The Dalit Grandma

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Chapter 2- the temple plan

I came up with a plan to fulfill my grandma’s last wish. As I discussed my plan with my mum, she disagreed. This was pretty much expected as it was a huge risk and if we by chance got caught we would get hanged. But alas I did it secretly without my mother’s permission.

The plan was to send my grandmother with a few other dalits at 7pm sharp as the security guards with arrive at the gates at 9:30pm and grandma can also get time to pray. I thought if we got the plan and timing correctly everything would go perfect. But unfortunately that night was one of my worse nights.

My grandma died in happiness the moment after she stopped praying. One of the dalits was caught and was getting hanged the very next day.

The next day his angry family members arrived and started screaming outside our hut they bought some weapons with them as well. They forced me to get out of the hut and live on the streets.

I didn’t mind this actually it was my fault. And I knew how bad it hurt after losing someone very dear to you.

All I was worried about was my poor mother. I was her only living family member. She would lose her whole family if I go. But this time it wasn’t my choice. I started living on the streets, even water seemed precious. Life was pretty rough at this point.

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