The lost tourch

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When a family and town betray a poor farmer he take thing to a different level but a little too far

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Chapter 1

One day jasper the teenage farmer who lived all by him self no parents no friends No lover. Well he did have parents but he lived my him self NOT under there roof. One day jasper decided to throw a party so he pulled his phone out and posted

“Dear fellow class mates I jasper smith is throwing a party at 1324 walnut lane if you want you may come food and drinks shall be served as-well as live entertainment so come on October 31 2005.” Then he laid his phone down and headed to his kitchen to make dinner after dinner he went to bed the next day was the party day just then he saw lights out in the distance the lights were torch lights just then like a flash all his corn and cropped were in flames everything was but his house his meat and him the cars and cropes and bushes and trees
We’re all in flames. A month passed and some crops were back but no all. he had figured to not give them food until they apologize they should for all they have done do they even know all the pain they made him feel. 10 months later
The town had begin to starve accept the children they would come over as many times a day as they wanted and ate. But they never told anyone accept there friends. But jasper was still sad even his parent were burning his food that Time

Just then he had got a knock on the door ps it was 12:00 am. He opens the door a sees his father and his mother skinnyer then ever
And weak and slightly asleep “ We’re sorry for what we did just please give us food we’re sorry” the mom starts to cry jasper hugs her “ fine come on In”. I will start to sell my food again just more of the price 10 dallors extra “but you food is 20 dallors” Any time they would complain he was move there
Plate closer to him okay and then he lived perfect more money and workers to help him

- Tabitha T
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