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When Paula the parrot gets a strange gift, she tries to find out with a new friend Tiara!

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The Strange Gift

Once upon a time, in a rainforest in Brazil, lived a parrot named Paula in a tree. One morning when Paula came downstairs, she saw a gift
box on the table. Attached to it was a note! The note said:

Dear Paula,

I have bought you a gift! Hope you like it!
Your brother, Phill.

Paula was happy and excited to open the gift. When she opened it, she wasn’t very happy. A stick was all her brother got her. Oh, how sad Paula was! She lived in a tree. Why would she need part of it?

That evening, Paula was flying around when she accidentally bumped into a toucan! “Oh, Sorry!” Paula and the toucan said at the same time. They both giggled. “I’m Tiara the Toucan!” The Toucan exclaimed. “I’m Paula the Parrot!” Said Paula. Tiara and Paula talked as they flew side by side, and soon became best friends!
The next day, Paula told Tiara about the strange gift from her brother. “Can I see the stick?” Asked Tiara. Paula agreed and they both flew to Paula’s house....or tree. Paula had put the stick under her pillow. But when she looked under it, the stick was gone! “Oh, Dear! Someone has stolen it!” Cried Paula.
“Don’t worry! We’ll find it!” Said Tiara

Paula and Tiara looked inside bushes and inside trees. On top of clouds and underneath rainbows, but they didn’t find the stick! Then, they came to a raspberry bush! They went inside. “This is it! This is the stick!” Called Paula. “Hmm! I don’t know what this is. But it surely isn’t a stick!” Said Tiara “But I do know who would” Tiara added. They flew to a wizard’s tree. The wizards name was Zye. When they went inside, Zye carefully looked at the ‘stick’.
“This is a magic wand!” Zye said.
Tiara and Paula were happy they found out what it was.

“Why did you get me a magic wand?” Asked Paula to Phill when she got home. “So you can have what you want when you want where you want!” Replied Phill. Paula smiled.

The End!

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