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Luan loud's podcast

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Your in a treat because Luan is going to tell a fun and emotional story.......

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Chapter 1

Luan: "Hey everybody it's me Luan loud and today I'll be hosting the listen out loud podcast. ( kazoo music ) thank you Luna"

Luna: "welcome dude... Uhem"

Luan: "Oh right, joing me today providing music and sound affects is my sister luna'

Luna: "Sup duuuudes, Luna loud here"

Luan: "Today I'll be talking about.. drum roll please"

(Drum roll)

MR. Coconuts: " Very emotional really. She can't help crying to that story"

Luan: "Oh MR. Coconuts

When I was just 10 years old. Me and my dad were walking down the street, then I looked through the window to see MR. Coconuts himself! My dad noticed me looking at him then he had a plan....

Luna: I'd never heard this story before.

Luan: Shhhhh

Few days past it was Christmas, then l saw the present under the TREE but then I wonder what would it BE...

Luan: Hey! That's a rhyme

Luna: Hello...

Luan: Sorry
I unwrapped it then....

Luan: Ohhh here come s the emotional part. (Sniff)

Luna: C'mon bro

It was Mr. Coconuts in my box! I was so happy to see him, my eyes were filled with tears of happiness ( sniff) ohhhhh

Luan: This is soo (sniff) so (sniff)

Luan: Oh no, looks like she started the water works.

Luan: (crying) Hope you enjoyed the podcast for today byee

Luna: Actually she didn't finished the podcast but it's ok.. LUNA OUT


Thank you
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