Elliot's Earth Day

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This story is about a young boy named Elliot who hated keeping things tidy. This Earth Day was more special than any other. His mother planned a festival in which he learns an important lesson.

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Saanvi Nayak
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Chapter 1

There was once a little boy named Elliot. He was a smart boy, but he did not like to keep things tidy. 22nd April was Earth Day. But Earth Day was Elliot’s least favorite day. Usually, he would just mooch on the couch and watch TV. But this time, his mother, Georgina, along with his sister, Anne, was hosting an Earth Day festival. Elliot was not excited. He got one day off school and he had to spend it on going to the festival. Hah! No way was that going to happen Elliot thought. Elliot was thinking of excuses. He went to his room and thought and thought.

“Hmm, my tummy hurts,” Elliot thought, “No, I’ve got a sore throat. Hmm…”

Half an hour passed by. Elliot still thought.

“Eureka! I’ve got a cold,” thought Elliot, “I’ll tell them I’ve got a cold!”

And so, Elliot went with his plan. But he could not fool his mother. Elliot whined the whole time until he came outside. He had not stepped outside for a few months, so he did not notice how dirty the environment was. He saw litter all around. He spotted a dog about to eat plastic. He had some sort of reflex to rush out to remove the plastic from the dog and give him some food from the festival. He apologized to his mom. But instead of being angry, his mom was proud. Elliot felt good about helping the dog so much that he cleaned up the litter left by the city. Georgina and Anne helped him too.

After the festival was over, lots of litter was left behind. But Elliot did not mind. Instead, he cleaned up the litter with the help of his sister, of course. While the kids cleaned up, Georgina was cleaning the tables and giving the food that was not touched to the people who is homeless and charity. The mayor of the city was watching what the family was doing and gave a prize of 10,000 dollars. The family continued to clean up with the help of the citizens. And when they were prized the money, the kept quarter of the money for themselves and gave the rest to charity. From then on, they all lived wealthily and happily ever after.


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