20/20 Man: The Five Senses

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Back To The 00's

It was Tuesday, September 14, 2021. It was evening. At a random location, Steve and Amy walked up to Bieber.

“So, looks like we’ve found you again.“, Steve commented.

“Yeah, now give up and surrender or face the consequences.“, Amy spoke.

“Wow! Nice job you two! You found me! And just for that, you each get a cookie.” Bieber insulted.

“Hey, scumbag, didn’t you hear what she just said?! Give up and surrender or face the consequences, you jerk!” Steve exclaimed.

“I heard what she said, Steve. And no.“, Bieber replied.

“Do you mean ‘No, you’re not going to fight us?’ or ‘No, you’re not going to surrender?’” Amy asked him.

“The second one. Boy, some superheroes you are. You do just about more talking than you do fighting evil.”

“Well, we’re getting very close to being through with talking. This is your final warning. Give up now or else you’ll be sorry.“, Steve warned.

“Okay, I’ve had just about enough of this. I guess we’re about to get into it then.“, Bieber replied.

“You’re really gonna regret that decision later.“, Amy responded.

“Yeah, we’ll see about that.“, Bieber spoke back. Steve and Amy were about to fight Bieber.

Then before the fight started, Bieber quickly sent Steve and Amy off to another universe.


In the alternate universe, Steve and Amy were standing in a random playground in the afternoon. “What?! What the-?! Where the heck are, we?!” Amy asked him.

“Looks like we’re in some random playground.“, Steve answered.

“Okay, but that doesn’t explain exactly where we are. We don’t even know whether or not we’re still in Michigan.“, Amy replied.

“And it’s in the daytime. That jerk must’ve put us to sleep or something.“, Steve thought out loud.

“Alright, let’s just head back home and come up with a different plan to end Bieber.“, Amy declared.

“Great idea. Let’s go.“, Steve spoke in agreement. Then Steve and Amy flew back home.


Back in Southfield, Michigan, Steve, and Amy were near Steve’s bedroom window.

“Hold on, there’s someone in my room.“, Steve realized out loud.

“Mom and Dad?” Amy asked him.

“No, there’s a random kid in there that I’ve never seen or heard about before.“, Steve answered.

“But why?” Steve asked himself.

“Hey, I know seeing is your job and everything, but don’t look at me.“, Amy replied.

“Should we go inside and find out what’s going on?” Steve asked her.

“Maybe. Maybe not. I don’t know. It’s your call here.“, Amy answered.

“You know what I think? I think Bieber sent us off to another universe before we had the chance to finish him off for good.“, Steve thought out loud.

“So, what do we do now?” Amy asked him.

“I say we go back to that playground and try coming up with a solution so we can get sent back to our universe.“, Steve suggested.

“Great thinking, Steve! Let’s rock and roll!” Amy spoke in agreement. Then Steve and Amy flew back to the playground.


Steve and Amy were back at the playground. A random kid (Brad from The 00′s) walked up to Steve and Amy. Brad read their costumes.

“Who are 20/20 Man and Radio Woman?” Brad asked them.

“Yep, we’re definitely in another universe.“, Amy realized out loud.

“So, what are we supposed to tell the kid?” Steve asked her.

“I don’t know! Make something up!” Amy answered.

“But I don’t know what to say!” Steve replied.

“Steve, he’s standing right there!”

Steve looked at Brad.

“Oh, hey, little fella.“, Steve commented.

“We were just practicing for this upcoming high school play that we both are in called 20/20 Man and Radio Woman.“, Amy lied.

“Ummmm, yeah. What she said.“, Steve lied.

“Well, you wanna hang out with me and some of my friends? That is if you don’t mind.” Brad asked them.

“Do we really have time to hang out with some random kids? We’ve got way more important things that we need to-.” Steve spoke.

“Yeah, sure. Why not?” Amy answered.

“Awesome. Just follow me.“, Brad replied. Brad walked away and Steve and Amy started following Brad.

“Nice going, Amy. Now, we’re just gonna waste time hanging out with kids way younger than us while the world in our universe may be in danger.“, Steve whispered.

“Maybe the kids can give us some knowledge about this world and how things work around here. Just go with my strategy.“, Amy whispered.

