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This is short stories for fun. I got bored of my other story, I lost my inspiration. So, have fun, sweeties!!!

Children / Poetry
Ms. Kiss
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Chapter 1

I leaned against the window of the subway, daydreaming. I seem to doze often these days which isn’t healthy, this is getting worse than I thought. “Oh god, when is this going to end…” I whispered as I searched for happy pills to avoid these unpleasant feelings. As soon as I found the bottle of happy pills, I immediately shoved three happy pills. I smiled, “Happy new day. Let’s get started.”


Hello, Alhabibas! I am alive and back! I am sorry that I went MIA for a few weeks, Alhabibas.

"Not everything is worth the pain, darling... Not even beauty." - Ms. Kiss. (Hint for the next story.)

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