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Alesia Nightstrucc is just a regular princess getting forced into marriage with a guy she doesn’t know. Alesia is not happy; but when she goes to the Royal Throne Café does she meet her love? Will Alesia and her love have to run?

Children / Fantasy
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Chapter one: Getting Started

In a kingdom that is not on maps, everyone is happy. Well, maybe not everyone. This kingdom was called Magestica. Magestica was a peaceful place where people sing while they sweep, they dance in daffodil meadows, and they let mice help them make dresses for balls. The only thing missing in Magestica was true love at Edgewood Palace. In Edgewood Palace lived the royal family of Magestica. There were two princesses, one prince, and a king and queen. King Everett Nightstrucc ruled over Magestica with help from his wife, Queen Evermoor Nightstrucc. Prince Edwin was their son and always dreamed of being a daring knight. He dreamed of slaying gargoyles and befriending griffins so they can be his royal sidekicks; he knows one day he will be a knight flying on his Griffin into the sunset.

Chapter two: Different Princesses

Princess Stephanie Nightstrucc was the oldest princess and the fanciest. She loved fashion and balls and falling in love with prince’s. On the other hand, there is Princess Alesia Nightstrucc. Alesia isn’t like her sister, Stephanie, she didn’t like being a princess. She hates it because she never knew who her actual friends were. She didn’t worry about who actually loved her and the simple answer was only her brother, Edwin. Edwin was Alesia’s best friend. “Eddy! Where’s Mr. Squeakers?” Alesia yelled to Edwin. Oh yeah, and there’s Mr. Squeakers. Mr. Squeakers is Alesia’s pet mouse that means a lot to her. On the other hand, Alesia’s mother, Evermoor despises Mr. Squeakers because she is afraid of rats and mice. “I don’t know, Alls. He’s your mouse can’t you keep track of him?!” Edwin yelled back to Alesia from upstairs. “Mom and Stephanie will be back in 20 minutes! You know mom hates mice and will take him away if she sees him loose!” Alesia yelled. “Help me and i’ll tell the maids to clean your room for you!” Alesia yelled loudly with her voice getting deeper. Almost as if she was demanding Edwin help her find Mr. Squeakers and not asking. “Deal!” Edwin said in a fearful voice; he knew Alesia was telling him to help not asking. Fifteen minutes pass and Alesia and Edwin still have not found her mouse. “Where could he be?!” Said Alesia while putting her hands on her forehead. “Don’t worry, Alls. Mr. Squeakers will be fine.” Edwin said while he searched in the kitchen. “We’re home!” Evermoor said holding the door open for Stephanie. “Yup! We went shopping! Oops, sorry we didn’t get anything for you, Alesia. We couldn’t find the places you shop at. You know, Bad Fashion and Oh So No Couture.” Stephanie said mocking Alesia. “Haha. Very funny, sis. Where do you shop at? Drama Queens? Annoying Times A Million? Over The Top? Or I Want To Make My Sister Blind? All of those stores fit you.” Stephanie sighs and rolls her eyes and walks away carrying fifteen bags. “I have to admit, Oh So No Couture was a good one.” Alesia said to Edwin. “Yeah, hey wanna watch The Curse of the Black Bone?” Edwin said. “No!” Alesia yelled angrily. “Why not? It’s your favorite TV show! We’re on Season 8 episode 50!” Edwin said. “We need to find my mouse!”

