The Dalit Grandma

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Chapter 4- the miracle

I settled down on my bench. Hoping I could forget my past and focus on my future and maybe even reunite with my mother one day.

I fell into a light sleep with very tight head aches. I felt a burning sensation on my body. It got worse I thought I will be released from my suffering.

But suprisingly I was able to open my eyes. It was almost 1 in the morning by the time a I opened my eyes . I saw a british man droping a seemingly old wallet? It was covered it scrathes and dust. It didn’t look worth of a handsome british person such as himself.

I picked it up and went to return it. And he acted so thankful. I was confused why would such a man as himself need something like this? I decided to respectfully ask him my querie. He started to laugh and then replied- “actually this belonged to my best friend he died between a battle he was a supreme war commander of my kingdom.”

He begged me to ask for anything I want in return. So I decided to ask him if he could give me a job. Lucky for me he was actually a trade manager with a really successful buisness.

He appointed me as a sub manager and gave me his card with his address and a plane ticket to london.

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