20/20 Man: The Five Senses

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I See A Shapeshifter

It was Wednesday, September 22, 2021. It was evening. In The Senses League HQ, Steve and Adam were playing video games together, Chloe and Amy were leaning up against a wall while on their smartphones, and Nose Dog was playing with a chew toy.

Justin appeared out of nowhere. “Good evening, everyone.”, Justin spoke. “Can I please have everyone’s attention?” Everyone stopped what they were doing and got Justin’s attention.

“It appears that we have an evil angel causing trouble that’s not Bieber.”

“Okay, got it.”, Amy spoke. “What do you want us to do?”

“This isn’t just any evil angel.”, Justin explained. “This angel is known as a shapeshifter.”

“A shapeshifter?” Amy asked. “What is that supposed to mean?”

Adam spoke, “That means the angel can change into different shapes and forms.”

“Thank you, Adam.”, Justin thanked. “Yes, that’s exactly what I mean. This angel changes his appearance to appear as many things as possible. And that can include both living and non-living things. That can also include humans, animals, plants, and objects. He needs to be stopped as soon as possible.”

“Don’t worry, Justin.”, Chloe spoke. “You can count on us to get the job done.”

“I’m glad I can count on you.”, Justin replied. “But be careful though. This job won’t be easy. Since we’re dealing with a shapeshifter, he can appear as any one of you.”

“Noted.”, Steve replied. “Alright, let’s rock and roll!”

Justin vanished.

“Okay, where do you all wanna head to first?” Chloe asked them.

“We’ll decide once we’re all outside the bunker.”, Steve replied.

“Noted. Let’s go.”, Chloe replied.

Then everyone vanished.


The Senses League was at a random abandoned building. It was dark inside, and three of the five members were using the flashlights from their smartphones to see. “So, any of you see the shapeshifter?” Amy asked them.

“No, not me.”, Adam replied.

“Yeah, I haven’t as well.”, Chloe informed.

“Not me.”, Nose Dog reported.

“Not even I’ve seen the shapeshifter.”, Steve added.

“Well, there’s nothing left for us to do but keep searching.”, Amy replied. The Senses League kept searching for the shapeshifter. They continued searching for the shapeshifter. Then they continued searching for the shapeshifter some more.

Justin appeared out of nowhere in front of The Senses League.

“Justin?” Chloe asked him. “What in the world are you doing here?”

Justin replied, “Oh, I’m just checking on you all to see how you’re doing so far.” “So, how is the search going so far?”

Adam replied, “Not good. We still have yet to find the shapeshifter.”

Amy asked Justin, “Hey, just out of curiosity, is the shapeshifter we’re all looking for male or female?”

“He’s male.”

“Okay, thanks for the info, Justin.”, Amy thanked.

“And you’re talking to him right now.”, Justin added.

“What?!” Amy exclaimed.

The shapeshifter used his angelic powers to blast all five members farther away from him. All the humans were lying on the ground. The shapeshifter walked closer to The Senses League. “Come any closer to us and you’re a dead angel!” Steve yelled.

“Don’t worry, I’m not gonna hurt you. I just wanna talk.”

Amy replied, “Talk about how much we want to hurt you right now?!”

All the humans got up off the ground.

The shapeshifter replied, “I’m suggesting that you leave me alone while I’m busy figuring out how to take over the globe and kill every single living thing on it. And don’t worry, all of you are gonna be killed as well.”

The shapeshifter smiled wickedly.

“Not on our watch!” Adam exclaimed.

“Okay, how about I make a deal with you?” the shapeshifter asked them. “Leave me alone right now, and I’ll make sure you all go to heaven after you’re dead.” “So, do we have a deal or are you all just gonna continue being stupid?”

“You can go to the opposite of heaven!” Amy exclaimed.

The shapeshifter replied, “Well, it seems to me that you all have a doctorate degree in disrespect along with a master’s degree in stupidity.”

“Oh, yeah?” Adam asked him. “Well, it seems to me you have a doctorate in evil!”

“We’re ending you whether you like it or not!” Steve exclaimed.

Then the shapeshifting angel shifted from Justin’s form to Bieber’s form.

“But to end me, you’ll have to catch me and spot me first.”, the shapeshifter replied. “See ya later, scumbags!”

The shapeshifter quickly flew away through an open window.

“Great!” Chloe exclaimed unhappily. “Now, we’re gonna have to go looking for him again and try figuring out what form he’s in!”

Amy replied, “Well, there’s no need to worry. I believe we can do this. Come on, everyone. We can’t give up hope now.”

