Unicorniolio, the Amazing Flying Unicorn

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Chapter 3

One afternoon, Unicorniolio went for a walk in the great Unicorn field and stood at the top of Unicorn Hill, gazing off into the setting sun. He felt the warmth of the sun on his face as it slowly dipped down into the trees. The air smelled different, the Fall days were getting shorter, and Winter would soon be here. Unicorniolio thought about another Fall ending, and to him, it was just another season in the Great Unicorn field. Unicorniolio yearned for something new, something different, and something adventurous.

The next morning, Unicorniolio told his parents he was going to go out and explore in the Great Unicorn fields, but he would be back before dark. His parents told him to have fun, and be careful, but to remember to never, ever go past the large rocks at the end of the field, for there was a dark forest on the other side and unicorns never go into the dark forest. Whenever the curious Unicorniolio asked his parents why, the answer was always the same, “because unicorns just don’t go there, that’s why”, they would tell him. And that was that.

And so, Unicorniolio ventured out for a walk to the far reaches of the Great Unicorn fields. He walked over the Unicorn Hill, across the Great Unicorn fields and then came to a group of large rocks that were very tall. These were the rocks that his parents warned him about. Unicorniolio wanted to get a closer look at this dark forest on the other side. He thought maybe he could just climb on top of one and get a closer look. The closer Unicorniolio got to the rocks the more he realized the rocks were much larger and steeper than he thought. He could not climb any of the rocks, but he did notice an opening in the rocks, a small opening that was just big enough for him to fit through.

Unicorniolio thought about his parents and how they had warned him to stay inside the Great Unicorn fields and not to go past the rocks, for the dark forest was on the other side. His curiosity was so great he just had to see. He couldn’t stand it for one more moment. Unicorniolio told himself he would just take a quick peek, turn around and go home. “What harm could come of that?” thought Unicorniolio. So, with a quick glance, he turned around and looked to see if anyone was nearby, and of course there was no one. He was so far from the rest of the unicorns. He slowly walked closer to the rocks and had to bend down and squeeze through the opening in the rock. When he stood up and looked around he realized he was standing upon a large hill with a beautiful view for miles.

Unicorniolio saw a large clearing of tall grass and an old fence. Beyond the fence was a small stream. And beyond the small stream was the great dark forest. Rising far above the great dark forest were snow-capped mountains that disappeared into the clouds. Unicorniolio could not believe his eyes and thought, “Why would my parents tell me not to come here? This view is so beautiful!” It was quiet and the only noise Unicorniolio heard was the sound of the water rolling and trickling downstream. It was then that he heard something else. It was the singing of a girl.

Unicorn, oh, Unicorn

I beg thee help me now!

Unicorn, oh, Unicorn, one day my Prince will come.

Unicorn, oh, Unicorn you are the chosen one.

Please find my Prince and help him save me.

He has the magic ring!

You must try the Beastaroni!

It puts the wind beneath your wings!

Unicorniolio didn’t know who it was and shouted, “Who is that? Hello? Is anybody there? What Prince? Beastaroni? What are you talking about? I am just a unicorn. What chosen one? I have no idea where I am!” There was no response. With one last call from the girl, in the breeze, he heard

Hurry Unicorn! Please Hurry!

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