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The horror children read aloud book!

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At fist I want to redirect you to https://bjstarink.com for the rich free PDF ebook file... This book isn't ment to make money on, This book is ment to let your child overcome his/her fear for the boogeyman. This tiny little book has got 10 short stories of 5 or 6 pages each which of two of them are scary, and every story got a moral. The moral of the story if you would.. Where I the supreme boogeyman explain why we boogeyman in the boogeyman's club give children nightmares.. Where all people have or had a boogeyman it's gettin very scary for some kids. And some of them really give us boogeyman the power to continue in a broken child's head. I teach you how to face us with the experiences of for example Jean who had a boogeyman haunting him every night.. But he overcame his fear of the boogeyman by doing something drastic, he never done before... I teach you how to: 1. Face us boogeyman. 2. Live with your fear for us, cause we might not be that scary... And 3. How to fight us, and may I say we want you to fight us. Everything is explained in this short book.

Children / Fantasy
B.J Starink
Age Rating:

Story 1

The children’s horror read aloud book!
Written by the supreme boogeyman:
B.J Starink

Hello parents I want to forward you to my site: bjstarink.com to download the PDF ebook file. It is free to download, and looks very well and clean. Perfect for a scary bedtime story..

… Disclaimer…
Title: The horror children read aloud book!
Copyright © 2021 - BJ Starink
All rights reserved.
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, companies, places, events, locale settings and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or used in a fictional way. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, or actual events, is purely coincidental. No part of this book may be reproduced or stored in any retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopier, recording, or otherwise, without the express written permission of the publisher.
ISBN: 9798724706827
Website: bjstarink.com
Cover design by: BJ Starink
Welcome kiddo's I'm B.J Starink (my first name remains a secret for now) and I bid you welcome in a book full of nightmares! A book for kids with a strong stomach and no fear! A book that is best read in a dark bedroom with the boogeyman hiding in every corner...
Have you checked the closet and sniffed under your bed? Because the boogeyman has a prominent role in this short horror story book! The boogeyman is real and feeds on the sleeping children 's nightmares ...
But the boogeyman also has weaknesses just like everyone else , the boogeyman can be beaten just like everyone else!
Only every child has a different boogeyman who haunts them. And now let me be an boogeyman too, but you will never know how you beat me ...
Not many people know about the powers that we boogeymen possess, they only know when we have taken possession of them:
1. Are you warm in your bed covered with a sheep's wool duvet?
2. Is mom or dad present to tell you these stories in a good and interesting way?
3. Are you ready for these stories full of fear and impotence?
4. And the latter are you guys ready for the boogeyman's secret?
Only if the answer is yes to two of the four questions on this checklist may Mom or Dad read these stories. Or if you feel brave you can of course also try to read them yourself...
The last question of this checklist is:
Is it dark enough to get started? ?
First tale.
The man with the yellow teeth !
Scare factor : **
Again, he wakes up in a bed full of sweat, again he has had a nightmare, again he has dreamed about him . He who always manages to get into his nightmares and master his thoughts. Every time he thinks about him before going to sleep, Jean has a nightmare about him.
That screaming man with his yellow teeth bare in his face. You know such a dirtsucker. A nightmare for every child and Jean is no exception. Jean himself is a 6-year-old hero but the nightmares become too many even at some point in the everlasting night!
With a lot of effort, he gets up to walk downstairs to his mother and father and eat his breakfast. His mother sees that he has had such a nightmare again, and his father, yes, he is a real man… His father does not take it too seriously and speaks the masculine words : “Yes boy everyone has nightmares”. His mother holds him and tells him to take a shower before going to school. When Jean after his breakfast running up the stairs to the bathroom, he learns that his parents are arguing again.
He hears his mother picks his side again for him instead of his stubborn father and then steps into the shower. His nightmare is still with him and he sees the man with the yellow teeth walking in the bathroom.
He hears the man's bare feet coming closer and closer every second, the man walks closer and closer to the shower curtain.
