20/20 Man: The Five Senses

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The Evil Senses League

It was Tuesday, September 28, 2021. It was evening. Bieber was in a random bunker along with 20/20 Boy, Radio Girl, two random teenagers, and a pit bull (dog).

“Ladies, gentlemen, dog, as you already know, Justin and those two gnats formed a superhero league. Each member of this league represents each of the five physical senses. That means there are five members in this league. So, I’ve decided that my best way to respond to this is to create a senses league of my own. And I shall name this league The Evil Senses League. You all will be a way better league than The Good Senses League and eliminate Justin and his league once and for all. Are we clear?”

“Crystal clear, sir.”, Radio Girl replied. “But how do we eliminate Justin and The Senses League?”

“Any way you can. Just figure something out. You kids, animal included, can do anything you want if you just put your evil minds to it.”

The male dog replied, “By the way, thanks a lot for giving me the mind of a human being. I never knew this is what it’s like to think like an actual human. I’ve really been missing out before I met you.”

“You’re welcome.” “Now, it’s time to give all of you cool and evil supervillain names. 20/20 Boy and Radio Girl already have supervillain names, so we don’t need to worry about those two. It’s now time to name the remaining three members. You’ll be Touch Boy, you’ll be Taste Girl, and you’ll be Evil Nose Dog.”

“Understood, boss.”, Touch Boy replied.

“Excellent. Now, your first assignment as a new supervillain league is to eliminate Justin and The Good Senses League. I’m counting on all of you to get this done. Try your absolute best not to disappoint me.”

“And what happens if we fail the assignment?” Taste Girl asked him.

“Well, I’d sure be a pretty angry angel. And trust me, none of you want that. Okay, see you all later.” Then after he stopped speaking, Bieber went ahead and made himself vanish.

“So, are all of you ready to do this?” Radio Girl asked them.

20/20 Boy replied, “Wait, before we do, I say we cause as much evil, destruction, and chaos as we possibly can while trying to complete our assignment.”

Radio Girl replied, “That’s an even better idea. Let’s hope that there are a lot of other supervillains out there to keep 20/20 Man and Radio Woman distracted while we’re all out there doing our thing.”

20/20 Boy replied, “Let’s do this.”

Then The Evil Senses League vanished and were on their way to try and complete Bieber’s assignment.


It was Wednesday, September 29, 2021. It was overnight. A young woman was blindfolded, had some duct tape on her lips, and was in a deep sleep while tied to a chair in the bunker of The Evil Senses League.

Taste Girl walked over to the woman and removed the duct tape from her lips. Taste Girl took off the blindfolds as well. Then the woman woke up.

“What the-? What? Where is this place? Where am I? And who are you?” the woman asked them.

Taste Girl replied, “Hey. How are you doing? You’re in a bunker with a group of supervillains right now. And there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.”

“What?! No! I’ve got to be dreaming or something! This can not be happening right now!” the woman exclaimed.

“You want me to pinch you to prove to you that all of this is happening right now?” Taste Girl asked. Touch Boy walked over to the woman and touched her hand. The woman screamed while in some serious and intense pain.

Touch Boy still had his hand on the woman’s hand. Then the woman continued screaming. And the woman continued screaming some more.

Then Touch Boy decided that was enough and took her hand off the woman’s hand. And the woman stopped screaming. “Hey, on second thought, that’s even better.”, Taste Girl replied.

“There, now do you believe us?” the dog asked her.

Then the woman realized it was all real and started screaming for help. “Help! Help! Someone, please help me!”

“You’re just wasting your breath, lady. No one can hear you scream where you’re at. Therefore, shut up!” Radio Girl replied.

“Please, God, what did I ever do to deserve this?!” the woman exclaimed.

“Now, we’re gonna go ahead and have a little fun with you by doing whatever we want to you. And trust me, nothing is gonna be off limits.”, 20/20 Boy replied.

