The honest woodcutter

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The story is about a honest woodcutter who is very poor and by cutting and selling wood, he earns for his family. Then because of his honesty, he got a gold axe by an angle.

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The honest woodcutter

There was a village in which a poor woodcutter was living. He was very honest and by cutting and selling wood he earns for his family.
One day, when he was cutting a tree in a jungle near a river, his axe accidently falls in the river.After some minutes, an angel comes up from that river. An silver axe was present in her hand.
The angel ask the woodcutter, "Is this your axe?" The woodcutter repleid, "No, it's not mine. My axe was a simple iron axe." The angel get praised by his honesty and then A gold axe takes place instead of an silver axe in her hands. She asks to woodcutter, "Is this your's?" Woodcutter replid, "No it's not mine. My axe was a simple iron axe. Give that axe back to me."
The angel surprised that she offered him a silver and a gold axe but he did not take it. Getting praised by his honesty, the angel gifts him a gold, a silver and an iron axe.
Moral :- Always be honest
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