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A Hero's Quest -A Journey For Peace

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Just the Beginning

Not sure how many days went by, Hunter woke up under a tree, and saw a flyer hanging on the tree trunk saying that it was Aero Carnival’s opening day! When he looked around, it was already full of people heading to a booth.

“Hello, welcome to Aero Carnival. Here’s your ticket. That will be $2.50. What’s your name?” asked the woman behind the ticket booth.

“My name is Hunter uhh shadowmen yeah shadowmen. I’m so sorry but I don’t have money on me right now, but listen I really need to get in” Hunter pleaded

“Sorry, but no money, no ticket, that’s the rules.” The woman said, shaking her head. “Here I’ll pay for it, here you go” A girl behind him said, giving fifteen dollars to the woman. “Keep the change,” The girl added. The girl had wavy red hair and was wearing a brown leather jacket with some black leather pants.

“Okay then. This will do. Enjoy the rides!” said the lady.

As they went in, Hunter asked “Hey, thanks for helping me earlier. How do you want me to repay you?” Hunter asked

“No, you can thank me after I finish doing three helpful things for you. If you let me, that would be the best repay ever, for me right now.” The girl replied.

“Yeah definitely, but first I have to find a few friends. When I find them I’ll come to you okay stay right there.” Hunter said running off.

“Oh-okay I’ll wait for you!” The girl said, sitting down at the closest bench.

“Hmm, I need to find the others, where could they possibly be?” He wondered.

He suddenly saw a girl who somehow felt familiar who had two blonde braids in her hair.

She was also holding a big yellow Lollipop. He went up to her and asked. “Excuse me, can I ask you a question?” He asked.

“Umm sure, I guess.” The girl replied. They both headed towards the rest area.

“So” Hunter said, “The reason why I wanted to talk to you is because you look really familiar .”

“You look a little familiar too.” The girl replied.

“Oh, umm” Hunter stuttered, “What’s your name?” He asked.

“Kasey.” she said

“That voice sounds like the little Light warrior”. Hunter thought,

`` What’s your name?” Kasey asked.

“My name’s Hunter, can I trust you? This is really important.” he said.

“Trust me for what?” Kasey asked.

“I’m looking for some people, can you help me find them?” Hunter asked.

“Sure, I guess. ” Kasey replied.

“Okay, I’m a spirit,” he told Kasey.

“Wait, you’re a spirit?” she asked Hunter. “Yes I am a spirit too. I’m trying to find others. Did you see anyone who kind of looks like them?” He replied

“You’re a spirit!? Oh wow because I’m a spirit too and I’m also trying to find the others.” Kasey said happily

“Wait, how are we going to find the other two spirits if this carnival is so big!?” she asked.

“Wait, what’s that glow? ″ Hunter asked Kasey.

“I don’t know, you have one too” They both flipped their wrists and saw a tattoo with their elemental symbol glowing.

Just as they were walking they spotted a girl with a dim glow under her wrist. She had brown hair tied up and wore a dark green T-shirt and black leggings. She was playing Guess which cup it’s in. To their surprise she won every single game. When she was about to leave they caught up to her and told her

“Hey, come with us. We need to ask you something.” Kasey said “

Uhh ok?” the girl said, confused.

Hunter started, “Are you a spirit?” He asked.

“Um what?” the girl said, trying to act confused

“Okay let me get this straight. We need to find the other two spirits. We think you are one because you have a glow under your wrist that only spirits have″. Hunter told her politely.

“Oh and we need your help to find the last spirit so we can go and bring peace to our world, the human world”. Kasey interrupted.

“Okay fine you got me, I am a spirit. You guys are too?” she asked them.

“Yes, we are both spirits, I’m shadow and Kasey is the light spirit, she can make light balls and light beams. Hunter said.

“Okay you are a shadow, and your light, and I’m earth.” She told them

“Wait, we don’t know your name, can you please tell us?” he asked her

“Oh my name is Flora” she replied

“Um, hello! we need to find the last spirit so we can go.” Kasey said annoyed.

“She’s right. We need to find the last spirit” Flora said.

“ Lets go” Flora led them out.

They searched and searched but couldn’t find the last spirit.

“Hmm, where could that spirit be? We can’t possibly find her? How can we ever find the fourth spirit” Kasey whined.

“ Shadow, Earth, light and ICE!” Flora suddenly said. “ Ice, the fourth spirit is ice!” Flora said happily!

“Okay, but how are we supposed to find the fourth spirit? We don’t seem to see her anywhere.” Hunter replied sadly.

Just then a school bus stopped next to the carnival. The busses opened the doors and heaps and heaps of kids came out of the busses.

Kasey thought to herself, ``It’s going to be impossible to find the fourth spirit``.

Just then, Flora got an idea. She ran to Hunter and Kasey and said “ I got an idea!” She told Hunter and Kasey to go around and read people’s names.

They went around and got the answers “ Bob, Emily, Mike, Amanda, Kate, Stacy. Flora stopped.

“None of them looks like a spirit?” she wondered.

Then a girl just walked past and she was talking to herself, “I will never come to this place ever” she said

“Hey, that voice sounded so familiar. She told Hunter and Kasey.

“She has a glow on her wrist! She has to be the fourth spirit!” Hunter exclaimed.

They all ran towards the girl.

She had long white hair, with light blue highlights and a big blue T-shirt with a knot tied on the bottom of her shirt. Along with a pair of faded white and blue ripped jeans. Her eyes are bright blue glimmering in the sunlight. She was also wearing a dark blue choker with ice shards on it. Her face is white as snow, she wore dark blue boot heels. The girl looked like she was looking for someone.