Steve, Amy, and Brad walked over to the other kids. “And these are some of my friends. Jamal, Steve, Kevin, Amanda, Ariana, Nathan, and Jess. Guys, I’d like you to meet Steve and Amy. They’re preparing for a high school play which explains the superhero costumes.”

“Yeah, and we need your help with our upcoming play.“, Amy lied.

“So, would you all be willing to help us out?” Steve asked them.

“Sure, we can help you two out. Besides, it’s not like we have anything else better to do on a Sunday afternoon.“, Ariana answered.

“It’s Sunday in this universe. It was Tuesday back in our universe.“, Amy whispered.

“Okay, great. But before we get started, could you please tell us what today’s date is?” Steve asked the children.

“Yeah, we kind of forgot to check our calendars.“, Amy lied.

“It’s the 21st of September.“, Nathan answered.

“It was September 21st back in our universe, but ours was on a Tuesday.“, Amy whispered.

“Which means we’re in a different year.“, Steve whispered.

“And may we ask what year it is?” Steve asked them.

“Hey, shouldn’t you two know what year it is? It’s 365 days for crying out loud. How could you two not know the current year?” Jessica asked them.

“Um, well, it actually does happen.“, Amy replied.

“It’s 2003.“, Steve (from The 00′s) answered.

“2003?! That psychopath sent us to an alternate universe in the year 2003?! Why in the world would he do something like that?!” Amy whispered.

“Beats me. Maybe he just decided to send us off to a random universe with a random time. Who knows?” Steve whispered.

“Hey, what are you two whispering to each other?” Steve (from The 00′s) asked them.

“Oh, we were just whispering family stuff to each other that you all don’t need to know about.“, Amy lied.

“Exactly. What she said. We’re brother and sister by the way.“, Steve lied.

“Cool. I and this dude over here are also siblings.“, Kevin replied.

“Yeah, and we’re blood-related. Are you two blood-related?” Steve (from The 00′s) asked them.

“We sure are.“, Amy spoke truthfully.

“Sweet. So, let’s go ahead and help you out with that play of yours.“, Kevin replied.

“Okay, you all can just go over to that spot over there by the baseball field. Then we’ll come over to you very shortly and tell you all what you need to do.“, Steve instructed them. Then the group of kids walked over to the spot by the baseball field.

“How in the world do we fix this?” Steve asked her.

“I have no clue. If angels can send people to alternate worlds, we better fix this fast before Bieber decides to mess with this world and possibly other worlds. Come on, let’s try and blend in the best way we can.” Amy walked away from Steve. Then Steve followed Amy.


It was Sunday evening in the universe of The 00′s. The sky was completely dark. Steve and Amy were standing around at the same playground.

“We’ve been standing here for hours and still haven’t figured out a way to fix this mess.“, Steve commented.

“And being homeless in an alternate time and world doesn’t help us out either.“, Amy replied. Then a bright glow appeared from out of nowhere.

Steve and Amy saw the bright glow and covered their eyes. Justin appeared and the bright glow disappeared. Steve and Amy saw Justin.

“Justin?” Steve asked him.

“Hey, you two.”

“Man, you have no idea how glad we are to see you again.“, Amy spoke.

“Yeah, that demon of an angel sent us off to a different time in a different world.“, Steve informed.

“How were you able to get to us here?” Amy asked him.

“I was keeping an eye on you two from upstairs during your latest meeting with Bieber. I knew where he sent you two off to. That’s how I was able to locate you.“, Justin explained.

“Great, now, you’re an angel. You can just go ahead and send us back to our world so we can find a way to kill Bieber.“, Steve responded.

“I’m afraid it won’t be that simple.“, Justin answered.

“What?” Amy asked him.

“I’m sorry, but you two just changed the past in this world. We can’t leave until we figure out a way to change everything in this universe back to the way they were before we stepped foot into it.“, Justin explained.

“Okay, but how did we change the past in this world?” Steve asked him.

“It must’ve happened when we met those kids.“, Amy realized out loud.

“But we can’t stay here any longer.“, Steve replied.

“Yeah, Steve is right. We have no home here, we’ll starve to death, we don’t have anywhere to sleep, and the list goes on and on.“, Amy explained.

“No problem, I can just rearrange some molecules and make some food appear so you two won’t do your jobs on an empty stomach.“, Justin replied.

“Great, now, where are we gonna sleep?” Steve asked him.

