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The Crayon Chronicles

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Crayon Chronicles- The crayon's have their own stories!!

Rory Ireland
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Blue's Birthday

Blue's Birthday
By Rory Ireland

Blue was feeling extra blue today and kept to himself all day even when other crayons asked him to play:

Purple asked- Want to play kickball?
Blue looked down and said- No thank you.
Purple watched Blue walk slowly away and ran back to play kickball.
Blue was feeling really blue by lunchtime, it was his birthday and he knew he should be happy but no-one said anything to him.
It was as if they all forgot.
For lunch he went to treat himself down at Mrs. White's Cloudy Cafe. He thought sure enough she remembered..He came in and sat at his favorite table by the window where he could watch all the other crayons play on the playground and where he could see everyone come in.
Mrs. White was pouring Mr. Brown some coffee and saw Blue starring out the window. Mrs. White came over and asked, "Good afternoon, what will it be
Blue looked up at her with dismay(sad eyes) and said, "I will have the BLT and a water please." Mrs. White wrote his order and quickly went to the kitchen.

In the kitchen Mr. Red and their daughter, Pink were finishing the last order when Mrs. White walked in and said "I think we need to hurry
and get Blue's surprise party going..he looks so sad."

Pink smiled and said, "I will go keep him company and mom you call Mrs. Magenta and see if the cake is ready and I will walk Blue to the party."
Pink brings Blue his lunch and sat down across from him and asked, "How is your day so far?" Blue looked out the window and saw Ms. Orange rounding everyone
up on the playground and then left. The playground looked so sad and lonely. Blue turned to Pink and smiled a little, she could always get a smile from him,
and said " Oh Pink, I finished my work coloring the sky and Mr. Black let me off the rest of the day."
Pink asked, " Why so sad then?"
Blue hadn't ate any of his lunch, just starred at it and said, "It's a special day for me and no-one seems to remember.." his voice drifting off as a blue
tear rolled down his face. Pink smiled, "well, do you mean your birthday?" Blue looked up surprised and said, "Yes! Why has no-one else remembered?"
Pink smiled slyly. "I'm sure they do remember your birthday, they just been really busy today."
Blue felt a little hopeful.

Pink got him a to-go box for his lunch and walked him home.
As Pink and Blue turned on his street he saw smoke coming from his house and said, "Oh dear! There is a fire at my house!" and ran to his house.

Pink just giggled and ran after Blue.

As Blue and Pink got to Blue's house, they saw the smoke was coming from the backyard. They ran to the gate, opened the gate and ran through it. Blue
stopped suddenly surprised at what he saw....
All the crayons from the playground, Mr. Red, Mrs. White, Ms. Magenta and all his friends. The smoke was Mr. Yellow grilling Burgers and Hotdogs.
Everyone looked at Blue and yelled, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLUE!! WE LOVE YOU!!"
Pink gave Blue a big hug and kissed his cheek and said, " Told you no-one forgot." Blue smiled blushing and said, "Thank you all VERY much!!"

After the party and all the clean up was done, Blue thanked everyone goodbye and went to bed with a big smile on his face saying to himself, "This was the
best birthday ever!"

Blue fell fast asleep.

Goodnight Blue!
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