Too curious to Be

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Too young and too naive for this world he learns it the hard way

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Chapter 1

Today was the day I was born and the day I was supposed to receive the most attention. However, a part of me wished that instead of being surrounded by strangers who were clearly not excited to see me, but yet still surrounded me, that I was elsewhere. I was soon relieved from my suffocation when one by one these elders left my side leaving me somewhat confused since I didn’t see how, or when they left, but I decided not to let it bother me as I was finally free. Curious about the world around me I glanced from left to right purposely averting my gaze from others who were whispering about me, making it completely obvious I was not welcomed here. ’He’s too curious” someone said, ‘He’s too naive’ said another, but I just let the wind drown out their unnecessary chatter.

While I was busy trying to adapt to my surroundings the sun started to set and night quickly fell. Tired from a day of thinking, observing and listening to stories I happened to hear I started to feel drowsy and soon fell asleep. While I might have been tired I awoke in the night, unsure why I tried to fall back to sleep but it was in vain. Suddenly, I felt a pair of soft warm hands grab me and soon enough I fell back to sleep. I awoke at what i thought was the next day but instead it darkness surrounded me, i thought it would soon become day so i stayed awake for a while. Lots of time passed and i had grown quite a bit however i was still drowning in the darkness that surrounded me. Time who was once my best friend now an enemy.

After what felt like an eternity I was taken out and placed on something white and soft. I often heard the people around me talking about this. Feeling excited I looked around completely dazed and awe of this beauty, I failed to hear the voices of those around me.

I gasped when I saw the closest people I had to family again but they all had a sad look upon their faces. My curiosity once again got the better of me and I asked what happened, unsure of why i was expecting anything else besides that i was too naive and curious for this world, I decided to figure out myself. I soon found my answer when I was lifted up and I laughed as I realized the situation. As I saw my family for the last time,only feeling the warmth of two furry hands I too realized that I was indeed too naive and curious for this world but I was content with my life as an acorn.


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