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The children and the dead body

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Guys this is a short story like i wrote at first, but i tried very hard this time. Hooe u like it❤

Children / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Author pov/
This story is about the children who find a dead body.
Let's see how they find it and what they do now😉


It is a school camping trip of primary school kids .They are young enough like they are 11 to 12 years old.
They went to a jungle for this camping trip with their teachers.
The teachers have made groups of 6 children there were almost 5 groups but the group of some children was very naughty. Teacher was specially strict to them.
They started setting up their camps. The weather was hot in the morning but slowly slowly it turned cold. At the evening beautiful cold breeze was blowing. The weather was looking so joyful.
The children were also very happy. They sing songs, poems and the teacher also told some stories.

Night time :

Now it is about 11:00pm. The teacher orderd all the students to go and sleep now. Everyone obeyed the teacher except the group of that naught children.

Names of children in the group: Tara, john, Lucie, james, adam and terisa.

They went to their camps but they didn't sleep. They waited for the teacher to sleep.

After the teacher went to her camp, they went out from their camps and made their way to jungle,where teacher told everyone not to go.
After sometime, the children lost their way. At the other side when teacher goes to check evey student, they were not there. The teacher became angry . She start searching for them but she didn't find them. She called the police and school employees. After about 45 min. The police reached. They started searching for children.
The children was also so affraid because they were alone in the whole jungle. After sometime they hit something, they don't know what it was so one of the child on the torch and they saw a bloody body with scars and torn clothes. They become more scared. They start shouting for help.
The police officers listen their voice and start tracking the voice of the children. After 10 minutes they found the children and also the dead body.
The teacher scold the children for disobeying her. The police took the dead body.

After some months :

After the investigation about the dead body, they found that this body is of the terrorist who was planning something misserable about the city.

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