The Dalit Grandma

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Chapter 6 – the first mission

I went to bed feeling eager for tommorow. And I just have to say that mattress was to comfortable for my taste so I ended up sleeping in the balcony. It was amazing I got such a awesome view.

As my co-worker came to wake me up she was struck by horror of seeing me sleep in the balcony. She woke me up and took me for check ups. Even-though it was really extra, it felt good to have someone to care for you. After we got out the doctors room I was provided with a checklist and instructions to instruct the team I was managing. We were provided with extra items to pay taxes as we had to pass through the regions of different dyansties .

The path first instructed to take the famous london bridge getting us to the dock. And taking the ship H15 which will lead us to asia. From asia we will head to china to get to the other branch of this trading system and exchange goods then head back london and sell the asian goods for a good but also suitable price.

We started our journey on the london bridge with fine white horses. It felt good to feel the nice breeze. After a while we had arrived at the dock all I could hear was the noise that again reminded me of all the chaos on the day I kicked out. I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to go back and save the other poor dalits. Well at that time I thought its just better to forget that my past ever happened.

So we boarded the ship and we had to stay there for about 11 hours. I , exhausted went to my cabin and took a nice comfy nap. Later I headed for our last dinner on the ship before we arrive in asia. And it went pretty well I ate all sorts of fancy foods to my hearts content.

After a long time we arrived in asia and made our way to china paying our extra goods as tax along the way. We finally reached the branch of the trading buisness after a long time. I quickly finished the trading contract and the signing work. I had been so distracted in my new life style I didn’t realise it would make me restart my life. As it was left we decided to rent a room in the staff rooms and stay there for the night. Well somehow in middle of the night it the hotel exploded.

It was so horrific. I was one of the only survivors and since all my co-workers were dead I didn’t know how my life would go. I was left with little money and one option. To start back from kannauj. This helped me discover my true identity I am a freedom fighter,

I will fight for my people even after how rough it is.

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