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A Hero's Quest -A Journey For Peace

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When I’m alone, I feel sad. When I’m surrounded by my sister Kathy and my friends, Mayukha and Dhruva, I feel happy and powerful, even though we are different and fight sometimes. This book is about four warriors whose differences are alike but worked together and formed a team that completed the impossible “A quest for peace”. From them, I saw reflections of my sister, my friends and myself. Read the book and find out these four have been through good and bad in this journey. I hope you will enjoy it... Sincerely, E.Z.Tiger

Children / Fantasy
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The World and the Meeting

This is a legendary story about the four heroes who battled their way to stop a very devastating war between humankind and the spirits. The spirits is one of the three worlds which has 9 kingdoms with different elemental powers. There are 2 other worlds, which are known as the human world and the monster world. The kingdoms of the spirits are all very big. The ninth kingdom was centered by the rest of eight kingdoms. Each kingdom has different spirit residents with different elemental power and they live peacefully with other kingdoms. All spirits speak the same language and they trade with each other. The palace is the most important kingdom. The ninth one, where the king who rules the spirit world lives in, and the palace holds all the powerful items. Spirits are mostly known for their magical items and animals. They have the elemental power of the kingdom they were born in or created.

One day, the spirits found out that one of their precious items had gone missing. It was the Enderstone, the source of the elemental powers of every kingdom, one of the most powerful items they had. They thought the humans stole the Enderstone and began to rage at the humans because they knew the humans were greedy and knew of the spirits’ magic. So they were about to declare war on the humans. But the four spirits don’t believe that the humans stole the stone and wanted peace instead. The four spirits wanted to end this war but without the stone, the war would still continue.

These four spirits were known as Ice, Earth, Shadow, and Light from 4 of the 9 kingdoms from the spirit world. Spirits looked a lot like human beings, but they are different. Their names were Crystal, Flora, Kasey and Hunter. Just like humans, they dress normally. You might think they wear bizarre clothing and have a weird speaking language that no one understands. All spirits wear casual clothing like T-shirts and leggings or a sweatshirt and jeans. Sometimes they might wear bizarre clothing for only special occasions. Crystal’s personality is cold but sometimes she shows a little bit of sweetness. Kasey is super adorable and kind. Flora is more of a calm and wise girl. She helps everyone in need. Hunter is cool and quiet. He can be a bit gloomy, but inside he is really nice and kind too. They all have a past in their life, sad or happy but they manage to forget about their past and look to see the future.

The four spirits knew what they had to do. They needed to find the stone and bring peace to the world. To find it, they must go through grave dangers and monsters and fight along the way to pass the danger and succeed. They need to gather up and team together to find the stone to bring peace to the world.

At the spirit kings castle, all the eight kingdoms’ most loyal warriors were having a grand council meeting. Each warrior is wearing silver chest plates and had the color of their elements printed in the middle. The females wore red skirts with gold stripes on it to show loyalty to the ninth kingdom. Male’s wore Black leather pants with an axe symbol imprinted on it. The council room had long red drapes and big windows. The chairs they sat on were made out of gold with dazzling diamonds attached. There was a long table stretched from the whole room.

There, the king was in rage, “WHY DID THOSE ARROGANT HUMANS STEAL OUR PRECIOUS ENDERSTONE!?! THEIR GREED WILL TEAR US APART!” the king declared furiously.

“My king, why do you think so sure that the humans stole from us?” Said a warrior smaller than all of the others.

“Maybe it is just a misunderstanding,” argued one of the warriors.

“Because of their greed, that made us furious,” announced another warrior.

“Uhg, the war will do nothing except bring more anger against us.” a warrior said annoyed.

“Those humans will pay!” the king shouted, slapping the table.

“Humans may not be the reason why the Ender stone was stolen” shouted one warrior,

“How dare you raise your voice at me” the king said furiously.

“Since you four are disagreeing with me then take them to my cells!” The king ordered.

Just then, a young maiden walked into the room, “Father sorry to interrupt but I’ve been listening to this conversation and I think you should give them a chance”. The young maiden told the king. She was wearing a long white gown with a silver ribbon wrapped around her waist; she had a golden crown on her head with dazzling emeralds attached on. It was the princess!

“Anything for you sweetheart. Since my daughter suggested this then I will give you 2 months to find it. If you can’t, there will be war” he said, releasing the four.

“Thank you, your majesty,” replied one warrior.

“Come with me I will take you to the portal″ a manager said.

“Wait! We are not prepared b-ut″ said one of the warriors

``You will be going now you have your elemental powers to help you if you are going then it has to be now, Remember we are watching you” the manager told them.

The manager was a chubby little guy who had a skinny mustache. He always carried a notepad and had frizzy red hair. He wore a tiny Dark red jacket with some dark swamp green pants.

This man has no sense of style” A warrior thought

“You need to go to the banks of Tapogoga island which is where the portal to Racanda island is. You shall start searching there.” The manager said.

“But isn’t that the portal to the monster realm?” a warrior asked.

“Yes because when I was guarding the stone until I saw a big monster tail rise up and take it so it can’t be the humans″ the manager said.

“Why didn’t you just tell the king that so we won’t have war?” another warrior asked.

“I tried but he wouldn’t listen. He said he needs proof but I don’t have any so it’s all up to you guys..” The manager responded. “Also, the portal will put you in different places and don’t be surprised at where you are,” he added.

“Ok let’s go” said one of the warriors leading them to go through the portal.

“Hold!” one warrior shouted “What” another said.

“ The manager just said we will land in different places so I think we need to meet up somewhere” the warrior explained.

“My powers are Ice and your powers are?” she asked “Oh mine is Light” said the small warrior “Mine is Earth” and another said “And you?” the ice warrior asked “ Mine’s shadow” he responded.

“Okay, any ideas where we should meet up?” she asked “Ooh let’s meet up somewhere closer to Tapogoga island”, the Earth warrior responded.

“To go to the island, we need a ship,” the Ice warrior asked.

“The closest place where we could find a ship is the Harbor Village...”, the Earth warrior who has been to the Earth added. “I’ve been down to the Human world before and I know just the place” the Earth warrior told them.

“Okay, so we will meet at Harbor Village, then find a boat to go to the island!” The Ice warrior said looking at her “Well there’s a carnival going to happen when we arrive at the Village ” the Earth warrior said. “

“It means a lot of people and it’s gonna be hard to find each of us,” The Shadow warrior said,

“But I have nearly seen a human carnival. Sounds interesting… Let’s go..” the Light warrior said as they were heading to the portal. They all jumped at the same time,

“Ahhhhh………………..” The four warriors screamed as they fell onto earth’s surface.

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