“I can rearrange some molecules to form a couple of beds that you both can sleep on.”

“And you expect us to sleep out here?” Amy asked him.

“No worries, I can just rearrange some molecules to form a mini house that you can stay in.”

“Dude, is that all you can do? Rearrange molecules?” Steve asked him.

“I prefer we stay in an underground bunker.“, Amy thought out loud.

“Okay, I’ll rearrange some molecules to form an underground bunker instead.“, Justin replied.

“Great. So, I guess we pretty much have all our problems solved for now with an angel around.“, Steve guessed out loud.

“Okay, well, let’s get down to business. Do your thing, Justin.“, Amy instructed him.

Justin brought an underground bunker into existence on the ground in the alternate world. “Wait a minute, aren’t people gonna see that in the daytime?” Steve asked him. Justin sighed. Justin made the underground bunker disappear.

“Okay, new plan, we make sure the bunker does not get seen by anyone else.“, Justin responded. Justin made an underground bunker appear. “There, I made the door of your new underground bunker invisible.“, Justin informed.

“Great, so now all we have to do is memorize its spot and we should be all set with having a place to stay.“, Amy realized out loud.

“Okay, let’s head inside.“, Steve commented. Moments later, Steve, Amy, and Justin were inside the bunker.

“Well, I see a refrigerator. So, that’s a good sign.“, Amy commented.

“And we’ve got beds as well.“, Steve replied.

“And we’ve got not one, but two bathrooms for the both of us.“, Amy responded.

“Yeah, that way, neither of us will be able to hog the bathroom.“, Steve commented.

“And what will you be doing?” Amy asked Justin.

“I’ll stay here with you two if that’s okay with you.“, Justin replied.

“Okay, that’s fine with us.“, Steve answered.

“Great, now, we all need to come up with a way to change everything here back to the way it was so we can leave this universe. So, what’s our plan?” Amy asked him.

“I have no idea.“, Steve answered.

“I also have no idea.“, Justin answered.

“Well, we can’t be stuck here forever.“, Amy spoke from common sense.

“Let’s just get some rest and get back to thinking about it in the morning. And by morning, I mean this universe’s morning.“, Steve replied to them.

“Okay, and we have no pajamas. So, I guess we can just sleep in our costumes.“, Amy responded.

Steve and Amy walked over to their beds. Steve and Amy started preparing their beds before going to sleep. “Hey, I wonder what the rest of The Senses League is doing right now. I don’t know what time it is in our world, but they’re probably worried sick to their stomachs about us.“, Amy thought out loud.

“Don’t worry, Amy. Knowing what I know about reality, the time has probably only progressed a half of a second or something. We probably haven’t been gone that long.“, Steve responded. Steve and Amy finished preparing their beds. Steve and Amy got down on their knees by their beds and said a quick bedtime prayer.

Steve and Amy got up and got into their beds. “Alright, good night, Justin.“, Amy spoke.

“Good night. Oh, and sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.“, Justin replied.

“Dude, it’s 2021 in our world. No one says that phrase before bedtime anymore. Good night, Justin.“, Steve responded. Both siblings turned off the two lamps that were by their beds and went to sleep. Then the bunker was in total darkness.


It was Monday, September 15, 2003, in the universe of The 00′s. It was late in the afternoon. Steve and Amy sat on a couple of swings on the playground while some other random kids were present there.

“Well, have you thought of a way to rewrite the past in this world yet?” Amy asked him.

“No, what about you?” Steve asked her.

“Same.“, Amy answered.

“I think the reason Bieber sent us to an alternate universe in 2003 was that 2003 is such a long time ago compared to 2021. He really wanted to send us far away.“, Steve thought out loud.

“Agreed. 2003 is ancient history compared to 2021.“, Amy commented.

“More like cavemen days if you ask me.“, Steve replied.

“Wait, I take that back. 2003 is older than the dinosaur itself.“, Amy commented.

“We both weren’t even born yet. Well, I think I was in my mother’s womb. But still not born.“, Steve responded.

“And I don’t think I even existed back then.“, Amy replied.

“We probably don’t exist in this world even in 2021.“, Steve thought out loud.

“You could say the same thing for our parents along with some of our other ancestors.“, Amy thought out loud.

“It really does make you wanna question reality itself.“, Steve commented.