“In other words, we’re all gonna go ahead and torture your lights out.”, the dog added.

“Wait, no!” the woman exclaimed. “I’ll give you anything you want! Money, clothes, jewelry, anything! Just don’t hurt me, please!”

“Okay, well, maybe throw in a doggie treat or two and we have a deal.”, the dog replied.

“Shut up!” Radio Girl told the dog. “Listen, we’re not gonna waste our time negotiating with a civilian. You’re gonna take our pain. And you’re gonna like it.”

“But why?!”, she exclaimed. “I don’t even know any of you, people! Animals, included! What have I ever done to you?!”

“Nothing, which makes it even more evil.”, Touch Boy replied.

“And we’re gonna start torturing you by using this flashlight.”, Touch Girl added.

“What?!” the woman exclaimed. “A flashlight?! How in the world are you gonna torture me with a flashlight?!

“Watch and learn.”, Touch Girl replied. Touch Girl pointed the flashlight at the woman. Touch Girl turned on the flashlight.

“Ah!” the woman shouted. Then the woman went ahead and continued screaming. And the woman went ahead and continued screaming some more.

Touch Girl turned off the flashlight. Touch Girl replied, “As you can see, this isn’t just some ordinary flashlight. This flashlight was made by Bieber himself who is a rogue angel. He gave it to us to use as a torture method whenever the time is right. And right now, the time is definitely right.”

Touch Boy added, “What Touch Girl over here is basically saying is that it’s a supernatural flashlight.”

Touch Girl added, “And it even has buttons. Check it out. There’s this one button that I can push that can turn you into a blind woman. I can make you temporarily blind, legally blind, and even permanently blind.”

“What?!” the woman exclaimed. “But I don’t want to be blind!”

Touch Girl replied, “Well, maybe you’ll get lucky if I don’t decide to push the blind button. Bieber also said this thing is more effective in the dark. Let’s see if he’s right.” Radio Girl turned off the light, and the bunker went completely dark. Touch Girl went ahead and turned on the flashlight again. Then the woman went ahead and started screaming again.


It was Thursday, September 30, 2021. It was overnight. The same woman from earlier was still tied to a chair with The Evil Senses League present in their bunker.

20/20 Boy told her, “Well, we hope you enjoyed the visual version of our torture yesterday. Now, it’s time for a different version. The audio version to be more specific. Therefore, my little sister will be the one to do the honors.”

Radio Girl walked closer to the woman and put wireless over-the-ear headphones on her ears.

The woman angrily shouted, “20/20 Man and the rest of The Senses League is gonna come here and kick your buts!”

20/20 Boy replied, “Well, I don’t see them anywhere. And I’m freaking 20/20 Boy for crying out loud.”

Radio Girl went ahead and picked up a remote control. Radio Girl added, “Oh, and just so you know, this remote control controls the headphones that are on your head. This thing has way more buttons than the flashlight. And it even has a deaf and permanent deaf button. Let’s see whether or not I use those two buttons after I’m through with you.” Then Radio Girl went ahead and started using the remote control.

“Ah!” the woman shouted. Then the woman continued shouting. “Ah! Stop! Please, stop!” And the woman continued shouting some more. The woman continued shouting for a longer period.

Radio Girl replied, “Well, you didn’t say pretty please with sugar on top. Therefore, I’m so gonna keep going.” Then Radio Girl kept torturing the woman. And the woman kept screaming.


It was Friday, October 1, 2021. It was overnight. It was the same as before when the female civilian was being tortured with headphones.

“Okay, now it’s time for the sense of taste to grab the spotlight.”, Taste Girl commented.

“Go to heck!” the woman shouted angrily.

“Oooooooh, now we’re telling people to go to heck?” Taste Girl asked. “Okay, sure, I’ll play along. You go to heck.”

Taste Girl grabbed a bottle of hot sauce.

