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I Give You My Heart

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This story will make you cry

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Love you

There was a family who were in love. They got a boy and called him Jackson. Soon the wife died. They were rich. When the wife died, Jackson was 1 years old. So the husband did what his wife said to him the minute Jackson was born she said: "I feel that I am going to die, please if I die marry someone who could take care of my little boy." And she looked at Jackson while she was smiling and then hugged him😍.
The husband married a woman called Margret. But he didn't know that his life will change...

Margret was a gold digger and she knew that her new husband likes his son very much so she decided to take all his money... For his son so she did that.
Luckily for the husband he owed people money and they came in the right time... So he bought a house and found a job, but he could only get money to eat and send Jackson to school. But Jackson wasn't spoiled he understood everything. He even got the highest marks in every subject except Math, because he was very smart and always was right and the teacher was wrong.
When he was 17 years old he got to go to the universities for free. He didn't like those universities so he got to the cheapest university, but he was happy...
When he was 17 and a half he asked his dad if he could get him a very meaningful gift for his birthday and he asked him if he could get a priceful gift like all his frìends. The father then felt heart broken from inside but he answered with a smile :" Ok, dear 😍."
Soon the dad started to work always to get his son a gift for his 18th birthday. But later Jackson had heart problems and he was in a coma...
When he returned home with a healed heart and a smile on his face because it was his birthday he thought, Where's my dad? Then he saw a letter from his dad that said: Dear son, you must now be completely healed and Happy birthday. You might have asked your, Where am I? I'm here in your heart . And you might have asked where is your gift. You have 2 gifts today one from me and one from your mother. Your mother was very rich and I didn't know that. Her money is at the bank you can get the money and do anything you want, you may ask why didn't we know earlier? Well look at the bright side I knew the meaning of life, of hard work, and learned about my love to you♡♡. And now you may ask, Where's the gift that I gave you well I gave you my heart 😘.
2/4/2005 From Mr. Wilson

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