“Well, one positive thing I like about this world is the fact that there are no supervillains or evil angels to worry about. Kind of makes me want to live here for good if we never find a way to rewrite this world’s history.“, Amy thought out loud.

I and Steve walked up to Steve and Amy. “Hey, we remember you. You’re those two kids from yesterday.“, I commented.

“Guilty as charged.“, Amy replied.

“And why are you wearing the same costumes from yesterday?” Steve (my best friend) asked them.

“We’d rather not talk about it.“, Steve responded.

“Well, you two seem pretty cool. You wanna hang out for a little while?” I asked them.

“Sure, why not?” Amy asked them.

“Cool. Here’s what we’ll do. We’ll get on the swings and you’ll push us. Deal?” Steve (my best friend) asked them.

“Deal.“, Steve answered.

“Okay.“, I replied.

Steve and Amy got off the swings and I and my best friend got on the swings. Steve and Amy got behind us. “Okay, you guys ready?” Amy asked them.

“Ready.“, my best friend answered.

Steve and Amy started pushing us. Steve and Amy continued pushing us. Steve and Amy continued pushing us some more.

Then Steve saw Bieber walking around the playground as he was pushing me. Steve stopped pushing me. “Hey, why did you stop?” I asked him.

Steve walked over to Amy. “Uh, Amy, we’ve got another situation here.”

Amy stopped pushing Steve.

“Excuse us, guys. We’ll be right back.“, Amy spoke to us.

Steve and Amy walked away from us. “Bieber is here.“, Steve whispered.

“What?!” Amy asked him.

“Look, he’s over there.“, Steve commented. Amy looked and saw Bieber walking around the playground.

“Well, what in the heck is he doing in this world?” Amy asked him.

“I have no idea. My best guess is he’s looking for us and wants to finish us off twenty o three style.“, Steve responded.

“Now, this world is in danger! And that includes those kids! We gotta get those two somewhere safe! Any ideas?!” Amy asked him.

“They could go in the bunker.“, Steve responded.

“Great, but what about the rest of this world?” Amy asked him.

“We’ll just have to do the best we can to keep everyone in this world safe.“, Steve responded.

“Got it.“, Amy replied.

Steve and Amy walked back to us. “So, you ready to start pushing us again?” my best friend asked them.

“Yeah, about that, we’re not doing anymore pushing for today.“, Steve replied.

“Listen, we think you two may be in danger.“, Amy cautioned.

“What? Danger? What kind of danger?” I asked them.

“Look, we may not have time to explain it all to you out here. That’s why I think we should get you two somewhere safe.“, Steve cautioned.

“Come on, you two, follow us.“, Amy instructed. Steve and Amy started walking away and we started following Steve and Amy.

“Can you at least tell us where we’re going?” my best friend asked them.

“We’ll explain it all later once we get there.“, Steve responded. We all continued walking.

“Are our lives in danger?” I asked them.

“Yes. We’ll discuss it when we get there.“, Amy responded. We all continued walking. Moments later, we all were inside an underground bunker.

“Woah, I didn’t know this playground had a secret underground bunker.“, I thought out loud.

“And look, it’s got beds, a refrigerator, and two bathrooms. How did you two manage to find this place?” Steve asked them.

“Yeah, do you two live here or something?” I asked them.

“Allow us to reintroduce ourselves, I’m Steve. And-.”

“Hey, that’s my first name too.”

“Yeah, as I was saying, my name is Steven Hayes. This is my sister, Amy Hayes. And we both are teenagers from a different time and universe.“, Steve explained.

“But that’s not possible. How in the world could that be possible?” I replied.

“Believe me, kid, you have no idea what’s possible these days. Or our days.“, Amy responded.

“We come from a world just like yours in the year 2021. And in our world, we’re famous superheroes.“, Steve further explained.

“We team up to battle evil forces with superpowers only coming from my ears and his eyes. We typically do that to save the world, but now we’re in a different world. And one of those evil forces is here right now as we speak. That’s why we wanted to at least get you two somewhere safe to prevent you from potentially getting hurt or worse.”

“Prove it.“, my best friend said to them.

Justin rushed into the bunker. “Steve, Amy, I just saw Bieber!” Justin exclaimed.

“Yeah, we already know he’s here!” Amy exclaimed.

