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Hi,my name is Hillary.I am now 16 years old.I am going to tell you about what happened when I am 6 years and how I got into this house and how I fall in love with my elder brother from my new home..................

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Unwanted Child Chapter 1

Hello everyone,I am Hillary and I am sixteen years old now.In this story I am going to share with you how I had a new home and how I met my elder brother in my new home.It started when I was abandoned beside a rubbish bin when I am two years old. When I just born that time,my old family wanted a boy so they reluctanly took care of me until one day.I still remembered as it was a day that I could not forget even when I am two years old that time .I accidentally broke the most expensive vase in my old house.My real parents could not stand it and kicked the sharp broken pieces towards me and blood immediately oozed out from my skin as I started crying.They could not stand my crying voice and decided to leave me beside the rubbish bin far away from my old house and never come back anymore.Until a lady walked to me and she was working at the orphanage,she carried me slowly and walked back to the orphanage.The lady opened the orphanage door and it was dark as every child has already slept. She quietly push the door open and brought me to her resting place in the orphanage.The lady put me down on her chair and cooked a bowl of porridge and feeded me.After eating,I was too tired and went to sleep.The lady took me to the sleeping are where the other kids are sleeping at.Just then,she realised that there are scars on my leg,she was shocked and wondered how did it happened.The lady did not realised as the blood were already dry............

Chapter 1

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