Chapter 3: The Mouse Is Caught

Alesia and Edwin searched the house and no luck. “We need to find that clever mouse!” Alesia said stressed. “Wait... ALESIA!! SQUEAKERS, TEN O’CLOCK!!!” Edwin yelled. “BRISTER ASSEMBLY LINE!!!!” Alesia yelled. Edwin cornered the mouse to a room with only one exit. “Come here, Mr. Squeakers” Edwin said in a babyish voice. The mouse ran between Edwin’s legs. “ON THE MOVE! ON THE MOVE!!!” Edwin yelled. The mouse ran to the exit but Alesia was there waiting for him to come. Alesia tried to grab Mr. Squeakers but he slipped through. “SECOND STAGE!!” Alesia yelled while running to her next spot. Edwin started running after the mouse . The mouse ran upstairs with Edwin following him. “No! That’s not your station, Eddy!” Yelled Alesia while running after them. “Well we don’t want to loose Squeakers do we?” Edwin said. Alesia grunted as she kept following them. “We’re gonna have to go to..... Brister Deluxe Assembly Line.” Alesia said dramatically. “But Alesia. We never used that. Plus, we need to use the annoying secret weapon.” Edwin said worryingly. “We have to use the annoying secret weapon, he may be an annoying psychopath but he is the fastest runner in Magestica.” Alesia said sadly. Alesia stopped running after them and pulled out her Magesta- Phone 26. Alesia typed in the phone number “600- 260- 0043”. The phone beeped and a 7 year old boy picked up. “Racies home phone. Who is this?” Said the little boy. “It’s Alesia.” Said Alesia. “I’m sorry,I think I misheard you, who?” Said the boy. “Uhhhhh. Poopypants Mc. Fartster.” Alesia said annoyed. “Oh! Hey Poops Mc Farts!” Said the boy. “Look, drama urchin, I need your help. Got a pet loose and I need you to catch him” Alesia said. “Be right over.” Said the boy. “But it’s gonna cost you. 40 Magesticoins please.” The boy said. “Whatever, just get over here. And if your not here in 10, the Magesticoins are gone in a gargoyles bite.” Alesia hung up and put her Magesta- Phone 26 away. 10 minutes later, Alesia was in her station ready to catch Mr. Squeakers while Edwin was chasing him. The door opened and a little boy walked in. “Hey losers! I’m here!” The boy said. “Cut the stupid entrance, Luca, and help us catch Squeakers!” Alesia yelled angrily. “Okay, okay, you don’t have to be a stick in the Griffin spit, cuz.” Luca said. Luca was Alesia and Edwin’s cousin, he was the fastest runner in Magestica and the most annoying person in Magestica. Luca ran to the mouse and grabbed him. “The mouse is a wiggler! Where do I put it?” Said Luca. “Ok, first of all, it’s not an “it”, it’s a “him”. Said Alesia. “And put him in his cage in my room”! Alesia yelled. Luca
ran to Alesia’s room and put Mr. Squeakers in his cage. “THANK THE GODS HE’S IN HIS CAGE!!!!” Alesia yelled jumping on the chaise lounge. “Since I caught him, get off.” Luca said pushing Alesia off the lounge causing her to fall on her stomach. “Ummmmm.... OWW!!!!!” Alesia said dramatically. “Well I helped you, speaking of me helping you, give me my Magesticoins.” Luca said. “No way! When I called you I said be here in 10 and you came in 10! You know here we mean a minute before when we say! So no Magesticoins for you. Now leave before I call security.” Alesia said while Edwin was pushing Luca towards the huge door. Goodbye, Drama King.” Edwin said. Edwin pushed Luca out the door and slammed the doors.

