As the wind drifts

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A teenage girl named Haley is going through some though times. But when her best friend Laya comes along to help they can and will face anything together. They will always have each other’s back’s!

Children / Adventure
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Chapter 1: The intoduction

It all started one Saturday morning, as it became hotter by the day. It was the middle of summer. Sweetheart yelled Haley’s mom, Haley awoke with a startle. Breakfast yelled her mother. So Haley got out of bed and went downstairs to the kitchen to see her mother near the stove finishing up on the pancakes, and her dad reading the newspaper. Good morning champ said her father, morning said Haley yawning. Why are we all up at 7:00? Asked Haley, why said her father because you’ve got your big tournament in a hour! Oh right said Haley.

Haley is a 14 year old girl with a passion for baseball. Where as her best friend Laya prefers books. This year Haley made the rep team and today is her first tournament of the season. And Layla the librarians assistant, the one who puts all of the books on the selves when people are done with them. They are completely different but LOVE each other like their own sister.

Will Laya be there? Said Haley hopefully. I am afraid not. Why? said Haley with a confused face. Because her father is in the hospital again, oh said Haley feeling sad. Laya’s dad has a heart disease. The doctors still haven’t found a cure.
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