Nose Dog added, “Yeah, the blonde-haired girl is right. Plus, I might be able to smell the jerk from ten miles away.”

“Dude, how would you even know what angels smell like?” Steve replied.

Adam added, “Plus, he could even take the form of dogs. How in the world would you not be fooled?”

Steve spoke, “Okay, new plan, I say we head back to the bunker and try coming up with a way to stop a shape-shifting angel from taking over the entire planet.”

Amy replied, “Good idea, Steve. Our brains sure could use a little exercise to deal with our first-ever shapeshifter.”

“Or how about tomorrow night?” Adam asked them. “Don’t we have school in the morning?”

“Okay, tomorrow evening it is.”, Steve replied. “Come on, everyone. Let’s all head back to the bunker.” Then everyone there suddenly vanished.


It was Thursday, September 23, 2021. It was evening. Steve was sitting in his room watching the news on TV to be on the lookout for anything that he and the rest of The Senses League might need to take care of.

Karen knocked on Steve’s door. “Steve, do you mind if I come in?” Karen asked him.

“No, Mom, I don’t mind at all!”

Karen came inside Steve’s room. “Turn that off for a quick second. We need to talk.”

Steve grabbed the TV remote and turned off the TV. Steve put down the TV remote. “What do you wanna talk about?”

“I wanna talk about how I kidnapped your parents early this morning and took them to my secret location.”


The shapeshifter took the form of Steven (Steve’s father). Steve quickly got up from where he was sitting, and his eyes turned bright red.

“Woah hold up there, red eyes. Before you blast me off into outer space, I suggest you hear what I have to say first.”

Then Steve’s eyes looked normal again and he began listening.

“I’ve got your parents.”

“You already said that you jerk! Where are my parents?! Tell me now or I’ll use these eyes to blast you off to The Moon!” Steve yelled angrily as he stepped closer to the angel.

“Hey, buddy, calm down. Relax. Chill out. Take a chill pill or something. I’m sorry for making you so angry.”

“Apology not accepted.”, Steve replied angrily.

The shapeshifter replied, “You and that little league of yours is gonna stop coming after me. Do you understand me? Then I’ll give you your mommy and daddy back.”

“No! This is your last warning! Give me and my sister our parents back or else!” Steve yelled.

The shapeshifter sighed. “Okay, fine, have it your way. My answer is still no. And I guess I’m out of warnings. So, what are you gonna do? Huh? Tear your house up? Try and kill me? Try and make me suffer? Huh? Maybe melt down your bedroom door while you’re at it? And how will your real parents not notice the damage caused by you while trying to murder me? Huh? Knowing how teenagers can be, they’ll probably think you or that little sister of yours did something very stupid and foolish and would likely punish you both. Therefore, go ahead. Try killing me. Try making me suffer. I want to see you two get grounded one last time before the entire human race is history. Come on, go ahead. I’m waiting.”

Amy walked into Steve’s bedroom.

“Amy, he’s not our Dad!”

“I know. I heard everything. And I’m not your sister.”

“What?! There’s more than one of you?! No way, this can’t be happening!”

The real Amy walked into the bedroom.

“And are you one of them too?!”

“Steve, I heard everything. I’m the real Radio Woman.”

“And how in the world am I supposed to believe that?!

“Well, son, it’s very simple. You can’t.”, the shapeshifter in Steven’s form spoke.

“See, that’s another thing that’s so great about us shift shaping angels. We can make people lose their minds over who is their real selves and who isn’t.”, the shapeshifter in Amy’s form spoke.

“Oh, yeah?” Amy asked. “Well, I guess that means you look very ugly in your real forms.”

“Well, I think I’ve had just about enough fun for one day. Come on, let’s get out of here.”, the shapeshifter in Steven’s form spoke. Then the shapeshifter in Steven’s form left.

And the shapeshifter that was in Amy’s form followed him.

Amy replied, “I sure am glad those two are gone. So, you ready to head down to the bunker?” Amy turned around.

Red lasers from Steve’s eyes went into Amy’s eyes. Those lasers disappeared and, as a result, made Amy unconscious.

Amy fell gently to the ground and laid there. Steve walked up to Amy. “If you’re the real Amy, I’m so sorry.” Then Steve started dragging his unconscious little sister down into the bunker.


Moments later, Amy was tied to a wooden chair while still unconscious. She had black d blindfolds on and gray duct tape on her lips. Steve, Adam, Chloe, and Nose Dog were in the bunker where Amy was.

