The Greenhouse (The Greenhouse Duology, Book #1)

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THE GREENHOUSE DUOLOGY, BOOK #1 - “The Greenhouse” is released as the first book in The Greenhouse Duology, and is a Teen/Young Adult and Fiction story written by the American author, Steven Bowman, and inspired by Katie Christy, the co-author, and cousin of the author. It is set in the year 1950, in London, England, in West London, and revolves around a 44-year-old man named Mr. Pryce who has Glaucoma. The story is my debut and first co-written book, that is fictionalized and has been written and self-published by me by a company called Blurb, Inc., on March 20th, 2016.

Steven Bowman
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This book was written in

my loving memory of Marie Olive Christy,

May God bless you, Nanny,


Aug. 27th, 1944 - Aug. 22nd, 2013

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