The Painful Pandemic

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This story talks about a young girl named Jessica and her struggles of the coronavirus pandemic.

Children / Drama
Saanvi Nayak
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“I’m so bored!” cried Jessica tearfully.

Jessica is an ordinary 9 year old girl. She lived with her family in New York. She has a 3 year old brother named James. This story starts off as an ordinary morning. Jessica’s dad listened to the morning news on the radio, as usual. But some strange news awaited the family.

“Schools and offices are shut down due to the break out of the pandemic,” came the voice of the radio.

As soon as Jessica heard, this she leapt with joy. She couldn’t believe what she just heard. She pinched herself twice to make sure it was true.

“If you need me, you can find me on the couch watching TV,” Jessica told her mother.

“Wait up Jess,” replied her mother, “Your teacher has assigned you some homework.”

“Oh man!” cried Jessica.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

She walked angrily towards her study table and started doing her homework. She thought just because she can’t go to school means there’s no school work.

One week passed by like an hour and Jessica’s online classes started. Jessica would always whine and wish that there was no school but at the same time she wanted to go back to school to meet her friends.

“James is so lucky!” Jessica would whine everyday.

Another week passed by and it was James’ birthday.

“Happy Birthday James!” Jessica told her brother excitedly.

Then she remembered that every year on James’ birthday, they would go to the Kiddie Park and at this point going out at all would be like a huge prize for Jessica. She would usually whine and ask to go some place else but her parents would not agree and tell the Kiddie Park was the safest place for James.

“I am ready!” exclaimed Jessica, “Now let’s go to the Kiddie Park!”

“Well... we can’t go,” muttered Jessica’s dad “I just want us to be safe from the pandemic and I thought that we can celebrate it at home.”

“Oh Man!” moaned Jessica.

A day after James’ birthday, Jessica couldn’t keep up with the boredom anymore.

“I’m so bored!” cried Jessica tearfully.

"Okay," replied Jessica's mom calmly "Let's go out for a stroll."

"Yippie!" exclaimed Jessica excitedly in a voice that could scare anyone out of their wits.

The family hopped into the car and drove all over New York. When Jessica came back home, she had a smile that stretched from ear to ear.


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