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A Hero's Quest -A Journey For Peace

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Big Fight

How much longer is it?” complained Kasey. “We are almost there.” Flora replied.

It was almost dark now, and you could hear the wolves howling. Rocky started whimpering. They soon entered the thick forest. There was a narrow path leading to the heart of the forest. They traveled for a few hours until Kasey said, “I’m getting sleepy.” “Me too.” Hunter agreed. Flora put a layer of soft, green moss on the ground. Then she pulled out a long piece of cloth from her backpack and laid it on top of the moss.

“Okay. Bed is set.” she said.

“Okay, that’s good. I’m going to find some firewood to start the fire.” Hunter said.

“Crystal, what are you going to do?” asked Flora. “Do I have to?” complained Crystal.

“Oh come on, you have to do something,” Flora said, annoyed.

“Fine, but what should I do?” Crystal asked.

“You can keep watch.” Flora replied. “Kasey, help me weave this.” Flora said to Kasey.

“What’s this for?” Kasey asked.

“This is going to keep us warm through the night.” Flora answered.

When they finished, Hunter had come back. The next morning they were all woken up by some noises. They went to check it out and found a huge monster talking to a guy that they just couldn’t make out who.

“Boss, we caught a baby tiger cub. Its fur is black we thought it was special so we caught it for you.” said the monster in a deep scratched voice.

“Good, very good. I will give you what you want, keep it there. I’ll go brew the potion.” He smirked.

“Oh no, that cub is in danger, we have to go save it!” whispered Hunter. “We can’t just go running and save it without a plan.” Crystal whispered back.

“She’s right. We need a plan.” Flora thought for a moment. “I’ve got it!” Flora said she told the others the plan and nodded in agreement.

“Rocky you stay right here where it’s safe okay?” Flora ordered “Rocky, whimpered and walked away. “Okay let’s do this” She said Crystal sneaked up quietly and saw there was a big camp set up with a special marking on each tent. She saw where the tiger was hiding and told the others when she got back, “Ok the tiger is in the center of the camp. There are a few monsters but I think we can fight them off.” Crystal told them. “Okay let’s go!” Hunter whispered.

“On three, one, two, three!” They all jumped to attack the monsters. This caught the monsters attention. There were about a dozen monsters surrounding them.

“I thought you said there were only a few of them.” Hunter whispered to Crystal.

“Yeah, before. I didn’t know more came.” Crystal whispered back, annoyed.

“Well, well, well.” a monster said. He had brownish-orange skin and purple hair braided back with bones sticking out. He had a blood-red rag with big rips along with a golden rim, he had a club the size of a dinner table. Beside the monsters there were five more monsters with clubs. The monster yelled to the other monsters, “Attack!” His voice was hard and raspy. The rest of the monsters charged in their direction in loud horrid growls. Kasey started to panic.

“oh no, what are we going to do?” she asked, frantically.

“We fight,” said Crystal, in a stern but scared voice.

They ran and started fighting the monsters with their powers.

“Kasey, blind them with your light.” Flora said. “Crystal freeze them from the right and I’ll trap them in rocks! Flora said to Crystal. “Hunter, use your shadow balls, quick!” Crystal shouted to Hunter. Flora said to Crystal. They quickly did what they needed to do, but the monsters kept on coming like a swarm of bees.

“They keep coming!” Kasey said, exhausted from fighting. Everyone was tired but had to keep on fighting.

“Wait.” Flora said. “What?” Crystal asked. “See those monsters over there.” She pointed at a couple of strong-looking monsters with orange and purple skin. It seemed like they were guarding something. “I think those monsters are guarding their leader.” Flora said.

“What do you mean? How does that solve our problem?” Hunter said, confused.

“Normally, the leader is in front, but in this case, the leader is guarded.” Flora explained.

“So, you’re saying that we need to get to the leader?” asked Crystal.

“Exactly.” “But how?” Kasey complained.

“There are so many of them!” Kasey said.

“Um, I don’t know yet. Maybe we should distract them.” Flora said.

“Me and Kasey will distract them. You guys go. When we are done we will come.” Hunter said.

“Here, take this rose that can make anything fall asleep, handle it carefully and use it only when you are in trouble. Okay, Come on, Crystal.” Flora said as Crystal didn’t see Flora hand Hunter the rose.

“Why are we going there? Aren’t they supposed to trick the guards? Crystal asked.

“Well we can’t fight them. If we want to defeat their leader.” she added.

“So where are we going, though.” “We need to find some Sarvick roses…”

“What?” Crystal asked “Sarvick roses, you know, sleeping roses to make the guards fall asleep. I don’t know if you were watching but I gave Hunter my very last rose to help them in case they are in danger.” Flora explained

“There should be some close by I can sense it” she told her “There!” Crystal pointed to a beautiful dark blue rose grown on a tiny hill not too far away .

