Drop a Wish, Upon the Stars and Beyond

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Chapter 1: Time Machine

Time Machine

It was the usual lazy hazy Friday morning. The heavy morning breeze was covered with mists of woe as if the whole city had been engulfed in the ugly, depressed Kraken’s abdomen. The tainted oxygen in the air was enough for me to suffocate. Still, somehow I managed to drag my sluggish brain out of the terrific dream and force my lazy body to leave the bed. I made a little glimpse at the alarm, 6.00a.m., not bad, I guess? I hastily grabbed my school bag and rushed down the stairs, 6.03a.m, I took a sip of water and put on my ugly sneakers, 6.04a.m., ギリギリセーフ (giri giri sefu, barely safe). I’d got one minute left before my parents yell at me for being late. I jumped on the car with my dishevelled hair hanging all over my sun-kissed face as if Medusa’s lovely little snakes had finally made the decision to habituate on top of my head. Unintentionally, a string of hair was stuck to one of the buttons of my uniform. As I was trying to pull my chaotic bunch of hair away from the button, I felt like someone was staring at me.

“You not embarrass me and dad school today,” said mum. She sounded like a stringent autocrat and her solemn tone gave me goosebumps.

“Yes Sir!” I shouted. The crazy autocrat gradually turned her displeased face towards me and gave me one big terrifying scowl.

I was still trying to separate the flock of disastrous hair from my school uniform but for some stupid reason, the tangled hair refused to abandon the button as if different paths had been entwined into inseparable strings of destiny... no, no, no. I was just weird to perceive the world this way. I can still feel the two large bulging brown eyes staring at me the way great horned owls gaze at their prey, which sent chills down my spine.

“What!” I sighed, annoyed.

“When manners learn? You graduating ain’t school with that nauseous personality of yours,” the crazy autocrat replied with menace as if she was that great horned owl that might hunt me down and rip me into pieces at any money.

“Seriously, why are you being so fussy and picky about every single thing. I can’t help that my hair looks like a jumbled nest, I can’t help that I don’t have the perfect model-like gorgeous face that you wanted me to have, I can’t help that I’m not that 6 foot tall, I mean, I was born this way, what do you want from me?” These unintended ungenerous words came out as a soft mumble, provoking an awkward, nerve-racking atmosphere.

I was still trying to figure out a way to pull the hair away from the button. Unfortunately, Friday was not a ‘fun-day’ for me, instead, the day began with a macho emotional war of words. I carefully stick my hand in my school bag to grab a pair of scissors, trying my very best to not attract her attention or prompt another storm of callous words. Tchac. Tchac. Snip. The tangled hair was divided into a million more strings of hair. Snip. Snip. The tousled hair was no longer tangled, it was discredited into thousands and millions of different paths. Snip. The pieces were completely isolated from their origin. Those broken sections of hair insubordinately plummet toward the hostile ground, steadily, little by little, piece by piece.

The broken segments can never be fixed or repaired.

The car stopped moving. She turned her back away from the driver seat and gave me one last disgusting glare. I was a big idiot back then. She took a deep breath and hissed, “Get out of my car.”

“Sure. By the way, you really needa fix that nauseous personality of yours.” I snapped at the crazy autocrat. I need to admit that I was such an imprudent dolt at that moment, it was like I was that brainless crayfish singing on top of the mountain.

“Right. Now. Get. Out!” That was the second warning. I pushed the door open and obediently left the car. If only time itself had decided to take a break from this tiring world. Eight more minutes and it’s detention. The despondent young woman stood in the middle of the road, hopeless. The contaminated breath of air that surrounds the city was an excuse for the weepy teardrops that cascaded down my cheek. The crocodile tears had finally decided to make their appearance, I convinced myself. Still, the encouraging bright rays of sunshine were not anywhere to be found as if luck had given up trying to make its living in this city. 7.12a.m., the city began its day, once again, by greeting the devils of the blues. I had long convinced myself that fate had long abandoned this community, every single scene has been schemed crazily perfectly, it was hopeless. I stood there, alone and demoralized by the sound of those passing engines roaring. At that moment, I heard somebody calling me, I must be hallucinating. Vroom. Vroom. I heard an engine’s roar, perhaps it was planning to draw an end to my lifeline. Vroom. Vroom.′ Vroom. Vroom. The roar was starting to damage my eardrums, I was so certain that I was going to die soon. Whooooshhh. I can hear the sound of the glass sliding as if the gate to heaven was opening and welcoming me to leave this world... All of a sudden, the engine decided to stop rumbling.

“Mi-chan, What are you doing here in the middle of nowhere? C’on, hop in!” A girl popped her head out of the window and laughed. That was Amber, a close friend of mine. Her light-complexioned face remains pale as always, her pale face might someday appear in my nightmare as that specture that wants to murder me. The reason why my community loves and adheres to pale white faces remains unfathomed. Her long glossy hair cascaded down her waist, she kind of looks like 貞子sadako with that thick black plunging hair and pale face. Yet, I have been told a million times that I should look up to her.