“Bieber? What kind of a name is that?” I asked them.

“The kind of name you should bow down to.“, Bieber responded. We all looked and saw Bieber standing there.

“Look, you can mess with me, Amy, and Justin all you want! But leave these two innocent kids out of this!”

“Yeah, no.“, Bieber replied.

“Dude, why in the world did you send us to a different world in the early 2000s?” Amy asked him.

“Because I wanted to. Now, it’s about time for me to get rid of a pair of eyes, ears, and wings so I can take over not only your world, but this world as well.“, Bieber replied.

“We’re not gonna let that happen.“, Steve commented.

“Um, excuse me, is this all a joke or something? Or are you people actually serious?” my best friend asked them.

“Oh, we’re dead serious, kid.“, Justin answered. Then Bieber used his supernatural power to put me and Steve in intense pain.

Then I and Steve started screaming from the intense pain that Bieber was providing us.

“Well, there goes our proof!” I exclaimed.

“Let them go! Now!” Amy yelled.

“Oh, I’ll let them go after I’m through killing them.“, Bieber responded.

“We mean it, Bieber! Let them go right now!” Steve yelled.

“I said I’ll let them go. But I’m just getting started.“, Bieber replied. The intense pain continued, and I and Steve screamed some more.

“Don’t worry, I’ll put you two out of your misery real soon. But first, I’m going to have a little fun with this.“, Bieber commented. Bieber started grinning wickedly and continued the intense pain and we screamed some more from the intense pain. The intense pain continued a little longer.

Steve, Amy, and Justin got together. “We need to do something fast before those two don’t get to see their 2021.“, Amy cautioned.

“Justin, can’t you just use your angel powers to rewrite the past and send all of us back to the world where we belong?” Steve asked him.

“You know what? I haven’t thought about that until you bought it up. Us angels have so many powers that I forgot how to do that.” Justin replied.

“Well, just hurry up and think of something! Use that angelic brain of yours! Just try something quickly!” Amy exclaimed. I and my best friend continued screaming.

“Alright, I’ll try my best.“, Justin replied. Justin ripped open a portal in the space-time continuum. Then before Bieber killed us, Justin grabbed Bieber and threw him into the portal.

“Come on, you two, follow me!” Justin exclaimed. Justin jumped inside the portal. Steve and Amy quickly jumped inside. Then there was nothing but brightness.


It was Tuesday, September 14, 2021. It was evening. At the same location as the beginning of the episode, Bieber, Justin, Steve, Amy, Steve, and I went through a portal and landed in the 20/20 Man universe.

“Justin, why are those kids in our world?” Amy asked him.

“Oh, my bad. I mistakenly transported those two from their world to our world.“, Justin answered.

“Yeah, nice going, Justin. They’re in even more danger now that they’re both in our universe.“, Steve replied.

“What the-?! What is this place?! Where are we?!” my best friend exclaimed.

“Welcome to our world, fellas.“, Amy replied.

“Yep, and most importantly, welcome to 2021.“, Steve responded.

“Oh, and F.Y.I., you’ll wanna stay away from something called COVID-19.“, Amy spoke.

“COVID-19? What in the heck is that?” I asked them.

“Yeah, never heard of it.“, my best friend spoke.

“Alright, I’ve had just about enough of this! I tried ending you two slowly! Now, I’m just gonna go ahead and get it over with!” Bieber exclaimed. Bieber walked closer to us. Justin got in front of Bieber.

“You stay away from them you selfish, no-good monster!” Justin exclaimed.

“Okay, that’s strange. I thought 20/20 Man and Radio Woman were supposed to be the heroes.“, Bieber thought out loud.

“Look, those two are going back where they belong and you’re going to be last week’s news!” Justin exclaimed.

“Oh, I don’t think so.“, Bieber replied.

“I know so!” Justin exclaimed.

“Is that so?” Bieber asked him.

“Yeah, that’s so.“, Justin answered. Bieber put me and my best friend in more intense pain.

I and Steve started screaming again from all the intense pain that Bieber was providing us.

“Please, stop! We’ll give you anything you want!” Steve yelled.

“Yeah, just stop hurting us! Please!” I yelled.

“Oh, I’m sorry, but you don’t have anything I need or want. Besides, all your stuff is in a different dimension. And since this isn’t your dimension, you’re gonna have to die.“, Bieber responded. Justin started fighting Bieber and we were both free again.