Taste Girl spoke, “Well, here it is. Bieber’s special hot sauce. And it was made by an angel, which was Bieber. Therefore, you’re gonna really feel like you’re in heck after I’m through with you. Now, I guess it’s time for me to do the honors.” Taste Girl opened the bottle of hot sauce and walked closer to the helpless woman.

“Open your mouth and stick your tongue out.”, Taste Girl instructed.

The woman just sat there, said nothing, and disobeyed.

Radio Girl shot bright red lasers out of her ears, and those lasers landed on the woman.

“Ah!” the woman shouted.

Then the lasers vanished. “You heard the lady!” Radio Girl exclaimed. “Open your mouth and stick your tongue out!”

Then the woman went ahead and opened her mouth and went ahead and stuck her tongue out.

Taste Girl grabbed the woman’s tongue with her fingers. “Don’t worry, this is only gonna sting a lot.”, Taste Girl spoke with a smile. Taste Girl put a few drops of the hot sauce on the woman’s tongue. The woman started screaming very loudly as her tongue was in intense pain.


Later that Friday, it was evening. It was just another typical Friday night at a Taco Bell restaurant located in Harper Woods, Michigan. Then two bright and red lasers shattered two glass doors into pieces.

The pieces of glass fell to the ground. The pit bull went ahead and started barking multiple times. And more bright and red lasers made the pieces of glass vanish. Radio Girl went inside along with the rest of The Evil Senses League.

“Alright, listen up, people!” Radio Girl warned. “No one makes a move, and no one has to die! This is a supervillain invasion!”

Touch Boy went ahead and walked up to the cash register. “Hi, I’d like five burritos, five Doritos Locos Tacos, and five sodas all free of charge. Thank you very much. And make it quick if you wanna keep living.”

“He wants five burritos, five tacos, and five sodas all free of charge or we’re all dead!” the female cashier shouted. Then the other employees worked as fast as they possibly could to serve The Evil Senses League. Moments later, their order was ready.

“Here you go, sir.”, the female cashier spoke. Touch Boy got the order and walked closer to a table. Taste Girl walked up to the cash register.

Taste Girl added, “Give us all the money that’s in that register or you’re a dead woman along with the rest of your co-workers and customers.” Then the female cashier opened the cash register and gave Taste Girl every single penny that was inside the register. And Taste Girl received the cash.

“It was very nice doing business with you.”, Taste Girl replied. Then Taste Girl went ahead and walked away from the register. Radio Girl walked up to the cash register.

Radio Girl spoke, “Now, here’s how the rest of the night is gonna go down. You and your co-workers are gonna show us where the safe is. Then you’re all gonna empty your pockets of any valuables and give them to us. Then every single civilian here is gonna wait outside until we’re done having our meal in here. Then we leave. And you all can resume your regularly scheduled normal lives already in progress. Then, we won’t have to injure or execute anyone in here.” “Any questions before we get started?”

Then the female cashier shook her head to say no.

“Are you sure?” Radio Girl asked her. “We’re open to any questions you all may have before we get started. Then, once we get started, the window for questions closes.” “Are you sure you don’t have any questions?”

Then the female cashier shook her head to say yes.

“Great!” Radio Girl exclaimed. “Well, I guess that means we can get started then. Lead us to your safe.” “Now!” she exclaimed.

The female cashier shook her head to say yes and started heading towards the safe.

“Boy, I just love my job. The pay is great, and I get awesome benefits.”, Radio Girl commented with a smile. Then Radio Girl began following the female cashier.


Moments later, The Evil Senses League sat down inside the restaurant and started eating.

“Man, I just love being in a supervillain league. This is so much better than being a solo supervillain.”, Touch Boy spoke while eating.

“Yeah, we’ve been a league for only three days and we’re already doing an excellent job at being evil.”, Taste Girl replied.

Radio Girl added, “Growing up, I watched a lot of The PowerPuff Girls. And I always wanted to be like the villains in that show. And now, here I am. And now, here we are. And we’ve gained a whole bunch of stuff just from one fast food place.”

