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By Isabel Castruita All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Children


Alacia Tremblay is a Starseed also known as a Lightworker, a being who volunteered, before birth, to help humanity heal. The Anunnaki also known as Fallen Angels have come to earth to kill all Lightworkers to keep the planet engulfed in fear, and suppress the Lightworkers from assisting Mankind in the next stage of their evolution. They need to find the Lightworker who knows the location of the Elysium, the dwelling place of the holy ones after death so that they can become Gods. Meric Aircry is one of the Fallen Angels who was selected by God to become an Archangel but only if he helps Alacia in fulfilling her Starseed mission. To do that Meric must become a human and learn how to love all of humanity including Alacia. Will Meric follow through with his assignment to kill Alacia? Or will he betray the Fallen Angels to become an Archangel?

Chapter 1

It was late in the day and the sun was starting to go down in the distance. The air was hot and muggy and I suddenly wished that I could have stayed inside of the store a few minutes longer but I knew that it was out of the question for me. What I did know was that I had to hurry up and get my ass back home before my mother Ava got off of work. I was her only child and she would always flip out on me whenever I would ask to go anywhere. Yup. Even the corner store that I just exited from. I didn’t know why she acted like that, I guess it was because of the mysterious sudden disappearances that started going on around town three months ago. Teenagers were disappearing and the Police were doing their best to keep the hysteria to a minimum but the people knew better then to believe anything that the Police were saying. A neighbor of mine named Carlos Plexus had actually disappeared last week. His parents went on television pleading for Carlos to come home. But so far, their pleas fell on deaf ears. I didn’t think much about it, I just figured that all of those missing teensgers were actually out partying somewhere. And they liked having the attention on them. All of them would probably come home eventually and they would have a good laugh about it later in life. I Was just leaving the FRESHIOUS CONVINCE CORNER with a large styrofoam cup filled to the brim with you guessed it, ice cold Pepsi and a small bag of nacho cheese Doritos in tow. It had been another typical day after school and as usual I was bored out of my freaking mind. There was absolutely nothing exciting going on in my life at the moment, probably because I didn’t have any friends in my life. I didn’t like having nothing to do all of the time. My name is Alacia Tremblay, and I’m Seventeen years old. I have long brown hair and brown eyes. I am homeschooled and as I mentioned before, I don’t really have any friends because my mom is so overprotective of me, that I don’t even have one friend...Not... One. I was pretty sure that the neighbors thought that I was a serial killer in the making for not having any friends because I had ended up killing them all when they reached my house. That or they thought that I was a seclusive witch who was constantly casting spells on other people. Either way any one of those options would be exciting compared to my very boring reality. I was walking lost in my thoughts when I had a feeling that someone was following me. I quickly spun around and found that no one was there. I shook it off as my mind playing tricks on me because darkness was starting to fall. I quickened my pace until I made it home. I picked up my keys and put one in the lock turning it until I heard a clicking sound. I pushed open the door and placed my chips and my drink on the small black table that was near the door. I pulled my key out of a the door and I shut it behind me. I had left the TV on the local news station Channel 71 and shuddered when I saw that yet another teenager had mysteriously disappeared while walking home from school yesterday. This one was a girl with platinum blond hair and blue eyes. She was pretty, yet she didn’t exactly scream run away in my eyes. Kids were starting to disappear faster then they were being made around here and it was starting to get pretty scary to say the least. I was starting to feel thirsty and I went to grab my Pepsi from the table. I took a small drink and felt the coolness slide down my throat. I picked up the styrofoam cup and scooped up my keys getting ready to hang them up on the shiny silver hook that was screwed onto the brown wooden key holder that hung on the wall and I was surprised when the front door suddenly flew open and my mother Ava rushed inside slamming the door behind her. Shur I knew that she was on her way home but Ava looked frantic and terrified and I didn’t know why. Maybe a mean dog had just tried to bite her but I couldn’t be for certain. This was actually the very first time that I had ever witnessed my mom acting scared. Ava had always been calm, cool, and collected. Sure she was beyond overprotective of me but it for my best interest, and she was probably acting. At least I hoped that she was acting. Ava was beautiful, she had short brown hair and brown eyes as well. She worked for the local newspaper and I was surprised to see her coming home like this.

“Mom?” I said to her. “Are you okay? I was just going to lock the door when you came rushing in the house like a mad woman.”

Ava sighed and shook her head no. “Do you remember how I have been doing that report for the paper on the sudden disappearances of teenagers that have been​ happening around town these past few Months?”

“Yeah?” I said giving her a strange look as I took another drink from my cup. “What about it?”

She took my hand and had me sit down on the couch. She looked at my drink and sighed in disappointment but she didn’t grill me about it. “I’ve recently been in contact with a man named Gene and he’s the one who has been telling me-”




She stopped talking and her eyes grew wide with fear. She slowly stood up and walked cautiously to the door. “Who is it?” She asked trying to keep her voice from trembling.

“It’s Gene.” Said a male voice from the other side of the door. “And I have some more information for you about the missing-”

My mother quickly unlocked the door yanking it open, she quickly pulled Gene inside before slamming the door shut behind him. “I told you never to come to my house!” She said with a slight edge of panic in her voice. “My daughter is here!”

Gene looked at me and gave me a strange look. “Your daughter is one of them and they will eventually kill her too.” He replied bluntly.

“She most certainly is not Gene!” My mother screamed at him. “And I refuse to believe that my daughter is something… unique.” Ava said choosing her words wisely.

“What the hell is going on here?” I said making them stop arguing long enough to look at me. I was confused and was starting to get a little bit scared myself.

“My name is Gene Corry,” The man said to me. “And I work for Slivor Roact.”

“The Scientific Research Facility?” I asked him and Gene nodded.

“I am one of the head Scientist there and we have been studying unique individuals such as yourself.”

“What do you mean by unique individuals?” I asked rising slowly to my feet.

“There has been a spike of activity in individuals which we are labeling as: Indigo Children, Starseeds, Crystal Children, Rainbows, Blue Ray and Diamond Children, “All commonly known as Lightworkers.” That came to assist us humans with the next stage in our evolution.” I just stared at him with a clueless look on my face because I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about. “The Fallen Angels also known as the Anunnaki have come back to Earth to exterminate all of the Lightworkers...and you girl are on their list.”

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