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The life of a girl named Anital Who started school very early. She is annoying, stubborn but also very intelligent.What would she grow up to become?

Children / Humor
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There is a girl named Anita. Just 3 years old when she started school but now when she was 5 years old (in grade 1) she was really stubborn, annoying, but also very intelligent. She used to love sport day which was on Wednesday. Sometimes she hides at the corner, while sometimes she cheat to win just to get a little attention.

There are other reasons she didn’t have any friends in school she always feels their actually no need for one anyway.

But she loved her grandparent very much. She did not know how to read very well at that time but she tried in reading the way she could. The person house keeper (named Anna) did not really like her because of her stubbornness but Anita did not really care. Anna always wakes her up early every day to because she herself is very busy with the house chores but all Anita does is to shout and scream. Leave me alone I want to sleep! Her grandmother always comes to help because she lived with her grandparent at that time not her parent.

She always arrived late to school getting strokes of cane in her hands but she does not cry although in her first experience she cried a lot. But, she just got used to it.

She tried to make new friends by just saying hello; my name is Anita and you. They always Ignored her thinking she would lead them into trouble because she is always getting into trouble. This made her a bit sad.

There was one day while their class teacher went to a meeting. She told everyone not to make any noise but she made noise and the class captain named Jeff reported her to the class teacher which she blamed it on another person but the teacher obviously did not believe her and she knelt down all the time for class, she did not like that one bit.

Then there was another day the teacher left the class for just five minutes told the students to put their head on the table and not raise it up until she returns they all obeyed including Anita but when she saw the teacher was gone and no one was watching she stood up, walked the table and picked up her teachers phone. Looking at it first. Her grandma never lets her to operate one of her phones because she was afraid Anita would break it. So she tried operating the phone and in the process it slipped from her hand and by the sound of the phone everyone raised their head in shock. She was afraid she was now sweating a whole lot the teacher had returned now. She was shocked ones entered.

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