The Thrilling Tenth Birthday

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This is about a girl named Jessica and her wonderful 10th Birthday after the dreadful pandemic.

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Saanvi Nayak
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Chapter 1

“This was the best birthday in the world!” exclaimed Jessica.

It was a week before Jessica’s 10th birthday and Jessica was so excited. The days flew by seconds, and it was Jessica’s big 1-0 birthday. Too bad she had to spend it in the pandemic. On her birthday, Jessica was grumpy. Her family tried to cheer her up.

Jessica’s mom said, “We can have family game night.”

“Yeah, we can play your favorite game-UNO!” added her dad.

The family made other suggestions, but Jessica didn’t like any of them. They told that they would buy her lots of gifts but that didn’t satisfy her either. There was only one thing that would make her happy.

At last, after trying everything, her dad suggested the only thing she wanted to do. “We can go to the Strawberry Cake Factory,” sighed her dad.

Jessica squealed with joy. This was her only desire after the pandemic. They all got ready to go out. When they finally reached, they got some of Jess’ favorite food. They got nachos, pizza and a few more of her favorite delicacies. They got a double layered chocolate cake last of all. It had 10 candles on top. The whole staff came to wish her Happy Birthday. Sure, it was a bit embarrassing, but it was okay. She blew out the candles and they all ate the cake. They all wished her Happy Birthday once again. This was the best birthday ever. But that wasn’t the end of her birthday experience. There was still a birthday party that she was looking forward to.

The next day was finally her birthday party. All her friends agreed to come. She was overjoyed. She wore a pretty, pink satin dress with a matching bow. Jessica was waiting for her friends to come and she became very impatient. Soon there was a knock on the door but that was just the food.

Jessica’s mom sat beside her and said, “Be patient Jess. You know, Rose is going to come soon.”

Hearing this, Jessica began to do a little dance. She stood at the door and waited. Five minutes passed by and then Rose arrived. She was taller than she remembered.

“Woah! You’ve grown tall,” said Jessica looking at the great height of Rose.

“Thanks. Is that your brother? He’s so cute!” exclaimed Rose.

James was jumping in his crib. Jessica and Rose played with him but he got a bit cranky. They then went to Jess’ room and just waited. Ding Dong! Kendill had arrived. Jessica swooped her into the room. They did the same thing as before-talk and wait. Within 10 minutes, Anastasia and Ava came along. Now they just had to wait for two more people. They saw everything in Jessica’s room to pass time. When they were observing her toys, there was another knock at the door. It was Hailey and Lora. Jessica had missed them so much that she had hugged them all tightly. Now finally the party would start! But they just needed to wait for the cake. They all played games like UNO, Jenga etc. By then the cake had come! Jess’ parents called them over. Her dad tied a magenta bow on the knife.

“Happy Birthday Jessica!” exclaimed her friends and family.

They had all taken snacks and watch the series ‘The Unfavorable Unicorn’. Some of the girls, including Jessica, already watched the series but watched it anyway because it was very interesting. Jessica told that she wouldn’t give them spoilers. After they finished eating their food, they once again went to Jessica’s room. Jessica had kept a small notebook, to form their squad. They had all signed the books and put their nicknames. Jessica called it “The Little Ladies”. They were all pleased with the name. They went to the living room to dance. Before dancing, Jessica had put on something more comfortable. They danced for a long time and then one by one everyone had to go.

“This was the best birthday in the world!” exclaimed Jessica.


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