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Ugh! I hate Alice! She thinks she knows everything! Alex, a guy trying to catch a break, thinks of a wonderful plan to stop getting made fun of at school. But will this plan of his go horribly wrong or will he finally stop getting scrutinized at school?

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Know-it-all Alice

What are some of the books you read this summer?
The question lay on the crisp white paper, along with the other 4 questions. Maybe if I left it unanswered, I could still get a good grade.
Probably not.
Next to me, 'know-it-all Alice' was scribbling down books and authors. Books I never heard before, like 'Horseback riding, by Katie Keller', and "How to Promenade, by Delilah Donnor'. Alice glanced over at me and saw my empty paper and me looking at her and her looking at me looking at her, and her hand went flying, going up in the air, swinging from side to side.
"Miss! Miss!" she shrieked. "Alex is cheating!" Ms. Green looked at me with her bluish-green eyes.
"Alex, is that true?" she asked, narrowing her eyes. She got up and walked over to where I was and gazed at my paper before looking into my eyes. My palms started to sweat, and my eyes got all shifty, and my scalp started to get all itchy.
"No. I was just confused about the weird titles on Alice's paper, Ms. Green," I replied. Alices' face flushed red, almost as red as her wild carmine-colored hair.
"Well, at least I don't have any books like you!" she retorts. I glared at her.
"Shut up," I growled, hiding the fact that there wasn't even enough money at my house to buy a jacket. But I wasn't just going to let know-it-all Alice know that. "Why do you even have a book about promenading anyway? Nobody, not even an ugly toad, would ask you to dance." Alice's breath started coming in short bursts. Her face turned red again, but this time in anger.
"I hate you, Alex Freeman! I hate you now, and I'll hate you 'till the end of time." she screamed.
"Well, I hate you too, Alice Goode! And nothing can change my mind."
"Alex and Alice! Go to the office." said a shocked Ms. Green. I grabbed my school books and stomped to the office. I heard Alice behind me.
"This is all your fault," she mumbled. I whirled around. She stepped back.
"My fault?" I roared. "If you hadn't jumped to conclusions, we wouldn't be here! If you could get it through your thick skull that nobody even cares about your work, we wouldn't even be having this conversation! So don't try to pin this on me!" I jabbed a finger at myself. "The only one you could blame is yourself. You know, all I was doing was reading your answers. I just wanted to see. But no. You had to accuse me of trying to cheat." I scoffed and ignored her the rest of the walk to the office. As we sit down, I think back to what happened in class and how my dad is going to react. The clock on the wall ticks "You're in tro-ble! You're in tro-ble!" It's all Alice's fault too.

After 15 minutes of us sitting down on the hard plastic chairs, my dad and Alice's parents burst into the main office doors. I feel my hands start to get all sweaty again. Why do you ask? Well, my dad looks furious. He's breathing hard, and his feet come in contact with the ground with loud booms like he's beating up the wood. The lady behind the desk looks up at my dad over her half-moon glasses.
"Fill out this form," she says with a nasal voice like her nose was stopped up. My dad snatches a pen out of the jar and scratches out his info. Alice's parents do the same, but with less force on the paper.
"Come here," Dad said.

Hellooooooooooooo!!! I will try to have a new chapter by Friday. Ooo, and look at my other book, The Magical Kingdom of Elements: Ice & Fire!!!!!!
Love ya!

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