Adam took off her blindfolds. Then Chloe walked up to Amy. And Chloe went ahead and slapped Amy in the face.

Amy started waking up. Then she looked around. And she started mumbling under the duct tape on her mouth.

Adam took the duct tape off her lips. Then Steve went ahead and walked up to Amy. “Hey, Amy.”, Steve spoke. “Or should I say not Amy?”

“Steve, it’s really me! I’m not lying! You have to believe me!”

Steve replied, “Yeah, that’s what all those shapeshifters say.”

“No, really! I’m telling the truth! Those shapeshifting angel jerks are just playing mind games with us! I can prove it to you!

Adam replied, “Well, you can’t argue with some good old-fashioned proof.”

“But how can she prove to us she really is who she says she is?” Chloe asked.

Adam responded, “Easy. Just get Nose Dog to sniff her. He probably knows how she smells by now.”

“I can’t smell angels. Remember?” Nose Dog replied.

Chloe spoke, “Maybe she can prove it to us by recalling some of her childhood memories involving Steve. Then Steve can determine whether or not those memories are legit.”

Steve replied, “Okay, fine. That’s what we’ll do. And you better be on you’re A-game because I might not recall some memories.”

“I’ll try my very best to trigger your memory banks.”

“And what happens if we find out that she’s a fake Amy?” Adam asked Steve.

“Then I guess we have no choice bout to kill him or her.”

“What?! Steve, seriously?! You’ve got to be joking or something!”

“No, potential Amy, of course I’m joking.”, Steve spoke while not being serious.

“Yes, I’m dead serious.”

Adam added, “Yeah, if you’re one of those shapeshifters, we don’t know what you might do to try and kill us all. And the world really needs us right now.”

“But what if you eventually find out that you just totally murdered your only sibling?!”

“Hey, all we need is some clear proof to see whether or not you’re the real Radio Woman.”, Steve replied. “Now, am I right or wrong?” “Okay, everyone, let’s get started.”

“Hey, are we gonna do this like a trivia game show or something?” Adam asked them.

Chloe replied, “No, Adam. This isn’t Jeopardy!. The lives of my boyfriend’s parents are at stake. The sooner we get this done, the better.” Chloe began walking away from Adam.

“Well, excuse me for wanting to have a little fun.”, Adam added with no one listening.

Moments later, it was time to test Amy’s knowledge.

“Okay, here’s your first question.”, Steve informed. “What’s my favorite food?”

“That’s an easy one. You love grilled cheese sandwiches. And when you became 20/20 Man, you considered changing your favorite food to carrots. But you decided against that idea. Then grilled cheese sandwiches ended up still being your favorite food.”

“Well, Steve, is she right?” Adam asked him.

Steve sighed. “Yes, Adam, she’s correct.” “For now.”

“I’ve got a question for hm or her.”, Chloe reported. “When did I and Steve first become boyfriend and girlfriend?”

“Back when you and Steve were in tenth grade, which was the fall of 2019. Even not as 20/20 Man, you couldn’t keep your eyes off her. And you couldn’t keep your tongue out of his mouth.”

“Okay, now she’s two out of two.”, Chloe replied.

“When did I and Steve first meet and become best friends?” Adam asked Amy.

“You both were three. I was one, so I was too young to remember. But I learned that fact later in life.”

“And now she’s three out of three.”, Adam commented.

Steve went ahead and walked in front of Amy.

“What country do we live in?” Steve asked her.

“The United States of America.”

“What state?” Steve asked her.

“The mitten state. Also known as Michigan.”

“What city?” Steve asked her. “And don’t say Detroit.”

“Southfield.” “We live in Southfield, Michigan, USA.”

“And what county is Southfield in?” Steve asked her.

“Oakland.” Southfield, Michigan is in Oakland County.”

Steve replied, “Well, she’s got every single question right so far.” “What do the rest of you think?”

“Sure, she’s got every question right. But are those correct answers solid enough proof that she’s the real Radio Woman?” Adam asked them.

Chloe added, “Yeah, we don’t know how much Bieber has told the rest of the bad guys and gals about Steve and Amy’s lives.”

“Well, does everyone here remember what we asked her?” Adam asked them.

Steve replied, “We asked what country we live in. Maybe that was a bit too easy for a shapeshifter to answer correctly. Two shapeshifters already invaded our house, which means that they know exactly where we live.”

Adam replied, “So, maybe we need to try something else to prove whether or not she is who she says she is.” “Any ideas?”

Steve replied, “I’m sure we’ll think of something eventually. And we don’t kill her until we have proof that she is just another shapeshifter.”