20/20 Boy replied, “But we all can’t let our guard down. Not even for one second. This is likely going to be a story that ends up on the news. 20/20 Man and Radio Woman could come across this potential news story any minute now and try to take us down.”

Radio Girl replied, “I totally agree. They really must have a lot of other supervillains on their hands right now to keep them distracted. But until that moment arrives when 20/20 Man and his crew try saving the day again, it’s our time to shine.”

Taste Girl added, “And who knew Mexican food could taste so much better when it’s stolen. Oh, what am I saying?! I’m freaking Taste Girl for crying out loud! I should’ve known stolen food tastes way better. Then Taste Girl continued eating.

Touch Boy replied, “I wonder what evil thing we all should do next.”

“How about we all rob a bank?” Radio Girl asked them. “If a fast-food restaurant has this much good stuff lying around, just imagine how much good stuff a bank has.”

“Of course, a bank has a lot of good stuff.”, Taste Girl replied. “And that good stuff is a whole lot of Benjamin Franklins.”

20/20 Boy replied, “Come on, people. Robbing a bank has got to be one of the oldest supervillain tricks in the book. We might be able to come up with something way better than that.

“There’s actually a supervillain book?” Touch Boy asked.

“No, Touch Boy, there isn’t. But it’d be cool if there was though.”, 20/20 Boy replied.

“Ah!” Taste Girl exclaimed. “I think I just gave myself a brain freeze.” “But who the heck cares? Am I right?” “Even brain freezes feel better when they’re stolen.”

Touch Boy added, “And there’s no way we would’ve been able to pull this off back when we were regular teenagers. And that excludes the dog.”

Radio Girl went ahead and dropped some food on the floor. And the dog went ahead and started eating it. “There, now everyone has some stolen fast food.”, Radio Girl spoke while eating. Then The Evil Senses League stopped talking and continued eating.


It was Saturday, October 2, 2021, and it was in the wee hours of the morning. In the bunker of The Evil Senses League, The Evil Senses League was inside with the same woman from earlier.

“So, now that we all have some free time, what do you all think we should do to her next?” Taste Girl asked. “Any ideas?”

Then The Evil Senses League went ahead and started thinking.

“I’ve got nothing.”, 20/20 Boy replied.

“Yeah, me neither.”, Radio Girl added.

“I also got nothing. Even with human thinking.”, the dog added.

“Hey, I’ve got it!” Touch Boy exclaimed. “I can just burn her skin with my hands.”

“Great idea!” Radio Girl replied. “We can go ahead and bring that awesome idea into reality.”

“Please, I’m begging you. Let me go.”, the woman responded. “I’ve got a family back home that is wondering where I ran off to. I know they are probably worried sick about me right now. Please, whatever bad things I said about you or to you, I take it all back. Just let me go, please.”

20/20 Boy replied, “Look, lady. Just like that famous meme goes, no one cares! And no one cares not even a little bit about you or your family! So, I suggest you shut your pie hole before it gets you in even more hot water than you already are in right now! Because your mouth is starting to get very annoying if you ask me!”

Then after she heard that, the woman went ahead and started crying.

“Hey, is she crying?” Taste Girl asked them.

“Yep, those are definitely tears coming down her face.”, 20/20 Boy replied.

“Cool.”, Radio Girl replied. “We’ve officially made our first civilian cry as a supervillain league.” “Wow, how awesome is that?” “We’ve got such a great hot streak going on right now.”

The dog added, “Yeah, we’re on fire. I would know because I can smell a fire from three planets away.”

The woman went ahead and continued crying. Then the woman went ahead and began crying with her voice. And the woman went ahead and started crying loudly with her voice.

“Woah, we’re really making her cry.”, Touch Boy replied. “She’s starting to make noise now.” “Is that even more of a good thing as a supervillain league?”

