The Dalit Grandma

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Chapter 7- back to kannauj

I arrived back in kannauj by taking several local and cheap buses. It felt good back here but as always it brought bad memories. I saw the ill treatment with even little kids.

Now it was my mission to save the dalits but the first thing I wanted to do if my mother was still here after all these years? Well I started checking all around I asked the neighbours they said my mother is now dead. I coundn’t belive my eyes it felt like my heart had dropped but I knew I had to do, what I came here for.

Well I started designing a protest plan by using my mum’s old hut which I gained full custody of . It took me months and months to design and format the plan. I had planned 3 stages for this protest, the first stage was to stand up for ourselves against the brahmins we had to show them we have the dignity to stand up for ourselves. And of course they will report us to the chief we do a small protest with a chief make him startled and report us to the target we are going for , the government. We gather a lots of dalits and make a mega protest and disobey their rules to earn equality. We will not get hanged but fight.

The plan worked successfully many other places in india also performed this and got thier freedom. And that my friend is my life. I also started living here permanently in kannauj sharing my tales with children. I therefore say I have earned the name “dalit dadi”

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, by ayati jauhari

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