Then everyone (except Amy) went ahead and started thinking. Justin appeared. And Steve saw Justin. Steve walked closer to Justin. Steve replied, “Justin, thank God you’re here. Listen, we kinda got a new situation on our hands.”

“Save your breath, Steve. I know all about your new situation. She’s the real Radio Woman.”

“But how do you know for sure?” Adam asked him.

“Because I’m an angel. Not only can I see physically. I can see spiritually as well.”

“Amy, I’m so sorry.”, Steve told Amy.

“Yeah, apology accepted.”

“But how do we know this guy isn’t another one of them shapeshifter freaks?” Nose Dog asked.

“How do we know for sure who is who anymore?” Steve asked them.

Justin replied, “Well, I guess the only way to solve this issue is to have Steve be our last set of eyes to spot the shapeshifters. He can see spiritual appearances as well. And if he’s a shapeshifter, we’ll all have to think of something else.”

Chloe replied, “Well, I guess Justin is right. We have no other options at this point but to rely on Steve.”

Steve replied, “Okay, that’s what we’ll do. Thanks for helping us out, Justin.”

“No problemo. Justin out.”

Then Justin went ahead and made himself vanish.

“Okay, since that’s finally settled, what do we do now?” Adam asked them.

“We should probably untie Amy first.”, Chloe replied.

Then Steve, Adam, and Chloe walked over to Amy and began untying her as Buddy watched. Later, Amy was completely untied. And Amy got up from the wooden chair.

“Thanks for untying me.”, Amy thanked.

“You’re welcome.”, Adam replied.

“Now, how do we deal with this shapeshifter problem once and for all?” Steve asked them.

Chloe replied, “Well, I think this shapeshifter thing might be a common thing for us. I mean think about it, two shapeshifters have already invaded Steve’s house. We have no idea how many more of them are out there. I say we just deal with the one shapeshifter Justin told us about in the first place and go from there.”

Steve replied, “Okay, that’s what we’ll do. We’ll try defeating the first shapeshifter Justin talked about. And we still gotta rescue Mom and Dad. Again.”

“Well, what are we all waiting for?” Adam asked. “Let’s all head out and find your parents.”

“Okay, let’s move.”, Steve replied.

Then The Senses League went ahead and started leaving the bunker.


Outside in the sky, The Senses League were flying in the air. Steve stopped flying and started floating. “People, come here for a quick second!” Steve yelled.

The remainder of The Senses League flew back to Steve.

“What is it, Steve?” Chloe asked him.

“Looks like your little last line of defense against us shapeshifters just left the building.”, Steve spoke with an evil grin. Steve’s eyes became bright red. The rest of The Senses League prepared their superpowers before attacking. “Ha! Got ya!” Steve exclaimed. Then the rest of The Senses League were relieved that they were still with Steve.

“Come on, Steve!” Adam exclaimed. “Don’t ever do that again! You really had us think that you were another one of those no-good shapeshifting angels! Are you trying to get killed or something?!”

“Come on, people, it was just a joke.”, Steve replied. “You all can’t take a joke every once in a while, during work?”

“Well, of course. We can all joke around.”, Amy replied. “When we start working in offices!” Amy exclaimed.

Steve sighed. “Okay, fine, I won’t joke like that again. Now, come on, let’s try searching that abandoned building down there.” Then The Senses League flew down to a random abandoned building to search for Steve’s parents.


The Senses League entered the building. They all walked around searching for Steve’s Mom and Dad. “There they are!” Steve exclaimed.

The Senses League ran over to Steve’s parents who were tied up to two chairs with rope. Steve’s parents were being untied.

Amy spoke, “Don’t worry you folks who we don’t know at all. We’ll get you two out of here as soon as possible.”

“Wow, honey, I can’t believe it! I can’t believe we’re actually being saved by The Senses League!” Karen exclaimed happily.

Adam spoke, “Well, believe it. Now, you can get your autographs and be on the news later. But for right now, we need to get you two out of here while you still have a pulse.”

“Hey, is it really true that dogs can smell people’s feelings?” Steven asked Nose Dog.

“Honey, how is it possible for a dog to smell feelings?” Karen asked him.

“I have no idea. But a dog’s sense of smell is so great. It might be possible.”, Steven replied.

“Sure, it is.”, Karen spoke while pretending to agree. “I’d like to see you try and smell my feelings right now.”

The Senses League completely untied Steve’s parents. Then Steve’s parents went ahead and got up.

“Thank you so much for untying us.”, Karen thanked.