“Yes.”, Radio Girl replied. “Yes, it is. And it’s even more of a good thing to my eyes. And most importantly, to my ears.”

“You all think we can make her cry even harder?” the dog asked them.

“How hard are we talking’ here?” Taste Girl asked. “Small hard, medium-hard, or hard hard?”

“There are levels to hardness?” Touch Boy asked them.

20/20 Boy replied, “Maybe. I mean, a sandwich is solid. But it’s a soft kind of solid. And it’s way softer than a solid as hard as metal. Therefore, I would say yes. There are levels to hardness.”

“People, why are we talking about unimportant topics here?” Radio Girl asked them. “Let’s go ahead and make this chick suffer as hard as possible while we’re still young.”

“You don’t have to tell me twice.”, Touch Boy replied. Then Touch Boy went ahead and walked over to the woman and touched both of her hands with his hands. And the woman started screaming in more pain from the intense heat.


Later that day, it was still in the overnight hours on Earth. Meanwhile, on Mars, Bieber was sitting on the Martian surface. Bieber was busy observing the sight of a planet that had zero humans on it.

Then Justin went ahead and appeared. And he unexpectedly saw Bieber sitting there. And as a result, Justin walked closer to Bieber.

Justin went ahead and sat down next to Bieber on the Martian surface. “It sure is a nice Martian day today, is it not?” Justin asked him.

“I’ve seen better Martian days.”

“So, you come to this spot often?”

“To be farther away from humans, yeah. But my supervillains are the only humans I’m cool with.”

“Yeah, I also come here often just to take in the amazing science that God himself has created.”

“You’re not gonna win this war. You do know that.” “Do you not?”

“Not only am I gonna win the war between good and evil, so will 20/20 Man, Radio Woman, and the rest of The Senses League.”

“Oh, and speaking of The Senses League, I went ahead and created my own league. And it’s called The Evil Senses League.”

“Yeah, I heard. They’ve been all over the news for the past several days.”

“So, you’ve witnessed just how much evil a supervillain league can accomplish.”

“But that amount of evil won’t even come close to the amount of good my league will accomplish once we end your league.”

“Oh, is that so?”

“Yes, Bieber, that is so.”

Bieber went ahead and got up from the Martian ground. Justin went ahead and got up from the Martian ground. Bieber replied, “Look, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. You can’t win this, you won’t win this, and you never will win this. So, I suggest you quit before things start getting real ugly back on the green and blue planet.”

“Your threats do not scare me one bit. I suggest you quit before things start getting really ugly for you and that lame excuse for a league.”

“So, you interrupted my alone time on the red planet just to make me hear this garbage?”

“I’m going to inform The Senses League about The Evil Senses League. And then you and your army of supervillains are going down. No questions asked.”

“Since we’re both on a red planet together, you are starting to make me very angry. I suggest you leave and go back to heaven. Or Earth. Or anywhere else far away from me. Or else.”

“You can’t tell me what to do.” “I’ll leave whenever I feel ready.”

“And see, that’s one bad thing about you good angels. You never actually know what’s good for you, which makes you a whole heck of a lot more stupid than good if you ask me.”

“You know what?” “Fine, you want your Martian alone time. And I’m just gonna go ahead and give it to you. But only because I want to. And before I leave, I’m only going to say this one more time. I’m going to have my league take down your league. End of discussion. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to go enjoy some alone time on The Moon before The Evil Senses League is no more.” Justin walked away and made himself vanish. And Bieber saw Justin make himself vanish. Bieber sat back down on the Martian ground. Then Bieber went ahead and continued enjoying some more time alone on the Martian surface.


Later that Saturday, it was evening. The same woman from earlier was still tied to a chair in the bunker of The Evil Senses League. The Evil Senses League were currently present at that location.

“Okay, we’ve done just about everything we possibly could to make her suffer.”, Touch Boy commented. “What do we do to her now?”

