Unicorniolio, the Amazing Flying Unicorn

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Chapter 5

Unicorniolio walked to the trunk house and heard a crackly funny voice that said, “Hold it right there. Just one moment, come closer. Closer. Closer. Ok, stop! It can’t be. It absolutely cannot be. It positively, absolutely cannot be, but I think it is. The horn, the mane, your wings, just look at them! You are a unicorn!” said the tree.

“Uh yes sir that’s right Mr. Tree I am a unicorn”, said Unicorniolio.

“I’m no tree! Enough. Who are you? Has the Queen seen you?” said the voice.

“My name is Unicorniolio”, replied the unicorn.

“Queen?” Unicorniolio said.

“That’s right the Queen! She hasn’t been to this part of the forest for a very long time and I must say I prefer it that way, thank you very much.” Unicorniolio looked around and still could not see who was speaking to him. “Excuse me sir. Where are you? With whom am I speaking?”

And with that, the bark of the tree in front of Unicorniolio had two eyes that opened and look at him. A figure then popped out of the bark as if it had been part of the tree all along. He was small and his camouflaged skin transformed from what looked like bark to normal skin. He wore a small dark blue vest and carried a leather sash across his chest with small pouches and leather cases attached. His tiny boots were worn, brown leather. His belt was made of tree vines and sitting in the side of his belt was a small knife in a scabbard and several feet of thin yellow rope that sparkled. He also wore a brown animal skin hat. His eyes were old and wise, but friendly enough, not scary, and the brightest green color Unicorniolio had ever seen. They complemented his bright orange hair, which appeared never to have been brushed or combed.

“Very well then, if you have not been spotted by the Queen and are not with the Queen, please state your business.”

“Please sir, you don’t understand, I am lost. I left my home and cut through a large rock and then there was this voice and it sang to me and asked me to find a Prince. I have no idea what she was talking about. I need to know how to get back home. It is getting dark and I am hungry and should be getting back to my family. I followed this wonderful smell and well, you know, I just ended up here. Please you must help me. What is your name?”

The figure just stood there and looked long and hard at Unicorniolio. And finally, he spoke, “My name is Pan and I am a Woodland Fairy. This house and this tree are all that I have left after the Queen came through here. Now you say you heard singing?”

“Yes,” replied Unicorniolio.

“Those are song winds, an ancient form of communication that my grandparents once used. They travel this forest through the trees and can carry messages. No one has used them for hundreds of years and now suddenly they are singing again and there is a Unicorn in my presence?” continued a bewildered Pan, stating a fact more than asking a question. “Come inside Unicorniolio and have some dinner. It’s too dark and dangerous to walk through the forest at night. You will stay with me where it is warm and safe.”

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