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Cocoa the Bunny

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When Cocoa the Bunny learns he is different, he fears what the other bunnies will think of him.

P.J. Van Cleave
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Chapter 1

Cocoa the Bunny was born in a thicket, under the moon and surrounded by crickets. One ear was too long and his feet were too big. "My mommy won't love me," the little bunny feared.

But Cocoa was wrong, his mom loved him the same, caring for him as he grew, and teaching him to sing.

Soon the time came for Cocoa to go to school. He said, "I won't go, they won't think I'm cool." He feared what they would think of his long ear and feet, calling him names in crushing defeat.

His mother hugged him tightly and sent him on his way, assuring him he was wrong and said, "just ask them to play."

So, Cocoa went on and did as he was told, but the bunnies all laughed at him and said "oh no! What's wrong with your ear and your feet are gigantic."

They pushed him to the dirt and gave him a kick, he started to cry, but the teacher ran them off quick. They sped off fast leaving him alone, saying he would never be one of their own.

Cocoa went home with skinned knees and bumps, feeling he was ugly and down in the dumps.

His mother was angry and called up the school, telling them what happened and how they were cruel. The teacher assured her it wouldn't happen again, but the very next day with paper and pen, they gave him a lashing all over again.

Then one day something wonderful happened, Cocoa started to sing and the bunnies were all stunned to hear something so beautiful come from something they punned.

So, the lesson they learned was that just because you're different, doesn't mean that inside you're nothing but brilliant!

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