Unicorniolio, the Amazing Flying Unicorn

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Chapter 10

Wedding bells chimed as the Prince and Princess married in their Kingdom. Unicorniolio was so very happy for Prince Paul and Princess Penelope. The Prince and Princess kissed and all of the royal subjects cheered. Then, the cheering got louder and louder and Unicorniolio didn’t understand. The kiss was over. What was happening, he thought? The Prince and Princess smiled at Unicorniolio and turned him around so he could see. Prince Paul pointed up at the sky and that’s when Unicorniolio saw it. The entire sky was filled with flying Unicorns from his village!

Unicorniolio turned around and saw his parents, grandparents and brothers and sisters flying high in the sky, smiling down at Unicorniolio. But then, behind his family, he saw the other Unicorns. The so-called non-believers were laughing and smiling and rejoicing that they too could fly. Unicorniolio’s teacher shouted down to Unicorniolio, “You were right! We can fly! And it’s all because of you! You believed for us and now we can fly!! Hahaha! We can fly! Thank you, Unicorniolio! And we’re sorry for doubting you! Can you ever forgive us?” Unicorniolio looked up at the sky and saw the boys who bullied him at school. They were flying and smiling. They turned and looked at Unicorniolio and the one boy who had made fun of his father said, ”Hey, Unicorniolio, you were right! I guess your old man isn’t crazy after all! We’re sorry, right guys?” All of the other unicorns agreed and gave Unicorniolio an approving nod. “Tomorrow we are playing unicorn ball. Come and play with us! We are going to play it in the air this time! But no Beastaroni allowed! That’s cheating!” Everyone laughed and Unicorniolio smiled and said, “I’ll be there!”

Unicorniolio’s mother and father landed in front of Prince Paul and Princess Penelope and all the royal subjects cheered! His parents looked at Unicorniolio and at first Unicorniolio thought he was in big trouble for disobeying his parents. He started to speak, “Mom, Dad, I’m so sorry for running off! I got lost, and then I met Pan and this Prince and I had to help them and…there was Beastaroni…and…”

“Unicorniolio. Stop.” His father spoke. “We know what you did and why you did it. We understand. It’s ok.”

“Your son is a great hero. He saved the Kingdom. I couldn’t have rescued the Princess without his help,” the Prince told Unicorniolio’s father.

“But how?” Said Unicorniolio to his parents. “All of the village is here, flying, how?”

“We knew right away that you had saved this kingdom because everyone was able to fart and fly once more. Only one of the chosen unicorns who believed could unlock the potential of the unicorn ring that now rests on your horn.” Said his mother.

Unicorniolio’s parents were talking with the Prince and Princess. Pan was helping himself to a glass of merry drink. Everyone was having a good time, and Unicorniolio thought about Unicornelia. He wondered what she thought. He looked up at the sky and there she was, flying to him. “Unicorniolio!” She shouted. “Unicornelia!” He shouted back. Together they flew up into the air and celebrated with the rest of the village. “So unicorns can fly?” Unicornelia said to him smiling. “That’s right, and sometimes when everyone is telling you what to believe and you don’t agree, you just need to believe in yourself and believe in what you think is right. No matter what everyone else thinks.” said Unicorniolio. “I’m so proud of you,” she said. And she rubbed her nose on his nose. Unicorniolio said, “Wow! She likes me!” and did a back flip in the air. Unicornelia laughed and smiled.

“And now we can celebrate!” shouted Pan, releasing a happy toot. The Prince agreed, “Yes, let’s cook a great feast for the whole kingdom, unicorns and all!” The royal chef was about to light the huge oven with his matches when Pan bumped into the chef with his merry drink and got all of his matches wet. “Oh Pan!” said the Prince. The upset chef blurted, “Look what you’ve done! Oh Pan! How can I cook for this celebration when all of my matches are wet?”

“I’m sorry, it was an accident! But don’t worry, I’ve got this!” said Pan. Unicorniolio knew where this was heading and shouted, “No Pan! I don’t know if you should.” The chef was still bent over with his head in the oven trying to strike his wet matches to get a fire started. Pan turned his back to the chef and blew into his magical flute, flipped up the dry beastaroni, swallowed it and farted. A white hot bolt of lightening shot out of the flute and into the oven lighting the chef’s bottom on fire, as well as igniting the wood in the oven!

“Pan!” The chef yelled and jumped into a water barrel to put out the fire in the seat of his pants. The whole kingdom laughed and then cheered! “Hooray for Pan! He’s our Man! If he can’t fart, nobody can!”

“Oh, Pan! You are my best friend,” said Unicorniolio.

“And you are my best friend.” said Pan.

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