Chloe replied, “You’re welcome. Now, we’re gonna stay close to you and protect you from any more potential danger.”

“Good idea. We wouldn’t want these civilians getting hurt. Now, would we?” the shapeshifter in Steve’s form spoke.

The Senses League turned around and saw the shapeshifter in Steve’s form. The real 20/20 Man walked up to the fake 20/20 Man. “So, I guess it’s finally come to this. The real 20/20 Man and the fake 20/20 Man face-to-face.”, one of the 20/20 Mans spoke.

“Get out of my form or else.”

“Or else what? Huh? You’re gonna hurt yourself? Kill yourself? Spank yourself? Give yourself a timeout?”

“You’re not me. So, stop pretending that you are me and show us what you really look like.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that. So, you better get used to feeling like you’re standing in front of a mirror.”

“I’m gonna kill not me.”,

“Bring it on, eyeballs.”

Then the real 20/20 Man and the fake 20/20 Man floated up in the air and started fighting each other. All kinds of superpowers were being used by those two. Steve was using his superpowers while the shapeshifter was using his angelic powers.

The battle continued. And the battle continued some more. And the battle continued a little longer. “Come on, Steve! Show yourself who’s boss!” Amy exclaimed while watching the fight.

The fight continued. Then the fight continued some more. And the fight continued a little while longer. Also, the fight was very close.

Brightness surrounded the real Steve and the fake Steve. As a result, those two were hidden from everyone else’s vision. Everyone else covered their eyes from all the brightness. Then the brightness disappeared.

The real Steve and the fake Steve landed on the ground. The two Steves quickly got up off the ground. “Okay, people, you know the drill! Kill him!” Steve exclaimed.

“Wait a minute, don’t kill me! I’m the real 20/20 Man!”

“Don’t listen to this fake! I’m the real 20/20 Man!”

“No, I am!”

“No, I am!”

“No, I am!”

“How do we know which one is the real 20/20 Man?” Adam asked.

Chloe replied, “I have no idea. He was our last set of eyes.”

“I think I know how to solve this.”, Amy informed.

“Other than killing one of them?” Adam asked. “How?”

“It’s a piece of cake.”, Amy replied.

Amy shot bright red lasers out of her ears. Those lasers landed on one of the Steves. That Steve got on the ground and started screaming from the intense pain. The screaming continued. And the screaming continued some more.

Then the lasers ended up killing that Steve and he fell, lifeless, to the ground.

“Is he really-?” Adam asked her.

“Yes, Adam, one of the 20/20 Mans is dead.”, Amy replied.

Chloe exclaimed, “Then how do we know whether or not we killed my real boyfriend?!”

Amy explained, “Not only can I hear physically. I can also hear spiritually. That’s how I recognized 20/20 Man’s real voice.”

Chloe quickly ran up to Steve and hugged him.

“Thank God you’re still alive.”, Chloe commented.

Then Chloe stopped hugging Steve.

Adam added, “And the real 20/20 Man made sure that she was the real Radio Woman. Therefore, I think we’re all our actual selves.”

Nose Dog added, “And I’m so glad we can all finally move on from this shapeshifting nonsense. For a while there, I thought that jerk was gonna somehow kidnap me and take my form.”

Steve added, “And now we can finally take my par-. Er, I mean, take these folks home where they belong.”

“Well said, Steve.”, Amy spoke with a smile.


It was Saturday, September 25, 2021. It was evening inside the headquarters of The Senses League. Chloe spoke, “Well, looks like we’re all gonna close the week with everything back to normal and no more shapeshifting angels.”

Adam replied, “Yeah, but if we ever have to deal with a shapeshifter or multiple shapeshifters again, at least we’ll be prepared now knowing that Steve can always be our last pair of eyes.”

“And Radio Chick over here can be our last set of ears.”, Nose Dog added.

Chloe added, “In fact, that pretty much applies to all our special senses.”

Steve added, “And I know for sure that you’ll always be my last tongue.”

Steve and Chloe smiled at each other and started making out (kissing).

“Ew!” Nose Dog exclaimed. “Can we get Justin to make a love bunker for these two?”

Adam replied, “I say we let them have their fun. It’s been a long week for all of us.”

Amy commented, “Well, I’m gonna be busy scrolling through my news feed.” Amy went ahead and walked away to somewhere else.

Adam got on his smartphone and started scrolling through his news feed.

Nose Dog began playing with one of his chew toys. Steve and Chloe continued making out. Then it all turned out to be a happy ending for the real 20/20 Man, Radio Woman, and remaining members of The Senses League.

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