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A Book of Fairytales and Silly Poems

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Finally the fox gave the servants a wink and said to the children,” allright little prince and princess, since you both love my party so much, I will tell you a secret.

Children / Fantasy
Solvei Wilt
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The Story of the Princly Prince and Regal Princess.

Once upon a time there lived a princely prince and regal princess in a land far far away with their mother the queen and their father the king. They lived in a nice castle with a stedy income and had two cats, four dogs, six bunnies, three hamsters, one ballooga whale, one parokeet named George and a little doormouse named Pickles. The prince and princess had fun every day, even when they had to go to school.

One day the king and queen said to their two children, “ we have a special surprise for you this afternoon. You have been invited by the clever fox to attend his birthday party in the enchanted forest! All the little princes and princesses are going. So what do you say, would you like to go?”. The prince and princess squeeled with delight, “ yes oh yes oh yes we want to go!”. And so it was settled.

That afternoon after school the prince and princess were so excited they had a hard time standing still. They jumped with excitemet in the bathtub as they were scrubbed and washed. They jumped with excitement as the servants dressed them in their most beautiful party clothes. They jumped with excitement as they were helped wrapping the presents and they jumped with excitedment into the wagon that would take them to the clever foxe’s party.

Finally they arrived, and oh was it a sight to see! All over the enchanted forest the fox had hung lanterns in all the colors of the rainbow. The flowers were all in bloom and fireflies danced amongst the trees. The clever fox had pulled out all the stops. There was a hedge maze, a waterpark where the water were all different colors and shades of blue, red, pink purple, orange and any other color you can think of. There were baloons that would never pop in all manner of colors, and when you jumped on them you’d bounce high into the sky and land in a fluffy field of grass. At the center of the feast the clever fox had placed the gift table and a huge table filled with every kind of treat you can think of. There were lollypops the size of your head, chocolate cake, vanilla cake, strawberry and funberry cake. There were strawberries and watermelon and grapes that were so big you could probably only eat one, there were jello bowls filled with every kind of jello.

The clever fox came to greet the princly princess and regal princess, “ children, I am so glad you have come! Please enjoy my party, please do!”. And the prince and princess did. They jumped on the bouncy baloons, played in the waterpark, played tag with their friends in the maze, ate cake, jello, fruit and candy. They danced and laughed and danced some more, untill the time came for them to go home.

The servants came to pick up the princly prince and princess in their bed carriage, which was fluffy like a cloud to lay in, because it was way past their bedtime. But what was this?! The princly prince and regal princess simply refused to go, “ NO NO we won’t go! We are having too much fun and we want to stay! We want to stay here forever” the prince and princess cried. The servants tried every trick in the book, more sweets, they promised them ponies and cricus clowns and every other thing, but the prince and princess did not budge. Instead they started to scream untill they both turned red in the face. They flung themselves to the ground and stated kicking and screaming with their little legs.

Now the clever fox heard this commotion and came to see what all this racket was about, “ oh my, such horrid racket at the end of my party! What is this all about?” the fox asked, “ oh please, we do not wish to go but stay here and have fun with you forever!” the children cried. The fox looked at the stubborn little prince and princess, and then the fox looked at the desperate servants who did not know what to do. Finally the fox gave the servants a wink and said to the children,” allright little prince and princess, since you both love my party so much, I will tell you a secret. In my garden there is a wishing well. If you each drop a penny into it and wish to stay here forever you can. But be warned. Once a wish has been made, it cannot be undone”.

The servants left and the children followed the fox into his garden where they both made this wish, “ we wish to stay here and have fun forever” then they each dropped a coin into the well.
Oh how happy they both were! And they ran to bounce on the balloons, play in the waterpark and eat more cake.

As it grew later and later however the lanterns grew darker and darker. The fireflies grew tired and one by one started to fly home to their beds. But the prince and princess did not care, they kept on playing, eating, dancing and running around at the fox’s party. The clever fox had laid down in his hammoc, snoozing away as the children kept on playing, Untill it grew completely dark.

“ oh, my tummy feels funny. I think I’m sick” the prince said “ and look how dark and frightening it is here now, I wish mommy and daddy were here” the princess cried. They both ran to the fox who was sleeping in his cozy hammoc, “ oh please mister fox! Let us go home? We are not having any fun anymore!”. The fox opened one eye and looked the the two frightened children, “ don’t you remember what I told you? Once you have made a wish you can never undo it. You both must stay here at my party forever and ever. You can never go home now.” The fox grinned and snickered, “ what have we done?! We want to go home! We miss our parents and our beds! We should have listened in the first place when we were told to go home!” the prince and princess cried, “ yes you should have” the fox said, “ now you might as well find a place to sleep, and remember this. All fun must come to an end. All lights will be turned off after the party and everyone will leave to their beds and a new day. Except for naughty little children who do not listen to their parents when they are told it is time to go. Remember this bitter lesson little prince and princess. You are forced to live it now forever”. The prince and princess sobbed and sobbed as they went over to the fluffy grassy field where they laid down. Finally they fell asleep.

The servants returned, scooped the tired little children up in their arms and put them both into the fluffy cloud carriage where mommy and daddy were wating. They waved goodbye to the clever fox and rushed home to tuck the little prince and princess into bed.

When the prince and princess woke up the next morning they were surprised to find themselves in their own bedroom. They rushed to the king and queen’s bedroom, jumping into their bed, hugging them tightly,” Oh we had a horrible dream! We dreamt we were left at the party and could never ever go home!” the children cried as they hugged their parents tightly, “ we will never ever resist when you tell us we must go home”. The king and queen smiled, “ we are glad to see you learned your lesson. Remember, all fun must end so that new fun can be had the next day, and remember that in this your parents know better than you. So in the future, listen to us”. The children both said , “ we will we will”.

As they were all sitting in bed a knock came at the door, and in came the clever fox, “ ah children there you are. It seems my wishing well was out of magic batteries and your wish was not registered. I have fixed it now if you wish to go back and make your wish again”, and both of the children said, “ no thank you, the party is over and a new day has started, we preffer it this way”. “ Very well” the clever fox said with a clever grin as he left the happy family to plan the fun for the day ahead.

The End

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