“I have no idea.”, Taste Girl replied.

“Yeah, I have no idea as well and I have human thinking.”, the dog added.

20/20 Boy added, “I also can’t think of anything.” “You got any suggestions, little sis?”

Radio Girl replied, “Well, we’ve already covered four of the five senses. Sight, sound, taste, and touch. Now, that only leaves one sense left. And that sense would be smell.”

“But how do we make her suffer by being sniffed?” Taste Girl asked them.

Radio Girl replied, “She won’t be sniffed. In fact, let’s completely forget the sense of smell. Let’s just have the dog maul her to death right now and put her out of her misery.”

“What?! No! Please!” the woman cried out loud. “I’m begging you! Let me go! I wanna live! Please! I wanna see my kids, again! Please! I’m way too young to die!”

“Hey, you’re the listener here. Should we listen to a single word she has to say right now?” Touch Boy asked her.

Then Radio Girl went ahead and thought about that question very shortly. Radio Girl replied, “Nah. She’s unimportant to us. We’ve all just about had our fun with her. And we all know what happens when the fun ends. Do your thing, Fido.”

Then dog went ahead and started preparing to maul the civilian to death. “Oh, and F.Y.I., he’s a supervillain dog now. So, get ready to be mauled with super teeth.”, 20/20 Boy added. And the dog went ahead and continued preparing to maul the woman to death.

Then just before the woman got mauled to death, bright red lasers were seen and heard blasting through the bunker’s door. More bright and red lasers made the bunker’s door disappear. And The Senses League came down into the bunker. “Well, well, well. Look who decided to show up.”, Radio Girl commented.

Radio Woman replied, “We’ve been hearing, and I’ve been hearing a lot, about this little league you formed that’s been on the news for the past several days now.”

“Then why in the world didn’t you show up during all that time?” Touch Boy asked them.

“Probably because they were afraid of us.”, Taste Girl insulted.

“Wrong.”, 20/20 Man replied. “Because we had a lot of other supervillains to deal with during that time.

Taste Woman added, “And now we’re going to deal with five more of them.”

Touch Boy replied, “In your dreams. And I’m pretty sure you get your dreams in 4K, eyeball man.”

20/20 Man replied, “Let’s see how tough you all really are when we take this discussion outside.”

“You’re on!” Radio Girl exclaimed.

Then The Senses League and The Evil Senses League went ahead and made themselves vanish.

After that happened, the woman looked around the inside of the bunker and saw no one in sight. Then she stopped looking around. “But what about me?!” the woman cried out loud.


Later that Saturday evening, The Senses League were all back in their bunker.

“Well, we saved the day once again by breaking up a league that was the evil version of our league.”, Amy commented.

Adam replied, “Yeah, we were kicking their buts so much that they decided to run away and hide.”

Chloe added, “Well, I gotta say, that was pretty smart of them. We were going to finish them off if only they stuck around for a little while longer.”

Nose Dog added, “And we had to tell Justin that they’ve been all over the news, so there was no need for him to tell us about that league.”

Steve added, “We sure did have those clowns running like a bunch of little girls.”

Any added, “And I’m so glad we brought that woman back to safety.” “Who knows what else would’ve happened to her if we all hadn’t shown up in time?”

Adam added, “I’m glad we get to close the week without a supervillain league.”

“Yeah, but what if there are other supervillain leagues out there?” Chloe asked them.

Steve replied, “Then we’d just have to deal with those leagues the best way we can just as we did with The Evil Senses League.”

Chloe added, “I just love how this superhero league always has a glass-half-full attitude.”

Adam added, “Now, there’s nothing left to do but to put this week to bed and hope for a better seven days.”

“And…we’re out.”, Steve replied. Then Steve vanished, Amy vanished, Adam vanished, Chloe vanished, and Nose Dog vanished. And after all that, it turned out to be a very happy ending for The Good Senses League.

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