Safe in war.

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Chapter 1.

I was going to be sent away. Far,far away from London. At least that’s what I’ve been told. I was terrified when I heard that. I’m only 6 after all. Actually 6 and a half. I can’t stand the fact that I’ll have to be away from Mummy and daddy. It’s hard to be honest with you. If you’re wondering why it’s because the War started to be 100% honest with you. Well Mum and dad call me lucky since I get to go with Diana,Charlotte and Christine. My name is Alice Jeanette. Christine is my sister. Diana and Charlotte are my friends. I’m thankful I get to go with them, because It’s quite scary to go all alone like other kids. I only have one more week with Mum and Dad. I look at the bag on the floor don’t want to pack. Mom had already packed a few things inside. But I didn’t want to continue. I finally decided I might as well pack. I looked at the nightdresses Mum had packed. They looked really lacy and itchy. I knew Mum told me to pack suitable clothing for a young lady. But I’m six, I should get to wear whatever I’d like. But thinking about mom and how I wouldn’t get to see her made me want to cry. It’s so unfair. I pack the suitcase with a few more clothes and books and close it. I go visit Christine’s room it’s a explosion of colors. Even her suitcase is colorful. She’s sitting on her bed crying. Christine is way too emotional. I sit next to her and ask her “What’s wrong?” She reply’s with I’m going to miss everyone. I try to remind her that we can call them and she’s going with me and our friends. I leave her room to get some more packing done. Mum had gifted us with a beautiful small pink phone that fit in our rather big suitcase. She smiled knowing that we can call Mum and dad at anytime. Mum had given us a few other gifts. I’m going to miss her dearly. Dad had been telling Mum to not give us anything anymore but really I don’t blame her she’s not going to see us in a long time. Then I slowly realized tomorrow was our last day together. I sat on my bad with a heavy feeling that I might never see them again. My eyelids were getting really heavy and I shut my eyes. I woke up the next morning and got ready to leave. I had placed everything I liked in my suitcase and was ready to go. I didn’t know very much about wherever I was going. Mum had put breakfast on the table. Which consisted of biscuits and jam along with a bowl of Rice krispies. Once we were finished me and Christine headed out for a bike ride. We rode for at least an hour before we came back. When we got back we watched some television and finally shopping. I was quite sad because I knew that this would be our last shopping trip together. We picked up a few things including 2 more small suitcases so we could pack more. I really don’t want to go. They are pretty,

but it doesn’t matter to me. By the time we come back it’s nearly 8:00 o’clock. I fall asleep crying knowing that tomorrow is the day I’m going to leave. I woke up the next day by a nudge. It was Mum she told me it was almost time to go. She handed me my suitcases and an outfit to wear. I quickly changed into the outfit and took my suitcases out. I waited for Christina who is the same age of me,We’re twins. Christina went out with tears in her eyes telling me and Mum. “I don’t want to go tearfully.” Mum tries to calm her down but I soon break into tears. She eventually calms us down and takes us to the dock. We bid our last goodbyes to each other. And then finally it’s really time to go. We slowly board the ship and sit down next to Diana and Charlotte. I put down the bags underneath my seat and started chatting. It had been around an hour and I had a creepy sensation that something was wrong. I decided to go to the front of ship to check. When I left to check everything looked fine. I sat down and didn’t say anything. “Alice what’s wrong?” Charlotte asked me. “I don’t quite know yet.” I responded to her. She looked puzzled and Christina looked worried. The rest of the sail went smoothly though. But the sensation was still creeping on me. Once we arrived I learned that I was in Canada. Most of the children were sent here so they were tons of kids getting of the boat. It would have been weird seeing a little girl by herself but It wasn’t so weird now. We sat down at the train station clueless about what to do next. Three women soon arrive and greet all the children taking them to the hall next to the train station. We ate and soon many people came in take the children. We were waiting for someone to pick us up. Soon all the children were gone. I didn't get it all the ladies kept calling us adorable and how we were going to get picked up quickly. The women had almost made up their minds saying we would had to stay here until... A young lady walked in saying she would take all of us. We soon followed her to a rather big house. Christine and Diana had been showering her with questions. I looked at the house and thought "Well I guess this is home now."

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