“Let me go get it, I can retrieve it without falling asleep” Flora said as she got near the rose “Got come on” she said running back. They went back to the camp and walked close towards the guards. The closer they came, they could see the guards more clearly. The one on the left was orange and his hair was brained down his back and had a scary-looking club. The one on the right was purple and her hair was curled up with bones. She wore a silver skirt and had a sharp-looking sword dotted with gems and precious stones. Flora and Crystal approached them. The monster turned towards them. They quickly hid, making a sound as they did.

“Who dares enter!” the orange monster shouted, his voice hard and cold.

“Why would anyone enter?” asked the purple one.

“No human or spirit has ever entered the lord’s tent. The others have already torn apart those pesky spirits.”

“Hey!” Crystal said, annoyed.

“We’re not pesky!” “Shh!” Flora quieted Crystal.

“We have to be quiet.” “Sorry.” Crystal said sarcastically.

“Let’s go.” Flora said. They ran quietly to where the monsters were standing.

“Hey!” Crystal shouted. The monsters turned towards their direction. “I knew someone was here.” the orange monster said, quite pleased with himself.

“Oh fine.” the purple monster said. “You won. Hey. What are spirits doing here?!” she asked.

“We are here too…” Flora trailed off. “To give the lord gifts.” Crystal blurted out.

“Yeah.” Flora added. “To give him gifts.” Flora said, nudging Crystal.

“Oh really?” the orange one asked. “Is that so?”

“Umm, yes.” Flora replied.

“Okay, go on though.” said the orange monster.

“WHAT?!” screamed the purple monster. “What is wrong with you? “Sorry.” he winced.

Flora sighed. “Let us see your (gift)”

“Fine” Flora said with a grin taking out the Sarvick rose that they retrieved.

“Interesting but-” said the purple monster while falling asleep along with the orange monster.

“Come on they should be in a deep sleep for a while” Flora said,

“Cool.” Crystal smiled.

“I’m worried about Rocky.” Flora whispered.

“He’s fine. Besides, we have other things to worry about.” said Crystal.

“You right, let’s go.” Flora agreed. They walked towards the tent. As soon as they entered the tent, everything was much bigger on the inside like it just stretched out a few miles. The room looked normal, wooden couches, weapons hung up on the wall and a small messy table with monster playing cards. The cards were bigger than their heads. A servant walked past them holding a silver tray full of weird colored drinks.

“We will get caught soon enough we will need disguises “their” Crystal said looking at a room with dirty rags in it they wore the rags and kept going starting to look a lot like the monsters themselves.

“Excuse me.” Flora asked. “Do you know where the lord is?”

The servant nodded. “Go down your right and left until you see a guard with a gold colored sword,” he instructed.

“Thank you.” Flora said. The servant gave them a quick nod and then walked away.

“He doesn’t know we are spirits, guess these disguises actually work!” crystal whispered to Flora.

They walked until they saw a stern-looking guard with chocolate brown skin ad black hair tied into tight braids. He was dressed in copper armor and held a gold sword guarding a door, Crystal and Flora approached him. Once the man saw them, he raised his eyebrow. “I have never seen humans be able to pass those. They may not be smart but they are strong.” he said in a western accent.

“We’re not humans. We’re monsters just like you.” Crystal said sharply.

“Oh my mistake.” he chuckled. “I’m sorry to judge but you two look awfully like humans″ he told them.

“A servant told us you would know where the lord is.” Flora explained.

“Really? What business do you have with the lord?” he asked, suspiciously.

“None of your business.” Crystal scowed.

“We have a gift for him.” Flora said, patiently.

“Is that how you got in? “

Flora thought for a moment. ``He knows we are spirits.`` `Yes.” Flora said.

“Follow me.” said the man. Flora and Crystal followed him. ``This is a big tent`` Crystal thought. As they walked, Flora started to notice pictures of past leaders hung up on the wall. “They sure are a lot of leaders.” Flora examined. “Oh, you should see the king’s court. This is just the boss.” said the guard. Flora gulped. They came upon a big curtain with long silky drapes. “That is the boss’s sleeping area but the servant told me that you just popped out of a bush.” the guard questioned them.

“Uh, you know what, maybe we will just go in and give him the gift, ″ Flora said anxiously. “Yeah.” Crystal agreed.

“Oh well our leader, Hakuto…” “So that’s your leader’s name. Hakuto.” Crystal interrupted.

“Yes.” he said, impatiently. ``Hakuto. Why does that sound so familiar.`` thought Flora. “Anyway as I was saying, he’s not gullible, so whatever trick you played on the guards well he’s not going to fall for it.” he disclosed.

