The Dalit Grandma

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Chapter 3- trip to ujjain

I had stayed on the streets for a few years now. Today I had realised that I had made enough to move some where else. Life hasn’t been the same here so I decided to start fresh again.

I took a train to ujjain. I had to go in the train dressed in rags. I could hear people’s whispers when they said “is she a dalit?” or “I bet she even stole this ticket”. That was so embarrasing for me, just because I am a poor dalit doesn’t mean I am a thief.

I reached the platform and bad memories all flood back to me I reminisced all the times in kannauj. I saw the discrimination here which was just as bad.

I decided to spend the night at a bench in the corner of the platform as I had no money for shelter or food. The night went rough, it started raining.

I started overthinking and stressing again. The only thing I could remember was- family , family and family. I started questioning myself my brain started thinking- “was this really necessary?” and “could I have been better back in kannauj”

Another dalit walked up to me. We talked for a while. This was able to distract my mind. As she walked away I just wished a miracle would happen and turn me to a brahmin.

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