Then the sound of the barefoot stops and Jean sees only the shadow of the man, who seems to be waving his arm.
Jean quickly pulls the shower curtain aside, but sees nothing, nothing at all. He must be in his mind. From the night before, this has never happened before. That the man even shows himself outside of his dreams!
Jean is not comfortable about it and when he turns off the shower, he hears the man's bare feet on the wet floor again. But when he looks at him searchingly, he sees nothing.
He stands in front of the mirror and combs his hair, then the phone rings. And his mother picks up:
Hello with Julie ... Yes, he is still at home yes what so ... Oh, okay, thank you, but, okay then ... Bye!
Then he is called and he hears that he does not have to go to school today . When he asks why not, he gets the answer that his teacher has become ill and he can jump in the air out of excitement. He is really happy and jumps and skips. He soon realized that that man might have had something to do with it, that man with his bare feet and yellow teeth. This is the very first time that he gets outside of his dream. First, he hears the man and then he doesn't have to go to school.
He can hug him, because today would have been a boring day without his best friend Lukas who is on holiday abroad for a few days. He immediately asks how long it will take before Mr. Padra returns, but he does not get an answer to his question (you will always see) .
It was a day full of excitement and games, watching TV and of course good food, but it is 8 o'clock and he has to go to bed at 8! He knows what this night will bring, this night will bring what all nights will bring but maybe he can thank the man this way. Perhaps in his dream he can thank the man for this gift. Finally, a day without math. Finally, a weekday with his mom and dad alone.
He quickly gives his mom and dad a kiss and a hug and runs up the stairs to his bedroom. He quickly puts on his pajamas and lies excitedly in his bed waiting for his sleep. His sleep that he can use today after all the excitement. But his sleep seems to be missing, and the wait for the sandman is now taking a very long time. Will he have passed his house? The hours pass but he does not fall asleep. Then he decides to look in the window to see if he can see the sandman. But he did not expect what he sees, he never wanted to see what he sees.
It is that man with his yellow teeth bare, the yellow teeth seem to shine in the many dark streets. He seems to float closer and he seems to want to enter him through his window. Jean lets him in and tries to thank him.
But the man just looks at him and nods his head up and down. Then Jean gets tired very tired and walks unsteadily on his legs to his bed. He sees the man covering him up and smiling at him. His yellow teeth have turned white and he nods his head again. Then he puts his hand on Jean's head and Jean falls into a deep sleep.
When he wakes up the next day, his bed is dry, which has not happened for a long time. He happily walks down the stairs but Daddy looks angry again. He looks like he could get mad at anything and anyone at any moment. Jean can only think that he would rather be at school today. he is sent to the shower by his mother and he immediately seizes the opportunity.
In the shower he hears the bare footsteps again and when he opens the shower curtain there is a normal man in the doorway laughing, saying two words before disappearing laughing:
Deserved wages!
He is called by his mother and slowly walks down the stairs. His father is scared at the table with his hands in his hair eating his breakfast and says:
I had a really bad nightmare last night boy, sorry if I look different today!
Jean can only laugh and says: Yes, boy everyone has nightmares !
What is the moral of this story? Do you know? An boogeyman can appear very scary and be very scary in the beginning, but if you take a different attitude towards him, he will also act very differently towards you ! An boogeyman's world has been shaped by other people, including you and your mom and dad. An boogeyman is formed by hatred and anger but with a little love or as Jean did by a simple thank you you melt his ice-cold heart. And if that happens then you have a friend for life ... Because you can say a lot about an boogeyman, he hides in your closet or maybe under your bed where your dirty stinking socks are. But an boogeyman will always lose his influence or power if you stop responding!
So the moral of this story cannot be anything other than that love is stronger than hate
I'm sure you'll sleep well now that you know the first secret of your own boogeyman too. But we have many more to go! Only that goes from day to day, as Mum or Dad once said : Do n't take too much on your fork ! Because too much information at once is not good for you! This boogeyman will see you again tomorrow at the second story and the second secret, Sleep tight !
End of the first story
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