“So tell me what is your plan?” asked the guard Flora paused for a moment.

“Well, we were thinking of attacking him when he is not watching and since we can’t defeat the large army of monsters we are going to attack their leader.” explained Flora

“Well, let me help you” The guard said as Flora whispered into his ear what he was going to do. Hunter and Kasey were panting “I can’t hold them off any longer” she said “Me neither but we can’t just let them fall into a trap and get stuck in it” Kasey said sarcastically.

“Wait Kasey thats a great idea!” Hunter said.

“ You go find a big hole and then let them fall in. I will try to keep them distracted.” Kasey said, blasting them with light.

“How am I supposed to find a huge hole in the ground?!” Hunter replied.

“Start blasting the ground with your power. Once it is big enough I will let them fall in” Kasey said.

After hearing that Hunter then rushed to find a place to create a big hole. A few minutes later he came running back “No luck on a hole it will take way too long to make a hole that big but I did find a tarpit” Hunter said.

“Okay you get them over there I’ll help fight some off” Kasey replied

“Over here you big ugly monsters!” Hunter shouted. When the monsters heard him they became mad and started charging towards Hunter when he saw this he started running towards the tar pit as fast as he could.

“Oops phew almost got stuck” Hunter said while trying not to get stuck himself. “Grrr, roar!” The monsters shouted as one by one of them got stuck in the tarpit “So long getting out” Hunter shouted as he ran back

“Your back did you manage to trap the monsters?” Kasey asked.

“Sure did” Hunter replied “That’s them” suddenly a voice said from behind them. They turned around to look but before they did anything they were chained together .

“ I-can’t move” Kasey said struggling with the thick chains tied around them. “What do you want from us?” Hunter asked, trying to not panic.

“Take them, we will eat them later.” A monster said not to listen to what they were saying.

“Help! Help!” Kasey shouted.

“Kasey its ok we will find a way” Hunter said calming down Kasey.

“I don’t want to get eaten” Kasey told him.

“You won’t” Hunter said with a smile “How can you be so sure?” Kasey asked, confused.

“Your light and light can create fire, fire creates heat and heat can melt this metal.” Hunter explained.

“Oh yeah but I’m not that powerful yet.” Kasey said sarcastically. “That’s our only way out of this mess” Hunter explained.

“Not the only way” Kasey said as she pointed to a key that hung on a small tree that was guarded by two monsters.

“That must be the key to open the huge lock on our chain” Hunter whispered

“Yeah, we just need a way to get it” Kasey whispered back.

“Hey, you are just so lame monsters, soon you will all run away like babies crying.” She shouted loudly trying to attract all of the monsters to one place.

“Kasey, what are you doing you’re making them mad” Hunter whispered to Kasey as he had no idea what Kasey’s mind was thinking.

“I got this, trust me” Kasey replied. As all the monsters approached Kasey and Hunter giving them their mean looks as one of them started talking.

“You little spirits don’t know who you are all messing with, Especially you little one.” He said in an accent that they were not familiar with.

“Now! Hold your breath” as Kasey threw the powder from the sarvick rose she had made when they were tied together. They heard a loud “BOOM!” All of the monsters started collapsing to the floor and sound asleep. “BOOM!” A loud noise startled them “It’s coming from outside!” Flora said as she and Crystal ran out to see what happened “Are you guys okay?” Flora asked as she saw Kasey and Hunter tied up in chains surrounded by sleeping monsters.

“You used my Sarvick rose” She said “Yep, would you please give us the giant key hung up over there” Hunter said pointing to the direction where the key hangs. “Well, did you hunt the boss down?” Kasey asked as she got untitled by the chain.

“Well I think we should get out of here before they wake up” Crystal said as they waved goodbye to the guard.

They got the key to the tiger cub’s cage and let him free. “Who is he?” Kasey asked as they walked out of the monster’s campground. “Oh him? He is the guard who helped us. He kinda did it himself while we were outside. He managed to lock the doors in the boss’s room where he was sleeping.” Flora explained. “Sweet,” Kasey replied as they came to the place where Flora had dropped off Rocky “We better keep moving.” Crystal said, as they got their stuff.

“Wait, where is Hunter?” Flora said worried just then Hunter came out from the camp and was holding the cute baby shadow tiger! The tiger had black fur and cute purple eyes the size of a bead. He had his paws leaning on Hunter’s chest “ I’m naming this little guy Fearless” Hunter told them “Oh you scared me for a sec.” Flora said with relief. “Soo cute!” Kasey shouted. “Okay we got the tiger now can we start moving” Crystal said annoyed “Okay, sure let’s all start moving. Flora said to Hunter and Kasey They kept on walking along the forest path.

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