My adorable puppy

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How I met this puppy

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How I met my adorable puppy

It all started at a sunny day when people always go out.”may I have coffee please”I said as I told the worker”yes you may have coffee that would be £9.99”said the worker aka lady”go sit on table 22”replied worker going into the back as she said that I went over to table I waited for the worker to come bring my coffee.finally she came “would you like marshmallows?”she said“yes please“i said politely“ok go over there and you will see a marshmellow machine filled with marshmellows“as she told me this got up and trumbled over to the machine i brought my cup of coffe to fill it with marshmellows but suddenly i heard a noise it sounded like a dog or a pup and it was coming from the back of the cafe so i just did what over authors would put in a book go check it out.when i got to the back there was nothing but a pitch black thing?I didn’t know what it was or were it came from.suddenly it moved!it came up to me I picked it up and took it home.until I noticed it was a cute little puppy I decided to keep it and tell my parents what happened in the the morning I got dressed and brushed my teeth and went down the stairs to go and tell my mum also my dad what I found at Greg back of the Greece cafe “mum I have something to tell you”I said with a deep breath “I have some news about when I went to the Greece cafe”I said “what is it sweetie I need to go to my work in about half an hour”said mum answering what I said”well when I was getting my marshmallows for my coffee I heard a strange noise and it was coming from the back of the Greece cafe and I saw a black thing and it came to me and I picked it up and took it here and it was actually a puppy and I was thinking of keeping it?”as I explained to mum what happened and she said I could keep only if I keep it from pooping in the house so i said yes.”well puppy I’m keeping you”I said to the “bark”barked the puppy
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