Ryan And The Rainforest

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Ryan goes on a fun adventure to the Rainforest to explore and discover!

Children / Adventure
Alex Barton
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Ryan and the Rainforest

Ryan loves to explore.

One day, Ryan went to a Rainforest. It was huge and definitely a good place to explore!

Ryan looked around and saw a big, furry lion! Roooaar! said the lion. The lion had a big, fluffy mane and a small, silky nose.

Ryan wanted to find some more animals, so Ryan decided to explore some more. Next, Ryan came across a big, brown monkey!
Oo Oo Ah Ah. Said the monkey. The monkey was swinging it’s big, furry tail and eating a ripe, yellow banana.

Ryan walked some more and then he saw a cute, fluffy panda! Eek Eek! Said the panda. The panda had lots of black and white stripes and was eating some tall, dry bamboo.

Ryan looked some more and he found a tall, yellow giraffe. Munch Munch. Said the giraffe! It was eating some soft, golden hay bales and sticking out it’s big, purple tongue.

“What a day of exploring!” said Ryan happily.

“And what a lot of animals!” he added.

The End
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