the heck did we get here?“, one of the men asked.

“Yeah, that’s pretty smart. We can’t trust them with our secret identities. Erasing their memories was a good idea.“, Steve said. “So, what do we do with them now?“, Amy asked. “I’m pretty confident they’ll eventually find their way back home. Wherever that is. Come on. Let’s continue enjoying our time on the playground before the sun goes down. My eyes can tell pretty accurately that the days are getting shorter and shorter.“, Steve said.

Steve and Amy walked away from the three men to continue enjoying their time on the playground. “Who were those kids?“, one of the men asked. “Beats me. Come on. Let’s all find a way to head back home.“, one of the men said. The three men started leaving the playground to head back home. The two siblings had successfully saved the world again, and the world was safe again from any supervillains that wanted to take it over.

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