“Hi, are you the fourth spirit? Flora whispered.

“No.” she said.

“I can tell you’re lying.” Flora said. (FYI, Flora can tell if someone is lying)

The girl sighed. “Tell me that you’re a spirit too right?” she asked

“Of course come on so we can hurry up and start our journey.” Flora said as she began walking off.

“Wait I don’t even know your names” the girl said stopping them

“I’m Flora, she is Kasey, Hunter and you are?” Flora told her

“Im Crystal” Crystal said

“Okay great let’s go” Hunter sai\d, dragging her to a direction.

“I think we should start looking in Racanda Island because the manager said he saw a monster take it, but to get there we have to go through the portal but the portal is in Tapagoga Island.” said Flora.

“Before we do anything I have to meet a girl who is waiting for me. Actually, maybe she can help.” added Hunter As they stared at Hunter as he went to the bench where the girl was waiting. “Hey, come on, I want you to meet my team” Hunter said as he motioned her to come

“Wait?” The girl said

“What’s wrong?” Hunter asked

“It’s just I don’t know your name yet” The girl replied.

“Oh yeah sorry should have told you earlier, anyways my name is Hunter” Hunter told her.

“Well my name is Havana” She said

“Nice to meet you Havana” Hunter “Now come on!” He said

“Hi, im Flora, that’s Crystal, Kasey, and you probably already know Hunter” Flora waved and introduced everyone, breaking the silence as all five of them stared awkwardly at each other.

“So, I’ll introduce myself and tell you who I am but you have to keep it a secret okay?” Havana asked

“Yeah sure,” Crystal said

“Okay I am Princess Havana daughter of King Darius and Queen Liza” Havana said

“So you royalty?” Hunter asked

“Yes, and I am forced to do three helpful things for one person. Do you think I can do anything to help?” Havana pleaded

“Yeah, we kind of need a boat to go to an Island, do you have one?” Flora asked?

“Yep, I escaped on one I can take you” Havana said

“You escaped what?” Hunter asked confusedly,

“My palace is at Kookomaru desert, all I see everyday is just sand, gold, and dead bushes. But I want to be a Huntress so I got a boat packed up and escaped.” Havana explained.

“Oh” Kasey said

“It’s fine so do you guys still want a ride?” Havana said, trying to change the subject.

“Yes most definitely” Hunter said

“We need to leave now we kind of are on a tight schedule” He told her

“Ok fine can we please stop talking and just get going”. Crystal said coldly they left the carnival and went on the docks.

They hopped in a bronze boat filled with fruits and rope and a black bow with some arrows made out of bones.

“You must be pretty good with a bow and arrow huh” Flora said

“Yeah, I started teaching myself when I was 5 years old” Havana said “What island are you guys going to?” Havana added

“Here you keep moving the boat forward, I’ll steer,” Hunter said, grabbing a paddle.

As they started to leave shore and the boat started to speed up. Everything was going fine until Flora started to get sea sick.

“I’m so dizzy. How many more minutes till we get there?” She asked.

“I think we are here.” Hunter answered. They saw a tiny island, but as soon as they got closer the island turned out to be huge.

“Alright, this is your stop. Are you sure you want to be here? This place that got deserted a few years ago could be quite dangerous.” Havana asked.

“Yep, we’re here to go adventuring.” Flora quickly answered before Havana questioned her.

Hunter thanked Havana and everyone said goodbye to her.

They got off and went into its deep forest filled with plants they never saw before. They kept walking until they came across a big tree that blocked their path.

“This tree’s blocking our path to head north

“Wait! You guys must be the four spirits!“ an old woman’s voice said.

“I brought things for you from the king,” She said.

“How do you know we are spirit’s?” Crystal said

“You’re going to need these on your way, but only when you are fighting the queen” The old woman said, handing them some water, and some food, a bag of Dirvy mushrooms, a can of toad beans, and a small sack of peanuts. “I’ll be on my way now” The lady said as she disappeared and turned into smoke.

“Okay,” Hunter said. “That was really weird,” Flora said. “Well might as well eat some,” Hunter said, grabbing a few peanuts from the sack.

“Wait! Don’t eat them yet, we don’t know if that lady can be trusted” Flora said, hitting the peanuts in his hand to the ground.

“What was that for?!” Hunter yelled “Come on, we should keep going,” Crystal said.

“Flora just-” Hunter continued. Suddenly something quickly jumped out of the boosh near them and growled.

“Uh, what is that?” Kasey asked, scared.

“I think it is a fox. It had bright green fur and a pink tail shaped like a lotus flower and had black stripes coming down from his back . “Aww, hey buddy isn’t he cute.” Flora said, petting the fox.

“ I think he likes you.” Hunter told Flora.

“He sure does. I think I’m going to name you Rocky.” Flora responded while petting the fox. Suddenly, the fox jumped in her backpack. “Hey Flora, where did you get that backpack? I didn’t see you wear it before.” Hunter asked.

“Oh, I won it from the prizes.” Flora answered.

“Guess we need to keep moving, but where are we going to go? We don’t have a map.” said Kasey. “A map? I have a map. I took it before we left the portal.” Crystal said.

“Okay, but where can we find the portal here?” Hunter said, looking at the map. “This is a locating map. Just tell it where you want to go and it will show you. Looks like we just need to keep going east,” said Flora.

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