Unicorniolio, the Amazing Flying Unicorn

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Chapter 4

Unicorniolio just had to know what was in those trees. He recalled once more what his parents had said and knew he should turn around. But Unicorniolio’s curiosity was too great. He said aloud to no one in particular, “Okay, I know, just this one time. I’ll be back before dark.” Unicorniolio backed up from the fence, took one more look around, and with a running start and all of his might he leaped up and over the fence towards the stream.

Unicorniolio walked across the clear, cool stream and entered the mysterious, dark forest. The forest was massive with tall leafy trees that had very wide trunks. When the wind touched his beautiful white mane, Unicorniolio’s ears twitched and his hairs stood up on the back of his mane. Unicorniolio was trying to keep track of his steps so he would not get lost. There were flowers he had never seen before and birds flew overhead that had four wings instead of two. This indeed was a strange land.

A turn here, a turn there, it was starting to get dark and Unicorniolio thought he should be getting back home. He thought how his parents would be wondering where he had been and also how he had promised them he would stay on the other side of the rocks and not venture into the dark forest. He had not heard the girl call out again and thought maybe he imagined her. So, Unicorniolio decided to head back home. And when he turned around, nothing in the forest looked familiar.

Unicorniolio was lost. Something hit him unexpectedly. A smell, a wonderful delicious smell came from the forest. Unicorniolio had been walking for quite some time and was getting hungry. He smelled something so delicious that he just had to follow the scent. He ducked under some tree branches and came to a part of the forest with tree trunks that were even larger than the ones at the forest edge. That was the moment Unicorniolio spotted a light that seemed to be in the same direction of the smell that made his stomach growl. At first glance, it looked like an old tree had fallen a long time ago. But, at its base was a large trunk. It had windows and light and a chimney with smoke coming out of it. Very curious he thought.

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