Childish love

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Children love each other as friends. Teenagers love each other for the looks. Grownups live each other for both.

Children / Romance
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chapter. 1

The day I was born

Hello my name is Charolett. I was brought in the world on December 16th, 1999 the year before 2000. When I was a small child I remember loving unicorns, Santa, rainbows to. When I turned two my brother Tyler bought me a rainbow toy. I hung onto it like it was my own child. One day I lost it and broke out in tears. Turns out my sister Amy took it. That little brat. She was four years older than me so that would make her six. My brother was 10 years older then Amy so that would make him 16. I loved my family and I never hated. Even though I sometimes hated my sister for her actions, I still loved her for her.
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