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Dragon Sid

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When Edther Lyndon receives a 'gift' from their neighbor on the Halloween, he never expects what blessings it will give him.

Children / Fantasy
g r a z i e !
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Dragon Sid

Once upon a blue moon, nine-year-old Edther Lyndon joins the last day of Halloween in Spooksville for his chance in trick-or-treat. He puts on his black cape, puffs his face white with flour, and pulls on his socks and boots to get set and ready for his candy!

“Eddy! Bring these with you,” calls Mrs. Lyndon, Edther’s mom, handing him a plastic pumpkin basket and a pair of plastic vampire fangs. Eddy gets them with a kiss to his mom on the cheek and goes out of home, the wind blowing past his way. “And don’t go to the house on the last block.”

Eddy runs with quick feet and knocks on every house down the blocks to collect candies from every door of the house in the neighborhood, yet no one has given him treats. They will either say, “Stop knocking on here askin’ for candies with your fenced teeth!” or “Candies all taken since day first, come back next year.”

Eddy walks down the road, his head hung low. Nobody has given him treats thus far. It’s already the last day yet it seems candies will be the last thing that will happen today.

He walks by the last block and pauses to see a house there. And there is nothing stopping him from spotting a Monami on the freshly mowed green grass. His lips turn upwards towards his favorite candy. He bends down to pick it up and keeps it in his pocket.

And Eddy wonders if he can go knock on the doors and ask for treats. After all, there is nothing to lose when you try. He takes two steps up the stairs when he reads the sign on the door: Beware of dogs!

Eddy freezes on his tracks and turns to run.

“Stop right there!” a voice commanded.

Eddy does so and he sees an old man approaching his direction. “You want candies right?” He nods. “Well, then, how about I give you a present?” Eddy’s eyes sparkle. “Nah-uh-ah, if you’re so kind enough to exchange that candy in your pocket.”

Eddy wiggles his fingers down his pockets and pulls out the Monami candy he picked from a few moments ago.

“Yes, child. Now, will you give that to me?”

Eddy returns the candy to his pocket. “Where’s my gift?”

“Ah, here it is!” says the old man and from the snap of his fingers lies a golden pumpkin seed in between his thumb and forefinger. “A gift that is presented only once in a blue moon.”

Eddy wrinkles his forehead. “Blue moon? I haven’t seen one before.”

“This gift is rarely given or never at all, child,” tells the old man and holding it out to Eddy’s open palm adds, “so you must take good care of this.”

“How do I do it, Mister?”

“As soon as you arrive at your house, bury this in your backyard and water it. Then wait for tomorrow to come,” replies the old man, closing Eddy’s palm. “Till then, Eddy, go home now. Just you be obedient and patient. The perfect time will come.”

The four o’clock church bell rings and Eddy looks up and sees the orange tint of sunset.

But the old man is nowhere to be seen and it makes Eddy wonder how he knew of the candy and of his name. But he shakes the thought away.

He runs home, rushing on his way until he reaches their backyard, where his Mom is watering the plants. “How’s your day, sweety?”

“Good, Mommy.”

Eddy selects the ground near the tree house and digs a hole using his hands. There, he buries the seed and waters it.

“Wakey-wakey, sweetheart. Time for breakfast.”

Eddy wakes up and gets off his bed, joining his Mom for breakfast. After eating, he excuses himself to play.

He proceeds to their backyard until he sees a giant, glowing pumpkin. Eddy walks slowly near to it and stops to touch and feel the warmth of the plant.

A crack forms and Eddy feels shaking vibrations within the seed. He removes his hand and takes a few steps back as the shaking continues.

And then it bursts out into tiny bits, some sticking into Eddy.

Eddy walks with careful steps as he approaches the deep hole on the ground after the explosion.

And there he finds a green dragon!

Eddy turns to run away. He knew better than to get himself stuck in between a dragon’s teeth!

Instead, he hears a soft, weeping cry. He jumps into the hole. He gently pats the dragon’s head. “C’mon little friend. You’re not alone.”

The dragon looks up and opens its mouth close to Eddy. He crawls back.

“Don’t be afraid. I’m not here to eat you,” says the dragon, showing its golden set of ten fangs.

Upon Eddy’s closer inspection, those are not fangs, those are a golden set of pumpkin seeds!

“Dragons talk for real?” exclaims Eddy.

“Yes, they do. The only exception is I’m a Sidragon, dragons known to have a set of sweet tooth we need to remove to fulfill a wish.”

Eddy wonders. “Sweet tooth? Wish?”

“An appetite for sweets that is. And yes, you wish one thing and we grant it.”

“But how?”

“Get a tooth from my mouth,” replies the dragon and Eddy picks and removes one. “But before you make a wish, you must crack the golden seed using your teeth, and you lose one tooth.”

“But my gums will bleed!” cries Eddy.

The dragon shakes his head. “Don’t worry. It won’t hurt and bleed.” Eddy returns to listening. “And after you do so, you put the cracked seed together with your tooth under your pillow before you sleep. By morning, you will find something there and you must go back here and give it to me.”

Eddy nods. “Is that all?”

“Yes,” replies the dragon.

“Can I call you Sid?”

“Sure thing, my friend?” Sid pauses.

“Edther Lyndon. Eddy for short.”

“Well, Eddy, you must go back. Let me help you.” Sid offers Eddy to climb on his back and Sid flies up and sets Eddy to the ground. “Remember what I told you. I will wait here for you every day.”

Eddy slips off his dirty boots and gets inside the house. His Mom greets him. “Sweety, where have you been playing? What’s with this...” His Mom sniffs him. “Candy? Candy all over you this time of the day? Sweety, your doctor told you not to eat candies right? It will stick to your teeth and braces and you will have another extraction again.” Eddy bows his head. “Alright, I’ll let it slide this time okay? Now you go take a bath.”

Eddy showers himself and changes into clean clothes. When night comes, he eats dinner with his Mom and brushes his teeth. He changes into his pajamas and his Mom tucks him to bed and switches off the light.

When he hears his bedroom door clicked close, he opens his eyes and gets the golden seed from his bedside drawer and cracks it with his teeth. A tooth falls, but pain and bleeding do not come after. After that, he whispers a wish only he can hear and tucks the cracked seed and his fallen tooth under his pillow.

The next morning, Eddy wakes up early and removes his pillow. He sees a Monami candy and puts it to his lips to taste it. But he stops and remembers Sid.

He gets down for breakfast and greets his Mom. After he finishes his meal, he excuses himself to play to the backyard to see Sid.

Eddy gives the candy for Sid to eat. “Thank you, Eddy. And here’s another golden seed for you.”

Night and day, Eddy will crack another seed and lose another tooth and whisper the same wish, then tuck them under his pillow and by morning, he will get the same Monami candy he feeds to Sid every morning.

As days pass by, Sid grows bigger and bigger that he can no longer hide in the hole.

One day, when Sid opens his mouth, Eddy notices that Sid only has one golden seed left!

“Go get the tooth and make a wish for the last time,” says Sid. “And when you get back tomorrow, you will still find me here.”

Eddy sadly obeys Sid and does the process of making a wish for the last time.

The next day, Eddy goes to Sid and hands him the Monami candy. “Keep that, my friend. That’s my gift to you.” Eddy’s eyes waters in tears. “Don’t cry. Once you go back to your house, your wish is granted. Now go and don’t turn your back!”

Eddy follows Sid’s instructions and when he steps inside home, he already knew Sid was gone.

But a smile has graced his set of now perfect, pearly white teeth as he sees his Dad and Mom together holding his tenth birthday cake.

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