“Steve, look, the portal! It’s still open!” Amy exclaimed.

Steve saw the open portal. “Okay, you two, what we’re gonna need you to do is go through that portal while you still have a pulse.“, Steve instructed.

“But we both don’t know what’s going to happen!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah, what if we die just by entering the portal?!” my best friend exclaimed.

“Who cares?! You two have no other choice at this point!” Amy exclaimed.

“Yeah, you guys need to hurry up and get inside while you still have the chance!” Steve exclaimed.

“Okay, well, here goes nothing. And if I don’t make it, it sure was nice knowing ya.“, my best friend spoke to me. My best friend jumped into the portal. Then I jumped into the portal.

Justin and Bieber continued fighting each other. Justin grabbed Bieber and threw him on the ground. Justin picked up Bieber and threw him into the portal.

“Follow me!” Justin exclaimed. Justin jumped inside the portal. Steve and Amy jumped inside the portal again. Then there was nothing but brightness.


Steve, Amy, Justin, and Bieber ended up in the same location as the beginning of the episode. “Hey, those kids are gone.“, Amy thought out loud.

“And so am I. See ya later, losers.“, Bieber replied. Bieber flew up into the sky into space.

“Dang it! We lost him again!” Steve exclaimed.

“Good. That dude is probably the biggest jerk of the entire angel race.“, Amy replied.

“Hey, what time is it?” Steve asked her. Amy checked her smartphone.

“It’s almost the same date and time as before we first jumped into the alternate world.“, Amy answered.

“Well, that sure is a relief. But what about those kids?” Steve asked her.

“No need to worry. I created that portal to bring everything back to normal. The past in the alternate world was rewritten and so was the past in this world. It’s as if nothing ever happened.“, Justin explained.

“And do those kids remember anything that happened?” Amy asked him.

“They shouldn’t.“, Justin answered.

“Well, that’s awesome to hear. At least they both don’t have to remember all the torture they had to go through.“, Steve replied.

“Well, I guess we’ll try and defeat Bieber another time. And by another time, I mean our time.“, Amy responded.

“So, what now?” Steve asked them.

“I say we head back to HQ of The Senses League and check on everyone else to see how they’re doing.“, Amy replied.

“Let’s go.“, Justin spoke. Justin transported himself, Steve, and Amy back to The Senses League HQ.


“Hey, everyone, we’re back.“, Amy spoke.

“Well? Did you do it? Did you finally take down Bieber once and for all?” Adam asked them.

“No, not today. Sorry, everyone.“, Steve informed.

“Oh, well. Maybe you’ll get him next time. Hey, guess what? We’ve all finally decided what our superhero names should be while you all were gone.“, Chloe reported.

“You did? Sweet. What did you all decide on?” Amy asked them.

“My superhero name from now on is going to be Touch Man.“, Adam informed.

“And I’m going to be Taste Woman.“, Chloe informed.

“And I’m going to be Nose Dog.“, the dog informed.

“Great, well, we’re glad you all finally got your own superhero names just like us.“, Steve replied.

“And I’m gonna go now. Catch you all later.“, Justin spoke to all of them. Then Justin went ahead and made himself vanish with just the snap of his finger.

“So, anything else you wanna tell us while you were gone?” Adam asked them.

“Oh, nothing much. Just ended up in another dimension in the year 2003.“, Amy reported.

“What? How in the world did that happen?” Chloe asked them.

“It’s a long story. We’ll explain everything later.“, Steve informed.

“Well, while one story is being written in another universe, our story is still being written in this universe.“, Amy commented.

“And we’re gonna try and have the best story we possibly can as 20/20 Man, Radio Woman, Touch Man, Taste Woman, and Nose Dog.“, Steve replied.

“And don’t forget Wing Man.“, Chloe spoke when talking about Justin.

“Boy, it feels so good to be back in 2021 where we belong.“, Amy commented.

“Now, I say we all go to bed, call it a night, and continue our own story.“, Steve responded.

Then after that final conversation was over, everyone left to go to bed, call it a night, and continue the story just like Steve said. Everything was finally back to normal. And there were going to be many more heroic episodes to come in the story of 20/20 Man, Radio Woman, and the rest of The Senses League.

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