Chapter 4: Forced Love
A day later, Alesia’s parents, Everett and Evermoor sat Alesia down to talk to her. “Alesia, we need to talk to you, Neremy Neverless has cursed you. If you don’t find love by the end of the week, you will suffer terrible punishment. But the problem is, you need true love not fake love.” Everett said. “Wait. What?! But I don’t love anybody! Neremy should have put the curse on Stephanie! She’s the man’s lady.” Alesia said. “Thanks sis! Your so supportive! What isn’t is your outfits.” Stephanie said. “Awwww Stephanie The Soulless is here!” Alesia said. “Don’t worry deary, we found a prince that you can marry. And we know you are a marvelous actor and it turns outs he is too. He is the prince of Dragonia. Our Neighbor Kingdom.” Evermoor said. “Wait.... do you mean prince Jerksalot?!” Alesia said angrily. “His name is prince Connor.” Everett said. “Yeah. I know. And do you not know he’s hated in Kalderina, Vanihia, Julamnia, and Magestica! He’s hated because he is known for stealing the hearts of ladies who are engaged and the women leave their loves astray to go for him! Like I said, I am not marrying prince Jerksalot.” Alesia said angrily again. “Would you rather suffer horrible punishment?” Everett said. “YES” Alesia said. “I’ve had enough. You are marrying Prince Connor and that is that.” Everett said angrily. Everett took Stephanie’s wrist and dragged her upstairs. “Just.... can you go get me a cappuccino from The Royal Throne Café, deary?” Evermoor asked Alesia. “Sure, be back in less than an hour.” Alesia said to her mother. “Thank you deary. And here’s some extra Magesticoins so you can get yourself a princess-pop.” Evermoor said. Evermoor handed Alesia a few Magesticoins. “Thanks mom.” Alesia said. Alesia walked to the huge door, opened it and left the palace. “Carriage man!” Alesia yelled. “Where to Miss Nightstrucc?” The carriage driver said. “Royal Throne Café, please.” Alesia said nicely while she got into the carriage. “Sure thing, Miss Nightstrucc.” The carriage driver said. He jumped on the seat on the front of the carriage. “Hup, hup!” He yelled to the horses while he flicked the rains. The horses started trotting. The gateman opened the gate for the carriage and they cantered out of the palace plaza. The horses cantered all around Magestica Open Plaza. The horses were owned by Alesia. Alesia had a true bond with her horses. One horse was pure white. Her name was Dewdrop. And one horse was pure black and her name was Pride. Soon, Dewdrop and Pride walked to a stop when they arrived at The Royal Throne. “We’re here, Miss Nightstrucc.” The carriage driver said. “Thank you, Philippe.” Alesia said to Philippe the carriage driver. Alesia hopped out of the carriage and walked in The Royal Throne. She walked up to the counter. “Hello, Princess Alesia. How may i help you?” The man behind the counter said. “May I have a Cappuchino with two shots of cream and one sugar cube?” Alesia said. “Coming up, Princess Alesia!” The man said. “Will that be all?” “May I also have a princess-pop?” Alesia said. “Coming right up, Miss Nightstrucc!” The man said. He walked away to the back room. Alesia went to look for a table. She saw a table with one chair. She walked towards the table but she tripped on her heels that she hated wearing. She fell forward but before she got close to the ground a man came up and caught her. “Hi, I don’t think your used to walking in those high stilettos.” The mysterious stranger said. “Y-yeah, yeah.” Alesia said awkwardly. She chuckled weirdly. “Heh. Hey, I’m Nicholas. And you must be, Princess Alesia Justica Dorothea Juliaane Nightstrucc? Getting forced into marriage with the prince of Dragonia. Prince Jerksalot?” The man said. “That’s me! Unfortunately.....” Alesia said. She laughed weirdly then snorted. She looked very embarrassed. “Heh. Say, can I grab you a coffee?” Alesia hated coffee. “Yes! I love coffee!” Alesia said. “Great, I’ll go order it, Bellá.”. Alesia giggled. Bellá means “beautiful” so she was starstuck without a star. Alesia’s heart was beating so loudly. When Nicholas looked back, he gave Alesia a cute smile. Alesia blushed and smiled at him. “Uhhh. Why did I say I wanted coffee? I hate coffee! I can’t believe I’m starting my relationship with Nicholas with lies! Awful, awful. “Awful......” Nicholas came over while she was saying awful. “Aw.....” Nicholas listened at her while he was holding two cups of hot coffee. “Aw..... farts!” Alesia said trying to cover up her saying awful. “Y-yeah! Aw farts is my....... jumphylyhooger.” Alesia said awkwardly. “Jumphylyhooger” Nicholas said confused. “Yeah! Jumphylyhooger is...... my special kind of gibberish. Heh.” Alesia said weirdly. “Well.... ok.” Nicholas said. Nicholas put the two cups of hot coffee down on the table; he put one in front of Alesia. Then he pulled a chair to Alesia’s table and sat down with his coffee. “So.... tell me about yourself. Do you have a pet?” Nicholas said. “I have a pet mouse named Mr. Squeakers.” Alesia said. “Mr. Squeakers. Fabu name, Princess Alesia. Nicholas said. “Thanks. But you may call me just Alesia if you would like,
Nicholas.” Alesia said to Nicholas. “Thank you, Prin....... Alesia. And you may call me Nic of you would like.” Nicholas said. “I would be delighted, Nic.” Alesia said. They both giggled. Alesia put her hair behind her ear while looking down to the table. “Do you have any pets, Nic?” Alesia asked. “I have two horses. Badidle and Cabridhle” Nic said. “Omg! I almost forgot about my two horses! Dewdrop and Pride. Also…. How did you come up with Badidle and Cabridhle?” Alesia said. “I didn’t name Baddi and Cabri, my little sister, Jewelsi did. Her real name is Chealsii but she likes Jewelsi. She thinks it sounds like she’s a jewel.” Nic said. “I tooooooooootallllllyyyyyyyyyy get that! My older sister, Stephanie thinks she’s………. A wreck. So she calls herself Wreckanie. I always say she’s great but she always says NO I’M WRECKANIE AND I’M HORRRRRIIIIIBBBBBLLLLLEEEEEEEE” Alesia said. “That’s terrible, Alesia.” Nic said. “Yes. Hey.l.. I’ve been practicing playing the guitar.” Alesia said. “That’s awesome. I play a bit of the g myself. Want me to give you some tips?” Nic offered. “Thanks, I would love that! Unfortunately, my guitar is at home, would you like to come over after coffee?” Alesia said “I would be delighted.” Nic said.

