The Dalit Grandma

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the Dalit grandma based on the horrific caste system, which was one valid in India. This book was a last minute project and I hope you will enjoy it!

Children / Drama
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Chapter 1- at kannauj

Hi, I am Indrika. I have experienced a lot I am about 83 years old and I have seen the transitioning from the pure discrimination to the democracy we have today.

I have to admit a lot has happened. Oh! I do remember those days when I was young but it wasn’t a very appealing experience. Everyday I had to see people striving, dying but no one ever cared. I used to live in one of the most prestigious places known as kannauj.

There were devastating wars everyday with different dynasties. The wars for rich was a game. The brahmins recovered what they lost in barely a week. Everyone was there for them. But what about us, the dalits? We were just trash to them. We were meant to use logs to keep ourselves separate from the rich. If we disobeyed we were hanged till death. It seemed so pointless to me as every human being is unique.

It wasn’t our fault we were born this way. Amma used to beg for food she would pick up all food crumbs around the area to feed us. Her wish was to just have a decent meal one day, With not crumbs but bread. Dadi was very sick and no doctor would even agree to check her, they all wanted to stay away from a dalit. My dadi’s wish was to just pray once in the prestigious durga temple for our family’s future before death.

Well I took it as a mission to make this wish come true.

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