The Dalit Grandma

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Chapter 5- the arrival

I arrived at his place after a long flight. it looked like a castle. I had never seen something so luxiorious in my entire life time. The butler leads me to his office. The man once again thanks me for last night and introduces him self as “jake”. He hands me the contract. Which I sign in a flurry.

He then leads me personally to my room. As he gives me time to settle down I felt like a brahmin , I felt luxury for the first time in my life. My wish had been granted, I was certain this was a blessing from my grandma.

Few minutes later I was provided with books with maps and maps to understand the path for my first trading quest tomorrow. It was all in english so I didn’t understand any writing work.

But I did understand the curves and paths from the detailed sketches provided. I saw how long we had to travel and took a good estimate of the time it would take us to get there.

I was called down for lunch by some butler. I was so surprised to see how everyone treated eachother. With the whole trade corparation sitting together. Nobody questioned each others caste or status. Due to habit I sat down on the floor I thought they knew about my caste. But suprisingly they let me sit with them. I enjoyed it and was very eager for my first mission

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