Chapter 5: The Romantic Guitar

After Alesia and Nic finished their coffee, they got in Alesia’s carriage and headed to Edgewood Palace. As soon as they approached the door, the gateman opened the gate and they went in. “Thank you for the ride, Philippe.” Alesia said while she hopped out with Nic behind her. “Anytime, my princess.” Philippe the carriage man said. Alesia and Nic walked into the palace. “Here’s your cappuccino, mom.” Alesia said while handing her mother the drink. “Thank you, deary. And who is this?” Evermoor said. “This is Nic. I met him at The Royal Throne and he offered to show me some stuff on the guitar.” Alesia explained. “Aww, we’ll it’s great to meet you, Nic.” Evermoor said. “You too, Queen Evermoor.” Nic said. “So, what is your last name?” Evermoor asked. “ DeHessman, Queen Evermoor.” Nic said. “Nic DeHessman. Wonderful name.” Evermoor said. Nic and Alesia went up the stairs and went in to Alesia’s room. Alesia locked all the doors and windows so she wouldn’t be annoyed by Edwin or Luca. “So, let’s get started.” Alesia said while getting her guitar from the closet. “So, let’s see what you got.” Nic said. Alesia sat on her bench on front of her bed and started strumming strings on her guitar.

“Yeah yeah…. Feelings those feelings, choosing what I choose, catching whatever I catch, I’m so confused. Hearing those goddesses singing, It’s coming here. I wish I could just be near. It is going over and over. I wish you could stay, can’t wait a whole day, for you. It’s going over and over. I’m Venus, your Mars, we’re different stars. Oh yeah. I was once a coward. But my bravery took over me. I want to align those stars, yeah. So I will, you’ll see. Things are going my way, I can wait that day. We have to stay strong. Then it will feel like it’s not long. It’s going over and over. I wish you could stay, can’t wait a whole day for you. It’s going over and over. I’m Venus, your Mars, we’re different stars. Oh yeah. We need to work together, even when there’s stormy or rainy weather. It’s going over and over. You don’t have to stay, can wait that whole day for you.”

Alesia took her hand off the strings and looked down at the guitar for a second. After a second she realized Nic was looking at her. After she remembered Nic was there, she immediately popped her head up and looked at him. “So….. how was that?” Alesia asked. “It was…. Amazing. I just thought you were gonna play the guitar. I had no idea you were going to sing!” Nic said. “Awww, thanks, Nic.” Alesia blushed. “So, who wrote it?” Nic asked Alesia. “Oooh! I bed it was….. M’Lady Lala!” Nic said. “Actually…..” “ Ohhh! Ariana Singde?” Nic said cutting off Alesia. “It was….. Me. I wrote Over and Over.” Alesia confessed. “And I have a whole book of songs.” Alesia said while
pulling out a notebook marked “Secret Song”. “Can I look?” Nic asked. “Please.” Alesia said. Alesia handed Nic the notebook and her guitar. Nic opened the book and started strumming the strings while looking in the book and started to sing.

“I’m running, sayin’ things I do. Gonna run, run to you. Gonna live, be, get harmony. Gonna run, run to you. Tell me, baby. Did you have a change of heart? Tell me baby. Have you been torn apart? Whatever has happened to you. Whatever you’ve been through. I’ll save your day, In any way, oh….. I’ll run to you. Tell me baby. Have you been wrecked times two? Tell me baby. Will I ever see you? The problems In in this place, will be solved without a trace. I want to be your world! Just let me in. And I will run, run to you. Baby, are you wasting my time? Coming up with all these useless rhymes? And I…. I see your shine. But the shine is dimming. And I’m always spinning. Slower than the world. Than the earth. Tell me baby. Did you have a change of heart? Tell me baby. Have you been torn apart? Whatever has happened to you, whatever you’ve been through. I’ll save your day. In every way. I will run to you. Not sad, just true. Ooooooooo. I’ll run to you.

When Nic finished he kept flipping through the pages wanting to see more. He started strumming on the strings again eager to sing. “Down by that river…” Nic said. “Woah woah. I think that’s enough singing.” Alesia said. “Where all is free.” Nic kept singing. Finally, Alesia decided to let Nic and the music take over her, so she sang with Nic. “Could you just? Could you just…. Try to be me. You got that Va-Cay- summer flow life. I got work all Day and work all night. Just be me and I’ll be you, I’ll try living like you do. It will be easy, like a breeze, ay ay ay. Can you just… just put work in your blood.

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