Drop a Wish, Upon the Stars and Beyond

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Baa-chan, where ar-” The familiar, howling white windows interrupted me before I could finish my sentence. The feeling of being trapped in this room once again made me nauseous.

The room was laughing at me, I could sense it. The room was laughing at the Mitsuki that had not an iota of idea or assumptions of what happened after she got swallowed by the dimension of nothingness. The ugly cement floor joined the room’s clamorous laughter. Even after threatening them to shut up a million times, they wouldn’t leave me alone. The room must have pitied me or considered me too demoralized to be left alone. I needed no pity. Being pitied is only for the weak.

I performed my usual routine whenever I was trapped in this room: I would always stare out the locked window, keeping in mind that there was no way to escape reality or this room. The lost fats around my abdomen reminded me to wonder about how many days I had been confined here. To test out the remaining strengths of my muscles, I commanded my left arm to mimic Arata’s pitching position and motion. Once I curled my fingers, I heard a loud crack coming from my pinky. The ugly wrap around my pinky was stained vermillion, the colour of my inner soul and the colour of doom. I couldn’t help but place myself in contemplation to figure out the formula to the world’s hardest equation: Mitsuki (lie+ twisted pinky) + (free run giveaways + ?) = Coach’s * school’s response.

The only formula that I could think of was: X(perennial distrust) + Y(received blames) = Coach’s * school’s response. The substitution method would be useful to solve the formula.

Perhaps sharing the solutions of the equation to the lonely room would be helpful. Or, alternatively, the room would just continue laughing at me for my foolish deposition. Perhaps the room itself should check his flamboyant decorations before criticizing me. He was in no position to talk about others.

Even though I knew that moving my fingers around and twisting my back left and right wouldn’t be a smart choice, I did it anyway. Embellished rules are meant to be broken, right? The weight of the universe was resting on my shoulders as I tried to move it around. Moving around freely while being confined in a room of nowhere was a small step of improvement. Just surviving and escaping the dimension of nowhere was a great achievement. Though, the pain felt was another story.

“Heyyy, how ya doin?” The door cracked open while an unknown person with a familiar voice spoke.

“Literally, ya put me through a shock,” another voice joined the conversation, lighting the room back to life.

“Great show you put there! Better luck next time” A guy with formal white and black attires entered the room. That must be Ren.

To explain the unfortunate incidents, or to be more precise, to make excuses, I phrased my argument into a hundred or so paragraphs. Alas, these phrases came out as unpleasant mumbles that no one besides me could understand. I made an effort to attempt a second trial before getting interrupted.

“No worries, you did well, trust me,” a hoarse voice mumbled, reminding me of the points I gave away. The man standing beside me must have been my great Coach.

“You’re the strongest girl that I have ever seen in my entire life, just so ya know. We got your back…” Another raspy voice identical to Coach attempted to raise my spirits. I could say that he did a really bad job. I would be a little happier if he could be honest and finish the sentence with, “We got your back because you’re weak. You’re the strongest GIRl but not as strong as us.”

The whole team joined me in the pale room of melancholy, including Coach.

I tried rubbing my eyes a thousand times to experiment with whether the action would heal my damaged eyesight. The only thing that I could see was a bunch of blurry, yet familiar guys walking into the room. That must be what I get for being imprisoned in this room of hell for too long. That must be it. The lonely, white walls had secretly stolen my eyesight while I was unconscious.

I felt a warm pair of arms wrapped around my shoulders. Who could it be? I was this close to punching my eyes and cursing it for the rotten eyesights. Yet, before I could do that, the mellow pair of hands held both my right and left hand (including the one with my twisted pinky) tight. This type of care and love was all I always wanted. What could I say? What could I do?

“It’s alright…” The melody echoed in my eardrums. ’It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright…”

Was I about to be captured by another dimension of nothingness?

I ordered my shoulders and hands to move one last time before completely giving up. Unlike my first few trials, there was a small improvement: they moved away from the mysterious guy an inch at most.

“I’m here. It’s okay, it’s alright,” the mysterious teammate spoke as he held my hand tighter. Curse my eyesight.

Inside the room of loneliness, I was held captive by the warm and familiar scent of a mysterious guy. Unlike my grandma’s lavender scent, his scent was composed of a concussion of detergent and coffee- the typical scent of an average middle-aged salaryman. Yet, I could confirm that he was far different from those middle-aged dudes; he was warm. I buried my head under his embrace as his scent sang a lullaby that stole my consciousness.

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