The Magic cookbook

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Join three friends as they find a magical cookbook in the upstairs room. They try more and more recipes and learn that every recipe comes with a downside. They soon learn how to fix big mistakes using the magic. But this book comes with a price. There's a mystery to be solved and it's coming at them. They need to protect the book from the wrong hands! Will they solve the mysteries? Can they keep going? Read this book to find out more... Enjoy!

Children / Mystery
Marya Etayeb.
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 What in the world?

Yes! I’m currently sitting on a chair in the backyard scrolling through my emails. I finally found the one I’m looking for! By the way My name is Emma I’m almost 10 and a half years old. My birthday was in February. Anyways you see I’m so exited because I finally received my acceptation into my new school. I was waiting to see if I was accepted or not! So there’s an amazing private school that’s been my dream to attend at. My parents think the school is way too expensive. I agree with them. So me and my friends applied and hoped we’d get accepted. Well I did... I hope they do too! I get up from my chair put my laptop on the table. I strolled out of the house. As soon as I walked out my mom shot me a text asking where I was. I texted back telling her I was picking up something from the store. You see the store is super close to my house. My sister Emily’s birthday is super soon! She’s turning 12 and me and my mom are going to plan a surprise party for her! I’m picking up the decoration from the store. I stroll into the store and walk into the decor department. I’m give a quick look through the aisles and spot something Emily would flip at! My mom wants to get Emily a new phone for her birthday since she’d been using her old phone for over 3 years now. Emily is absolutely obsessed with music. And I happened to find an iTunes gift card on sale! I pick it up and other decorations pay and leave the store. Once I come back I put the decorations on the kitchen counter. My Mom studies them for a while. She smiles at me. “And...” I tell her. She replies with “I think this party is nearly planned” We high five each other and smile! Her birthday is in 2 days! The gifts are wrapped,decorations bought and all is left is the food. I have an idea! I pick up my phone and call my friends. I ask to see if they can over and they say yes! My mom offers to take us to the store. I reply yes of course! I can’t wait to go back to school shopping! “Bella and Liliana are here Mom!” We hop into my Mom’s car soon after. I ask my friends the big question. They reply with a YES! I think we got a little too exited! My mom parks and we go out of the car. We need laptops for sure. My laptop is going to break down anytime soon it’s 10 years old already! We walk into the computer store looking around. Lily and Bella already got their laptop’s a month ago. We leave the Store with My computer and enter the next one. We quickly get what we need and left. Once we were back. We looked at how much money we had spent. Our parents told us that this year we had to pay for the supplies with our own money! We had spent so much though! We had come into conclusion to get a summer job. Anyways... We had one task to do bake a cake for Emily’s birthday. My Mom always thought we were talented in food. I’m not so sure. We are good but talented? "Guys I heard there some interesting books in the upstairs room! Who knows it might help to bake Emily's cake!" We slowly climb the stairs once we reach I open the door. We start looking through boxes slowly. Than all of sudden we notice one particular book started glowing?! “Weird...” I exclaim to my friends. We pick it up and it has the words cookbook on the spine of the book. We shrug we might as well use it for Emily’s cake. We go down the stairs and start flipping through the pages. Once we reached the end it just made more and more pages! What? This was getting freaky. We looked at each other and just though we were seeing things. It must be those weird shows Emily watches. We flip some more and all of a sudden it flips to a page by itself! “Just the wind ” We thought. I took a look at the page it the recipe was titled Back it up Birthday Cake. “Weird name” I guess It might as well do. I start reading the ingredients. I have just about everything except Argigillian vanilla. “Is that even a thing?” Liliana asked. Um.. I’m not sure? Let’s go to the backyard and think about what is really happening here! I don’t get this! We walk around the backyard for a while trying to get calm down a bit. When I notice a little piece of paper sticking through the book. What's that? It says Bon Voyage! Oh guys Bon Voyage is a small shop close by. I guess we should go there. I tell Mom were leaving. I open the door and ask when of the workers if they could show us to the Argillian Vanilla. They respond with it doesn't exist! Then The owner Madam Victoria responds to us. She hands us a bottle and says it's on the house. Weird! We leave and soon start baking Emily's cake. When it’s finished I put it in the refrigerator. I sigh and we go back to enjoying the rest of our day. Although we were definitely freaked out about what happened. I guess will just have to wait and see what happens next...

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