Wendell and the Dragon's Heart

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Chapter 12

A great light appeared. Voices singing. Something thrilling and delicious filled the air. He became aware of a kind, wise face. A beautiful face. Then a pair of wings, and hands. She spoke gently to him. She knew him. She knew what he was doing.

“I am Danala, the great queen. You don’t know who you really are, do you?” she said, smiling wisely.

Wendell shook his head confusedly, still in awe of all the light around him.

“Oh, my child. The stars sang on the day you were born. You are the perfect one. The brave and true. I will go with you on your journey, and give you success.”

The words were so simple, yet they seemed immensely profound as she said them, as if each word were a deep jewel of eternal meaning.

“Be strong, my child, and remember what I have said!!”

“But… how can I be perfect? I know I’ve made mistakes. I… stole things. I lied to people. I hurt my friends.”

He found himself speaking in the plain, simple manner of the fairy.

She laughed, a high, soaring laugh.

“The perfection is within you, my child. It will come out someday.”

Wendell nodded and smiled.

Then she rose up into the air, and her laughter faded away into the morning light.

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