Drop a Wish, Upon the Stars and Beyond

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A Dream Far Away

The sunshine gleamed right into the pitch-black world as if radiant rays of hope and ambition had been brought by the deities to save the forlorn hopeless world of mine. Gradually, the lukewarm rays of optimism spread their wings towards every corner of the world. The shimmering radiance was so magnificent that it stretched my lazy eyelids open. The sorrowful night was being chased away as the tepid sunshine awakened mother nature. The golden breeze was the magic spell cast by deities, I could sense it, I was embraced in the warmth of nature. A familiar scent was approaching, I could sense it, it was the sweet floral scent of my grandma’s cosy clothes, the mixture of a little bit of sunshine and lavender. The familiar scent was being intimate with me as if summer had inspired those despondent yet gorgeous flowers to bloom with dreams, desire, and love. The freshness of the azure sky mixed with the delicate aroma of flower blossoms filled my nostrils. I could sense it. It was the smell of triumph. All of a sudden, the once so familiar scent transformed into the brightest ray of light and embraced me with that never to be forgotten warmth. I was so confident that grandma had finally made her decision to visit me one last time. My head was buried in that swelling lump of warmth as if grandma was telling me everything will be okay. She was right beside me. She was so close yet so far. I could feel it, I was so confident that she wouldn’t leave this time but the sweet fragrance was fading. “婆ちゃん、どこに行くの?” I reached out and grabbed her. She gave me one last lovely smile then fell right into the river then vanished.

Splish. Splash. The Niagara Falls was once again awakened, the melody of the golden river cascading and the sound of the freshwater crashing into the grinning rocks has brought life to this world. “What exactly does it mean to live a life?” I once questioned the identity of my existence.

No matter how enormous the world may be, luck and fate exists across and throughout the unfathomed universe. If not, how can an unknown no-one win the lottery and become a billionaire the next day? What caused me to draw breath in such an aesthetic place? Luck and destiny are said to be the ones to blame. Still, grandma once said that destiny is the catalyst of unknown fortunes, she once explained that I am the one and the only person who has authority in my personal life, while destiny is the catalyst of the motivation of my journey.

Nevertheless, most people define life as a task and purpose that they must fulfil as they draw breath. Is ‘life’ defined as a task that an individual must accomplish? Or is it the wise selection of paths to accomplish my very own personal ‘dream’? If the purpose of living a ‘life’ is to live a ‘dream’, then I was on the right track. Yet, despite being obedient and ‘living a dream’, the reprehensible ideology remains inhuman when the heartless society remains unfair. A couple of years ago, I told my friends and family about my dream. My friends found it hysterical and my parents said I must have gone crazy. Is it hilarious for an obscure little girl like me to dream big? The world was unfair, it was never fair and never will be as long as the invisible boundary inaugurated by humanity remains pristine.

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