“Thanks a bunch. Your fake driving license will kill us someday, you know that. ” I jumped in the car and slapped Amber’s back.

“Ouch, that hurts. You know I’m the best and prettiest driver you’ll ever meet. Or, perhaps, should I throw you out of my car?” Amber joked, yet, it was no joke to me.

“C’on Amber, I don’t wanna go through all those freaky punishments again for being late. Shut up and drive,” I complained with my monotonous voice.

“Okay. Okay. By the way, did you finish the biology paper? Oh my gawsh, that almost killed me. I think I nailed the introduction, but my conclusion kind of sucks. I was rushing to finish the last three pages of my paper yesterday. I mean, I was running out of time and my sister was bothering me. I will probably get an A- and it’ll ruin my GPA. What about you? I bet you haven’t even started writing your paper. You know, you are so not popular. Oh, by the way, Just so you know, Justin, you remember right, that guy with weird flat hair, it seems like he likes me. That is just so weird, don’t you think so? I mean, it’s not me, but Chinese guys? No No, No. We don’t get along with them. Speaking of that... ”

I pulled out my headphones and isolated myself from this world.

I hastily threw open the heavy door and stomped into the classroom. I can feel hundreds of pairs of hazel brown eyes staring at my ugly face and one big nasty pair of grimacing eyes staring at me. That pair of angry eyes were glowing so magnificently, it was proof that he must be an evil sorcerer’s second generation. Before getting yelled at by him, he grabbed his enchanted spellbook, gave me one wicked glare, and flung that spellbook towards my face. The spellbook instantly crashed into my forehead, leaving an enormous red lump. The whole class remained silent. The sorcerer’s heavy stomps startled me and woke the other half of my dead morning brain. I convinced myself that I will get used to his stupid lectures someday. Just imagine me punching him right through the nose and revenging him, wouldn’t the whole class be pleased to see the sorcerer getting his karma? He would scream and kneel down and pray for me to let him go and I definitely would say no and keep on torturing him like what he did to me. I would be that honoured hero that saved the world. As this thought rushed into my head, a dreamy, foolish smile escaped my lips.

The sorcerer punched the wall with his bare hands. Ouch. Doesn’t that hurt at all? He then pulled out his magic wand and pointed it at me. Slowly, he opened his mouth and spilt the spiteful words that stabbed my heart, “What is wrong with that ugly smile of yours! You are 2 minutes and 44 seconds late to class today. Mizuki Tourin! When will you learn your lessons! You scumbag! How many times have you betrayed the leaders of the great Chinese dynasty? Remember, our ancestors are all from the mainland, our thoughts are always connected, 我們是中國人。 Have you ever thought about how your ancestors will be embarrassed by your actions? As always, Tourin, I am disappointed. You have to respect the great leaders of the mainland.”

I was sick of his words, I really was, especially the way he talked about our stupid ancestors, I mean, we are all the next-next-next generation of apes and bacteria. Still, there was no fighting back. I remember that one time when I took his words personally and threw a tantrum. If my false memories were not altered during the process of working memory storage, and If I remembered correctly, the sorcerer was this close to welcoming me out of this school. I would be glad if that actually happened. Still, it ruins my day by encountering this mad sorcerer this early during the morning, if only an angel could cast a karmic spell on him. The daily routine continues as my chair, once again, was forced to leave this room.

Jack slid this chair towards me as if he was mocking me. “Bro, again? You might as well be interested in joining the bros’ party after practice?” His mysterious dark eyes turned to me as he placed his tan arms on my shoulder.

“Uhhh. No thank you. I want to enjoy my dinner alone,” answered I. I pushed him away kindly. His pupil was still staring at me.

“C’on, you participate in none of our routines except practice.” He was definitely looking down at me. I really wanted to say that their routines were retarded and meaningless, but words failed to exit mouth. Instead, the words came out like, “Sorry, your routines are fun but I’m just too busy.”

He gave me one last stare then signed. Still, I could not afford to sacrifice myself for those ugly teratogens that could steal locus of control. I feel bad, but I really hate those routines since they are time-consuming and it makes an individual lose his self-control and I hate that.

“You could invite my friends too?” I suggested this in order to make myself seem less guilty. I was pretty positive that Amber and her friends were interested in the guys’ so called ‘routine’. Unlike me, Amber wouldn’t mind wasting her time with a bunch of lonely seniors.

“No. Only bros can attend our routine, we don’t want any lipsticks.”

“Fine!” I shouted. That moment, the sorcerer caught me not paying attention in class and the menacing looks in his eyes performed telepathy and conveyed the message to me.

It was 8 a.m in the morning and I was standing out in the hallway, alone. My poor lungs, she was inhaling all those pollutants outdoors, yet, she received no sympathy. If only Time could turn himself over and walk backwards to his original path.

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